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What's new

These are the most important features you'll get by upgrading from 2020.5.379 to 2020.6.4987

Octopus 2020.6


Octopus 2020.6 is part of the Octopus 2021 Q1 release. This release brings together two exciting features for Linux users that allow you to self-host Octopus Server on Linux and run the Tentacle agent on ARM and ARM64 hardware. Anyone who uses Octopus Deploy will benefit from the new Search and API key features.

  • Octopus Server Linux Docker image RTW. Our Linux container is ready for production workloads with full support.
  • Tentacle for ARM/ARM64. Octopus Tentacle now supports ARM and ARM64 hardware.
  • Global Search. Navigate Octopus faster and find resources and settings more easily.
  • API keys. We've added improvements to API key management including key expiration and improved audit log tracking.

Read our blog post to learn more.

Breaking changes

This release includes three breaking changes:

Octopus 2020.5


Octopus 2020.5 includes a collection of improvements to support self-signed certificates, Terraform updates, Kubernetes updates, automation step notes, and a ton of behind-the-scenes changes to support our upcoming Config as Code feature.

  • Create self-signed certificates in the certificate library
  • GitHub container registry support
  • Kubernetes updates
    • Expose envFrom fields in Deploy Kubernetes containers step
    • Allow DaemonSets and StatefulSets to be created and deployed
  • Terraform update - Inline scripts now support HCL2 and Terraform 0.12+
  • Add markdown notes to automation steps
  • Behind-the-scenes changes to support our upcoming Config as Code feature.

Read our blog post to learn more.

Breaking changes

This release includes two breaking changes.

  • Importing an Action Template with a package reference will now validate the Feed Id. This change means that Feed View permission is required to import an Action Template with a package reference.
  • Octopus Cloud added the ability to record some metrics so we could do performance tuning. This functionality is no longer used, and we have removed this support. We have updated Octopus DSC to deprecate the LogTaskMetrics and LogRequestMetrics properties to reflect this.

Release notes

These are the features and fixes you'll get by upgrading from 2020.5.379 to 2020.6.4987.

Changes in Octopus 2020.6.4987

  • 6814 - Health checks now no longer run more often than they should in a HA setup

Changes in Octopus 2020.6.4974

  • 6846 - Sort order for lists in Octopus are not following an alphabetical convention
  • 5693 - Improved performance of Certificate endpoints
  • 6864 - Fixed issue with package notes for ECR images with non-semver versions
  • 6840 - The API now returns a response body when a package already exists in the internal feed, which fixes the double uploading from the .NET Octopus.Client library

Changes in Octopus 2020.6.4923

  • 6835 - Added support for Terraform CLI v0.15.0

Changes in Octopus 2020.6.4915

  • 6844 - Worker pool results in the global search now open to the right place
  • 6768 - Ensured all enum parsing was case in-sensitive so that case differences in API calls or DB values don't cause a problem
  • 6826 - Version parsing tolerates version strings with spaces

Changes in Octopus 2020.6.4855

  • 6825 - Package upload no longer fails if there are more than 2100 projects with ARC enabled
  • 6819 - Restored browser compatibility warning

Changes in Octopus 2020.6.4809

  • 6798 - Allow Project cloning when user has ProjectGroup scoping on ProjectCreate permission
  • 6804 - Cleaning the package cache will no longer block other scheduled maintenance jobs from executing
  • 6796 - Reduced the performance impact of loading a release with many associated Library Variable Sets

Changes in Octopus 2020.6.4788

  • 6807 - The latest docker tag should not be sorted as the latest version.
  • 6652 - Custom script steps do not evaluate release notes or build information when using dynamic packages
  • 6801 - Project API calls are case insensitive matching the project slug
  • 6784 - Fixes an issue where commits were omitted from the release screen when the VCS type is unknown
  • 6802 - The Octopus Server version number is now displayed as major.minor (Build buildcounter)

Changes in Octopus 2020.6.4722

  • 6719 - Notes are now snapshotted with the deployment process
  • 6786 - Local privilege escalation in Octopus Server (CVE-2021-26556)

Changes in Octopus 2020.6.4701

  • 6772 - Library Variables Usage can time out
  • 6775 - Script Module Usage is slow

Changes in Octopus 2020.6.4688

  • 6744 - Octopus no longer loads if there are two slashes after domain
  • 6786 - Local privilege escalation in Octopus Server (CVE-2021-26556)

Changes in Octopus 2020.6.4671

Breaking Changes
  • 6690 - Breaking Change Channels now require the ProjectView permission
Other Changes
  • 6780 - After upgrade Octopus Server may fail to start due to invalid mimetype in project images
  • 6771 - Release versions with regex characters break the dashboard
  • 6615 - Disabled child steps are greyed out on both the process editor and overview pages
  • 6758 - The Docker versioning parser accepts only periods between major, minor, patch and release fields to increase compatibility with Semver
  • 6756 - Fixes an issue where an incorrect version template is used when generating a release version during release creation
  • 6747 - Fixes issue where step template settings were not applied
  • 6735 - Fixed a bug where library step templates were re-fetching unnecessarily in the process editor
  • 6726 - Fixed a race condition that caused the server to start returning 500 instead of 404
  • 6698 - Allow setting default worker pool for target created via infrastructure cmdlets
  • 6596 - Fix bug where a phase inheriting a Lifecycle’s Retention Policy does not log correctly
  • 6435 - Bugfix to be able to run a runbook with Deploy a Release step
  • 6633 - Resolved issue where de-selecting "Replace entries in .config files" was not disabling functionality
  • 6703 - Introducing Global Search (within a Space)
  • 6683 - Structured Configuration variables now tries all parsers for files that don't match well-known file extensions
  • 6705 - Re-introduces support for api-key query string parameter
  • 6685 - Fixed an issue where upgrading from an older version of Octopus Server resulted in corrupt FeedId values stored in the database
  • 6700 - Fixed an issue where bash script output would not stream back to Octopus Server in real time
  • 6656 - Fixed erroneous Calamari Upgrade Required warning in SSH target health checks
  • 5301 - Delete is now prevented for teams referenced by a subscription
  • 6616 - ReleaseId and DeploymentId columns added to audit event CSV export
  • 6675 - Fixed handling of required prompted variables for runbooks
  • 96 - Fixed how the Octopus CLI runbook-run command handles prompted variables
  • 6670 - Add support for Kubernetes revisionHistoryLimit field
  • 6665 - Fixed an issue with timeouts for Maven artifact downloads
  • 6648 - Fixed steps reverting to default values when changing steps without saving
  • 6661 - Octopus now uses Swashbuckle for Swagger generation
  • 6653 - Allow Docker registry secrets to not be created when deploying Kubernetes containers
  • 6598 - Docker feeds support non-semver versions
  • 6584 - The Start Trigger and Package Requirement options don't appear at the right times
  • 6641 - fixes issue where Set-StrictMode in dynamic infrastructure scripts would cause an error during execution
  • 6576 - Fixes issue in which child deployment interventions in rolling deployments would short-circuit subsequent child deployments
  • 6601 - Guided failures for failed health check passes now on retry
  • 6630 - Add support for AKS admin logins

Changes in Octopus 2020.5.379

  • 6814 - Health checks now no longer run more often than they should in a HA setup