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Compare releases

Find out what's new in the latest Octopus Deploy release, or compare the latest release to what you're currently running to see what's changed.


These are the most important features you'll get by upgrading from 2020.1.21 to 2020.2.15

Octopus 2020.1


DarkMode, Improved Octopus CLI support on macOS and Linux, and environment specific Worker Pools.

Read our blog post to learn more.

Breaking changes

This release includes the following breaking changes.

  1. Octopus Server minimum requirements - Octopus 2020.1 raises the minimum requirements for running Octopus Server to Windows Server 2012 R2 and SQL Server 2017.
  2. Library variable set permission changes - You can now scope variables stored inside library variable sets to environments and tenants, giving you fine-grain permissions and more consistent access control.

NOTE: Octopus Server has been ported to .NET Core 3.1 and so it no longer requires the .NET Framework to be installed.

Octopus 2020.2


Execution containers for workers (EAP), Jira Service Desk change requests, better run conditions and fast variable lookups with our improved code editor.

  • Execution containers for workers let you execute deployment work in isolation without the need to manage dependencies and containers.
  • Integrated change management with Jira Service lets teams create change requests during their deployment automatically.
  • Better run conditions adds deployment process improvements, including rolling deployment and machine level variable conditions.
  • Fast variable lookups with our improved code unlocks the ability to quickly add Octopus variables into your custom scripts without touching the mouse.

Read our blog post to learn more.

Breaking changes

Octopus 2020.1 introduced updated minimum requirements for running Octopus Server to Windows Server 2012 R2 and SQL Server 2017. This release is now enforcing the SQL Server minimum requirements.


Changes in Octopus 2020.1.21

  • 6441 - Fixed API endpoint for projects/expirmental/summaries not being encoded correctly

Changes in Octopus 2020.2.1

  • 6275 - Fix bug where Java-based deployments failed on non-Windows targets
  • 6276 - Fix bug where you can't download plain text artifacts greater than 4KB in size

Changes in Octopus 2020.2.2

  • 6263 - Added a system variable with the date and time the Release currently being deployed was created
  • 6285 - Fix - Navigating to an unavailable project now handles error gracefully

Changes in Octopus 2020.2.3

  • 6245 - Fix bug where workers from a second pool might not be released if the default pool is a dynamic worker pool
  • 6250 - Improved performance of tenant variables page when multiple Certificate variables are displayed
  • 6290 - Fixed package acquisition failure when target is found that needs the same package already planned for an existing target
  • 6291 - Clean up a tenants runbook runs when they are deleted
  • 6294 - Fixes an error that prevented disabling run steps on Octopus Server
  • 6301 - Fixes a performance issue in deployment creation when involving a large number of steps, parameters, and tenancies
  • 6305 - Extended the default health check interval in machine policies from 1 hour to 1 day
  • 6312 - Runbook task status can only be updated when user has RunbookRunCreate permission (CVE-2020-12482)

Changes in Octopus 2020.2.4

  • 3206 - Adding variable run conditions for child steps
  • 5898 - Fixes an issue with Deploy a Release step where deployment would fail if release contained a Manual Intervention step
  • 6259 - Added a migration script to modify any DeploymentProcess records that reference empty TenantId's to use NULL's instead
  • 6318 - Allow Kubernetes steps to import and export YAML
  • 6320 - Octopus Server requires SQL Server 2017 or newer
  • 6323 - Kubernetes steps can now be used within runbooks
  • 6329 - Code editor in fullscreen is now displaying the correct syntax highlighting
  • 6330 - Execution Containers for Workers - Steps that run on a worker can specify a container to execute the step in
  • 6334 - Removes release notes template from Runbook publishing notes
  • 6338 - Duplicate html on Octopus Deploy loading screen complicates loading
  • 6339 - Added ability to configure tolerations on deploy k8s containers step
  • 6340 - Inline variables insert for code editors
  • 6344 - Fixes an issue where active directory groups were not synchronizing correctly for some users

Changes in Octopus 2020.2.5

  • 6352 - SonaType Nexus Helm repo as an external feed no longer errors
  • 6354 - Added the X-Robots-Tag header so that Google won't index Octopus instances
  • 6362 - Fixes HTTP protocol errors with 304 Not Modified

Changes in Octopus 2020.2.6

  • 6361 - Upgrading a Linux Tentacle no longer updates all system packages
  • 6365 - Fixed Script Step doesn’t run on Targets when Workers available

Changes in Octopus 2020.2.7

  • 6367 - Fix for parent step variable run conditions

Changes in Octopus 2020.2.8

  • 6219 - Fixed cloned tenants not being editable if the tenant they were cloned from got deleted
  • 6269 - Package feed variable not found error displayed in the UI
  • 6372 - Fixed tasks stuck after cloud node re-provisioning (eg Manual Interventions)
  • 6378 - Skip inaccessible certificate stores when deploying HTTPS bindings to an IIS website
  • 6379 - Prevent Docker login warning from causing deployments to fail on Windows

Changes in Octopus 2020.2.9

  • 6381 - Helm chart versions are now sorted for repositories that don't return data in version order

Changes in Octopus 2020.2.10

  • 6387 - Fix to support object parameter default values in ARM templates entered as JSON
  • 6395 - The SQL Server compatibility level will be raised automatically to 140 to match SQL Server 2017

Changes in Octopus 2020.2.11

  • 6397 - X-Forwarded-For field included in web logs
  • 6402 - Containers are now cleaned up after an Action Container Image finishes running

Changes in Octopus 2020.2.12

  • 6406 - Fixed a bug where expandable sections were incorrectly collapsed by default when creating new resources
  • 6409 - Prevent SQL Timeouts crashing the Releases and Tasks Page for users with complex permissions

Changes in Octopus 2020.2.13

  • 6414 - Adjusted security to allow downloads in Chrome 83
  • 6417 - Added ability to limit the size of the cache directory

Changes in Octopus 2020.2.14

  • 6410 - Added telemetry that gathers and aggregates the duration of API and database calls and sends them for analysis
  • 6431 - Fixed a bug where packageId variables could not be scoped to a process

Changes in Octopus 2020.2.15

  • 6418 - Added an option to configure the shared cluster directory so that the package store, task logs and artifacts directories don't need to be configured individually
  • 6447 - Changed the format of the Telemetry file to be more space efficient. Added a command line option to set the path of the telemetry logs
  • 6452 - Added always run pre scripts to update database compatibility version to 140 even if there's no new migrations