SHIPPED23 schedule | November 15


Opening remarks and welcome



Accelerating software delivery at scale

Paul Stovell founded Octopus Deploy in 2012 as a nights-and-weekends hobby project, driven by the belief that deployment time should be a time of joy and celebration that teams are motivated to do more of, rather than a scary time to avoid.

Many years and millions of deployments later, Octopus Deploy has gone deeper into the world of deployments than any other vendor, helping 3,700+ organizations to deliver valuable software faster.

In this session, Paul will revisit the Agile manifesto and retrace why deployment automation is critical to software teams. He’ll explain why it’s core to the 4 DORA metrics that predict successful software teams, and how deployments have changed over the years.

Guided by our value of listening to customers over following market trends, Paul will then discuss Octopus Deploy's outlook on the future of deployments. Learn why we've invested in cloud transformation and Kubernetes, and our vision for enterprise GitOps. Discover how Octopus is making deployments accessible to anyone. And hear how we're supporting the tooling that platform engineering teams need.

Paul Stovell, Founder and CEO


What’s new in Octopus and on our roadmap

Join our SVP of Product, Colin Bowern, as he recaps and demos the features we’ve shipped this year. See how they improve your experience and make your deployments more effective so you can get your software out in the wild sooner. He'll also share what's ahead on the Octopus roadmap.

Colin Bowern, SVP, Product

Octopus Cloud

How we're scaling Octopus Cloud

We've seen customers grow from a handful to hundreds of teams using Octopus to reliably deploy their applications daily. Hear the behind-the-scenes story of how we're scaling Octopus Cloud. Discover how we're meeting the needs of application and platform teams for our enterprise customers. You'll also learn about the future of Octopus Cloud as we share our strategy and roadmap.

Ships Mahindra, Senior Product Manager, and Alix Klingenberg, Senior Software Engineer

GitHub Actions

Real-world release pipelines with GitHub Actions and Octopus Deploy

GitHub Actions and Octopus Deploy offer a powerful CI/CD combo.

We'll leave Hello World far behind as we demonstrate release pipelines with the complexity we commonly see in real organizations.  Challenges including branch-based pipelines, pull request preview environments, and change management, will prove no match for the GitHub and Octopus one-two punch.

Michael Richardson, Product Director


Beyond GitOps: How to apply Kubernetes best practices to enterprises' reality

GitOps is a well-recognized best practice for running Kubernetes deployments. Yet, it doesn't scale well to many applications, environments, and tenants. Enterprises often have to choose between giving up on some of the best practices or increasing the cost of ownership.

This talk will cover GitOps for enterprise companies and how Octopus can minimize tradeoffs, enabling GitOps at scale. You'll learn:

  • GitOps strengths and issues that appear when scaling
  • Octopus's way of applying the best practices at scale
  • Recommendations for configuration management and modeling for environments and tenants

Nikita Dergilev, Senior Product Manager, and Robert Erez, Principal Software Engineer


Tracking, predicting, and preventing performance regressions in Octopus

Octopus Server offers an expressive language for modeling deployments. This expressiveness, while powerful for customers, can also lead to performance issues. These issues occur because of the ways customers configure Octopus Server and how our developers make changes to it.

In this talk, Paul Gradie will share:

  • A brief history of performance benchmarking at Octopus
  • The recent performance monitoring platform we developed
  • A mix of machine learning and statistical methodologies to monitor the product for performance regressions and scalability

Paul Gradie, Software Engineer

Tenanted deployments

New features for tenanted deployments

Join Ian Khor, Senior Product Manager, and dive into some of the new features and functions we’ve released for tenanted deployments. See how we’re making it easier to view, manage, and administer your tenants at scale in Octopus.

Ian Khor, Senior Product Manager


DORA, DevOps, and deployments

Find out how deployment automation jump-starts your software delivery performance. You’ll also learn how you can use deployment insights to track your journey.

Steve Fenton, Lead Technical Content Creator

Tenanted deployments

Multi-tenancy architecture lessons learned

Architecting multi-tenanted applications involves choosing from common approaches. But each has its own merits and drawbacks.

In this talk, you'll learn:

  • When to use each approach
  • How to manage tenant-specific needs
  • Hidden costs to look out for
  • How to use modern tools for better support

Bob Walker, Field CTO

Closing remarks, prize draw, and thank you.