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Webinar: How KinderSystems increased deployment frequency by 2,000% with Octopus Deploy

Thursday, May 18, 2023

What you'll learn

  • How KinderSystems simplified its complex deployment processes
  • The positive impact those changes had on staff morale
  • The role of Octopus Deploy in supporting KinderSystems' growth


  • Date: Thursday, May 18, 2023
  • Time: 10am PDT | 1pm EDT | 5pm GMT


  • Jorge Robledo | Vice President, Operations, KinderSystems
  • Jemma Richards | Senior Events & Campaign Manager, Octopus Deploy

Join us at the webinar

Webinar details

KinderSystems is the leading US provider of subsidy management SaaS solutions. Hundreds of state agencies, Head Start programs, and childcare providers use its software.

Some of KinderSystems’ customers have their tech stack in cloud environments, while some are on mainframe systems. KinderSystems chose Octopus because it can automate deployments anywhere, from the cloud to on-premises servers, while reducing deployment time and complexity.

Join us for this webinar and hear from Jorge Robledo, Vice President of Operations at KinderSystems. Jorge will discuss how the KinderSystems team increased their deployment frequency by 2,000% using Octopus.