Free Tools

Octopus has developed a number of free tools to support your DevOps processes and CI/CD workflows. The links below provide tools that build Kubernetes resources, generate CI templates, and provide preconfigured virtual machines to test Octopus as part of a CI/CD workflow.

Build Kubernetes YAML

The Kubernetes YAML Generator provides a solution for anyone who has found themselves having to reference the Kubernetes documentation to find a specific YAML property or who are looking for a conveninet way to produce a boilerplate template. Construct Kubernetes deployments, stateful sets, or daemon sets through a form based UI and watch as the resulting YAML is built in real time.

Kubernetes YAML generator

Generate Jenkins Pipelines

The Jenkins Pipeline Generator scans your public GitHub repository, detects the programming language used, and produces a customized Jenkins pipeline with an opinionated build and deployment workflow ready to be pasted into a Jenkins Pipeline project.

Jenkins Pipeline Generator

Generate GitHub Action Workflows

The GitHub Action Workflow Generator generates a customized and opinionated workflow based on the code and tooling found in your public GitHub repository.

GitHub Action Workflow Generator

Test Drive Virtual Machines

Test Drive VMs provide a convenient environment to discover the power of Octopus. The VMs have Jenkins, Octopus, and other supporting platforms like Kubernetes, NGINX, Tomcat, and WildFly preconfigured with functional CI/CD workflows.

TestDrive VMs