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Release notes

These are the features and fixes you'll get by upgrading from 3.1.7 to 3.2.7.

Changes in Octopus 3.2.7

  • 1608 - Do not show deployments that have been cancelled before they start on the dashboard
  • 2007 - Allow service account selection when setting up a High Availability node
  • 2087 - Fixed warning when creating database mutex table
  • 2089 - Accounts page displays environments scoped to accounts
  • 2162 - Eliminated performance impact of reading and writing large task log files
  • 2174 - Fixed an issue with Calamari that would fail to load System.Core when using PowerShell 2.0 and .NET 2.0
  • 2179 - Extend the Account and Feed table Id columns to allow for the fact that they are made by combining the type with the Name.
  • 2185 - Fixed package download permissions when package is not used in any projects

Changes in Octopus 3.2.6

  • 1894 - Downloading packages from built-in NuGet repository only requires permissions to one project that uses the package
  • 1934 - User auto complete uses Username or Displayname during search. Search now also uses Unicode character folding.
  • 1936 - The projects drop-down menu is now scrollable like it was in 2.x.
  • 2011 - Resolved UI issue with API key being lost when clicking off the dialog
  • 2168 - Now logging a warning when OctopusPrintVariables or OctopusPrintEvaluatedVariables are True since they should only be used when debugging problems with variables
  • 2178 - Resolved issue introduced in 3.2.5 with sensitive-variables resolving to incorrect values in PowerShell scripts.

Changes in Octopus 3.2.4

  • 1425 - Interruptions no longer link to a non-existant view
  • 1800 - SSH Targets now support creating artifacts on Mac OSX.
  • 1891 - Include Octopus.Release.CurrentForEnvironment to deployment variables based on the release of the already provided Octopus.Deployment.PreviousSuccessful
  • 1956 - Variable filters are now case-insensitive and look for the filter value anywhere within the column values.
  • 1978 - Allow replacement of existing packages when pushing via NuGet push
  • 1994 - Octopus API to retrieve deployments by release correctly supports skip
  • 2018 - Tasks with error messages cause parent tasks/nodes to also be in a error state.
  • 2027 - Show ReleaseDelete and ProjectDelete buttons if user has appropriate role with no project scoping.
  • 2057 - InvalidOperationException thrown to prevent service crash if variable parsing discovers a self referencing loop .
  • 2072 - Re-implement ability to filter deployments by task state
  • 2075 - Assigned to: field on the Task Summary tab now shows the user that has been assigned to the manual intervention.
  • 2103 - When updating 32-bit Tentacles on 64-bit OSs it installs the 64-bit Tentacle so we update the Windows Service executable path to point the new installation location.
  • 2105 - Log when variable substitution fails in custom scripts or file substitution during deployment.
  • 2109 - Recording the final state of a Deployment is now more tolerant of transient faults
  • 2117 - Prevent installing 32-bit Tentacle on 64-bit OS and update Windows Service executable path to prevent issues when upgrading 32-bit Tentacles on 64-bit OSs
  • 2125 - Importing projects without channels into an Octopus Server that has channels will create a default channel for the imported projects
  • 2140 - Warn if non-printable characters entered in variables
  • 2145 - Upgrading polling Tentacles from UI no longer hangs the upgrade task.
  • 2149 - Resolved issue with Azure deployments leaving extracted package in C:\Windows\System32\config\AppData\Local\Calamari.Azure\Temp. This was affecting 3.0 style Azure targets.
  • 2150 - Tentacle upgrader now looks for the Tentacle bundled package in the right directory even if a custom Calamari folder has been set.
  • 2151 - Fixed a backwards-compatibility bug affecting IIS HTTPS bindings and their Certificates.
  • 2152 - Resolved: SSH deploys should not block Azure deploys
  • 2157 - Artifacts are correctly imported from 2.6 backups
  • 2158 - The octo.exe --channel argument is now case-insensitive, so default will match Default
  • 2159 - Deleting a release now removes any linked variable or deployment process snapshots so long as they aren't shared by another release
  • 2160 - octo.exe no longer fails when specifying the --channel argument for a Channel that has any Version Rules with a blank/empty Version Range.
  • 2161 - Changed OctopusTools NuGet package to be a tools-only package, moving octo.exe into the tools folder, which means you can also run octo.exe from inside Visual Studio.
  • 2171 - Calamari now logs the $PSVersionTable (verbose) to help with debugging PowerShell scripts

Changes in Octopus 3.2.3

  • 1738 - IISBindings now support IPv6 addresses
  • 1882 - Prevent saving Steps with [ or ] in the name which would otherwise cause Output Variables to stop working for that Step.
  • 1898 - Task type filter is not cut off by other page elements.
  • 1903 - Cancelling the lifecycle-select dialog no longer persists changes.
  • 2017 - Using project variables in release version template now works with automatic-release-creation.
  • 2024 - Allow migrator to import step scripts where one step name may be a sub path of another
  • 2025 - Support for parentheses in variable names
  • 2050 - Allow exporting and importing gifs
  • 2067 - Now prevents deleting an Environment that is referenced by an Account.
  • 2081 - Resolved issue saving empty sensitive variables
  • 2085 - Allow creating a release before creating an environment without resulting in error
  • 2092 - IIS App Pool Password shown in UI if custom expression is used
  • 2100 - Updated OctopusTools (octo.exe) so it can be added to a project using NuGet 3 - shout out to @shaynevanasperen for the contribution.
  • 2101 - Variable substitution breaks if target file has a variable with the character "~" on the name
  • 2114 - Octopus incorrectly claims Calamari is not up to date in Tentacles
  • 2120 - Corrected minor typo on lifecycle edit page.
  • 2123 - Corrected self-link for events in REST API
  • 2124 - Fixed an issue in Calamari that prevented using a CustomInstallationDirectory with $ in the path.
  • 2127 - Added reason why the Machine Communication Style cannot be updated after the Machine has been added.
  • 2129 - Improved validation message displayed when providing an invalid Semantic Version when creating a Release.
  • 2130 - Proxy configuration for Octopus Server and Tentacle now clears the username/password appropriately when selecting Do not use a proxy or Use the proxy server configured in Internet Explorer.
  • 2132 - Task log when deploying Azure Web App lists all targets in environment
  • 2136 - Show calamari version in health check
  • 2141 - When deleting an Environment or Channel they will be correctly removed from the Limited to Environments and Limited to Channels of relevant Steps in Deployment Processes.
  • 2142 - Fixed a bug that stopped the Built-In Package Feed retention policy from working correctly: System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Release_ChannelId
  • 2143 - Allowed Tentacle certificate export to file to work without an instance specified.
  • 2146 - Environments in project overview are sorted consistently with the main dashboard.
  • 2148 - Only invalid or missing credentials should return 401 so that a login redirect can automatically take place. Any permissions related issues should return 403.

Changes in Octopus 3.2.2

  • 2003 - Added Support for Release Matrix Sparseboard
  • 2065 - Offline Drop script fixes for PowerShell 2.0
  • 2088 - Now showing a more informative message when attempting to delete a Script Module that is used by one or more Projects.
  • 2134 - Tentacle.exe register-with handshake request no longer throws an exception if we successfully connect to Octopus
  • 2135 - Fix bug causing DeployFailed.ps1 to always execute (if present) regardless of failure state
  • 2139 - Calamari now falls back to use AesManaged to decrypt sensitive variables if AesCryptoServiceProvider is not available from PowerShell.

Changes in Octopus 3.2.1

  • 1529 - Variable snapshots will be used when resolving packages for an existing release
  • 1952 - Calamari semaphores should now be more globally accessible by prepending the Global\ name prefix
  • 1974 - Inserting a variable into script as the last action before saving will persist the changes correctly
  • 2010 - Users missing MachineView permission can still deploy a release however without any specific machine related functionality.
  • 2049 - Registering a polling Tentacle via Tentacle Manager will fail when it cannot reach the Octopus Server communications port
  • 2059 - When performing server side retention policy, the deployment information is loaded in batches to avoid hitting SQL Max 2100 parameters exception.
  • 2070 - Importing a pfx for Azure accounts with no private key included will fail with message before persisting.
  • 2080 - Bugfix for JS script error caused by race condition on deployment page
  • 2095 - Dropdown controls with default values now show the default value instead of showing the control as being bound
  • 2098 - Users can now Promote to Environment when their team is scoped to environments
  • 2116 - Enable TLS 1.1 and 1.2 https connections from the Octopus Server.

Changes in Octopus 3.2.0

  • 1503 - A Lifecycle can be specified when creating a project with Octo.exe
  • 1534 - Prompted variables can be specified by name or label when deploying a release using Octo.exe
  • 1613 - Fixed misleading help text in Octopus TeamCity plugin
  • 1931 - Fixed error message in Octo.exe that referenced Project Group instead of Lifecycle
  • 1957 - Channels feature. 'Channels' is the name we've given to the set of features discussed in our branching RFC. See our Release 3.2 blog post for more information.
  • 2034 - Lifecycles with no phase or empty phases will correctly restrict permissions for users who do not have access to environments in those lifecycles
  • 2108 - Updated Octopus.Client.nupkg to correctly depend on Newtonsoft.Json 7.0.1.
  • 2110 - Tentacle Health Checks will no longer fail on non-English Windows machines when testing for membership in the Built-in Administrators role.
  • 2111 - Link to environments page in Calamari upgrade message on deployment creation page is now correct.

Changes in Octopus 3.1.7

  • 1890 - By default bind Tentacles to both IPv6 and IPv4 address to allow communication over both protocols
  • 2106 - File operation errors (such as copying files) will fail the deployment
  • 2107 - Removed useDefaultProxyCredentials from config file which was causing Calamari to crash upon starting under mono.