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Compare releases

Find out what's new in the latest Octopus Deploy release, or compare the latest release to what you're currently running to see what's changed.


These are the most important features you'll get by upgrading from 3.11.18 to 3.12.8

Octopus 3.11

Changes in 3.11

3.11.2 fixes security vulnerability that allowed Guest user to modify data.

Certificates Feature

3.11 introduces certificate management.

Octopus 3.12

Changes in 3.12

New Features



Read the upgrade guide for more details on upgrading from your current version to Octopus 3.12.


Changes in Octopus 3.11.18

  • 2824 - Improvements around parallel IIS deployments that could hang
  • 3356 - Improved performance of each HTTP request by caching certain web portal configuration values instead of reloading them from the SQL Database on each request
  • 3371 - Import Certificate Step implemented for Offline Package Drop Targets

Changes in Octopus 3.12.0

  • 2156 - Getting started with Octopus is now even easier
  • 2953 - Step properties are displayed now when the step is not using the latest version of a step template
  • 2954 - Empty property value doesn't get reset to default parameter value when a step template change is applied to an existing step
  • 2985 - Step template update can be applied to all steps in all projects
  • 3168 - Improve license expiry visual feedback within Octopus
  • 3257 - Support for PFX files containing a certificate-chain when uploading certificates
  • 3311 - Major performance improvements for large deployments, and general API, CPU, and RAM usage improvements
  • 3326 - Added a new command list-instances to Octopus.Server.exe and Tentacle.exe to list all installed instances
  • 3359 - The Octopus Web Portal now sends its version in a custom header
  • 3362 - Add support for debugging PowerShell step templates and scripts

Changes in Octopus 3.12.1

  • 2892 - Ensure the PackageFilePath variable contains a canonical path rather than including $HOME on SSH targets
  • 2897 - A brief view of the task log can now be viewed again after selecting verbose
  • 3221 - Task logs will show duration of tasks as they run, and total run time when finished
  • 3318 - Server Manager and Admin command now enforce UPN format for AD admin account usernames
  • 3340 - Octopus.Action.Package.InstallationDirectoryPath is now available in the variable menu
  • 3374 - Ensure wildcard configuration transform targets like *.dev.config => *.config match files in a case-insensitive manner on Windows
  • 3375 - Updated namespace reservation error information in the log to correctly reflect the Listen Prefixes
  • 3377 - ShowScript Module link if user has VariableView permission with any scoping
  • 3378 - Resolved error when disabled HTTPS binding uses unavailable certificate
  • 3379 - Updating validation around the issuer field for OpenID login providers
  • 3381 - 'Process' menu item doesn't cover the code editor when editor is in full screen mode

Changes in Octopus 3.12.2

  • 2290 - Add some logging when an artifact upload is requested to help track down problems
  • 2491 - Log a warning when an artifact file cannot be uploaded due to file locking rather than freezing the deployment
  • 2841 - New flag on project to support concurrent active channel deployments
  • 3163 - Fix for de-register Tentacle command, Tentacle configuration now updates
  • 3304 - Fixing the re-deploy bug in Project Triggers / auto-deploy
  • 3338 - Wrap long variable names in the "missing variable values" popup
  • 3361 - Improved error message shown when locked files are encountered during package extraction
  • 3369 - Aborting manual intervention now requires confirmation
  • 3373 - Collecting Tentacle upgrade logs after a failed upgrade is now more resilient
  • 3382 - Health check results are now recorded as each machine's health is determined rather than at the end of the health check
  • 3385 - Resolved certificate issue Signer not recognised
  • 3388 - Tasks now no longer get stuck in running or cancellation state if there is a intermittent database connection problem
  • 3390 - Log the projects and releases that prevent packages from being cleaned up from the built-in package repository
  • 3394 - Interruptions endpoint no longer returns interruptions for cancelled tasks when returning pending interruptions
  • 3397 - Tasks will now retry when updating their completion status

Changes in Octopus 3.12.3

  • 3201 - Sort the Project Groups dropdown on the dashboard with a case-insensitive sort
  • 3339 - Pre-fill the invite token from url for user invites
  • 3376 - Wait for page content to be loaded before displaying Create API Key button
  • 3387 - Package retention now uses the same version comparison as deployments
  • 3032 - Polling connections are no longer accepted if the trusted thumbprint has been edited but the server has not been restarted

Changes in Octopus 3.12.4

  • 3110 - Show projects that have channels using a lifecycle in the sidebar when viewing a lifecycle
  • 3143 - Changes to tenant variables are now audited correctly
  • 3253 - Improved the Physical Path section of the Deploy an IIS Web Site step to make it clearer what it does and what it does not configure
  • 3392 - Action editor now always display properties correctly
  • 3398 - Improved performance of every HTTP request by making auditing more efficient

Changes in Octopus 3.12.5

  • 3047 - Fix issue with modifying the everyone team when user had been deleted
  • 3066 - Disable 'move into' step menu item if there are no valid step targets
  • 3327 - Improve warning messages when close to or exceeding license limit
  • 3332 - Updates to subscriptions to improve logging, adding additional batch parameters and moving the processing to a task to improve the load profile in HA environments
  • 3386 - Updated the built-in packages repository page to re-add common ways to push packages
  • 3391 - Fix for ARM template steps to consider ‘Canceled’ state
  • 3403 - fix for octo.exe list-deployments failing in non-tenanted installations
  • 3407 - Improved the performance of the deployment manifest clean-up process
  • 3409 - Added more diagnostic information to the System Report
  • 3410 - Resolved possible database conflict when updating machines

Changes in Octopus 3.12.6

  • 2449 - Deploying a release to an already deployed to an Environment skips Lifecycle validation
  • 2532 - Support cleaning up long file paths in Tentacle retention policies on Windows
  • 3406 - License status checks do not generate diagnostic warnings now
  • 3408 - Allow case insensitive value when setting WebAuthenticationMode
  • 3413 - Fixed timing issues when collecting logs from Tentacle upgrade

Changes in Octopus 3.12.7

  • 3056 - Improve Markdown support awareness for release notes
  • 3109 - Links in subscription event payloads are now fully qualified relative paths into the Octopus web UI. If you have been using the previous format /r/ResourceID and are parsing them, you no longer need to do this parsing
  • 3325 - Correct versions are now displayed on the main dashboard
  • 3370 - Clearly warn users if deploying to an environment that has a release waiting for manual intervention
  • 3404 - Fix users being able to add an environment to a machine when their Machine Edit permission is not scoped to that environment
  • 3416 - Improve the error message that is logged if the package re-index fails to read a package
  • 3429 - Fixed add child step button
  • 3430 - Packages with the same id but different casing will now be sorted correctly
  • 3432 - Folders with Junctions can now be deleted again
  • 3434 - Fixed issue downloading nuget packages with metadata versions from v3 feeds

Changes in Octopus 3.12.8

  • 3380 - The message on the deployment overview can now be customised, refer to failing a script with a message
  • 3399 - Prevented missing indexed variable from causing a stack overflow
  • 3415 - Support Optional Lifecycles
  • 3426 - Sign Calamari.exe and Calamari.Azure.exe
  • 3440 - Fixed a race condition in sensitive variable masking that caused the process to crash