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Release notes

These are the features and fixes you'll get by upgrading from 3.14.15926 to 3.15.8.

Changes in Octopus 3.15.8

  • 3522 - Add audit events when a package is deleted from the built-in repository and keep 1 weeks worth of package repository retention logs
  • 3630 - The --console switch is no longer required by scripts automating the Octopus or Tentacle command-line interface, but is still supported for starting either service interactively if so desired
  • 3665 - Fixed a bug that would sometimes result in a null reference exception when setting a password in a step
  • 3675 - Life Cycle listing in the Library will now be available to those with permission LifecycleView, it used to require LifecycleEdit
  • 3678 - Fixed a bug which was preventing the task list from being filtered by Server Node after upgrading to Octopus 3.15.x
  • 3680 - Corrected Azure account variables masking in log
  • 3681 - Add an audit event when the server retention policy deletes a release
  • 3686 - Ensure 'restart required' message is shown for all relevant configure commands
  • 3687 - Improve error message when Docker feed test cant connect successfully

Changes in Octopus 3.15.7

  • 3629 - You can now filter audit events for specific tenants
  • 3666 - Fixed a problem which could cause a SQL Connection leak when synchronizing Active Directory groups under certain circumstances
  • 3669 - Fixed a problem where certificate variables were not being scoped by tenant tags
  • 3671 - Default value of sensitive project variable templates is now preserved between updates
  • 3762 - Using our production certificate when signing the Tentacle files in TeamCity
  • 3674 - Fix for ids filtering in projects, tenants and library-variable-sets API

Changes in Octopus 3.15.6

  • 3547 - Avoid requirement to load project information on tenant project variables screen
  • 3613 - Project Variable Templates are now also cloned along with the other project properties and data
  • 3622 - Adding ‘ids’ filtering to the API (added to CustomQuery and Index responders)
  • 3645 - Updated Let's Encrypt integration to support specific IP certificate bindings
  • 3651 - Default value of sensitive variable templates is now preserved between updates
  • 3659 - Handle Let's Encrypt http challenge when ForceSSL is enabled and https is configured on a custom port
  • 3660 - Fixed a problem where the project settings page took a long time to load on large installations after installing any Octopus versions between 3.14.15926 and 3.15.5
  • 3663 - Update the ForceSSL redirection to redirect from HTTP -> HTTPS before redirecting the the /app endpoint

Changes in Octopus 3.15.5

  • 3533 - Project release filter now searches all versions
  • 3594 - Lifecycle must have at least one phase that is not optional
  • 3615 - Both API and UI for Library Variable Set enforce now the same scoping rules
  • 3644 - Fixed a problem causing intermittent System.AccessViolationException errors when using the built-in Octopus Certificate features
  • 3657 - The permissions for cancelling a task have been simplified, so now you only require the TaskCancel permission in order to cancel a running task

Changes in Octopus 3.15.4

  • 3649 - Fixed missing Microsoft.Threading.Tasks error when setting up or health checking Azure steps
  • 3654 - Prevent a potential security vulnerability (CVE-2017-11348) in the Built-In package repository by validating supplied PackageId’s according to the same rules as NuGet. .

Changes in Octopus 3.15.3

  • 3096 - First steps in a deployment process can now have run conditions
  • 3639 - Corrected "learn more" link for the Let's Encrypt integration
  • 3643 - Improved validation messages around Let's Encrypt bindings and no longer prevent configuration when using reverse proxy

Changes in Octopus 3.15.2

  • 3642 - Windows Service step no longer double escapes additional parameters

Changes in Octopus 3.15.1

  • 3505 - Backslash character in windows service password are now escaped
  • 3513 - Quotes around window service exe path were missing
  • 3515 - Start-Service was treating [ as a special character and was unable to start the service
  • 3540 - Passwords with $ characters in Windows Service deployments are now escaped properly
  • 3587 - Corrected VariableEdit permission description
  • 3631 - Fix JS bug introduced in 3.15.0 causing portal loading issues in IE11
  • 3632 - Resolved spurious 'No enabled deployment targets' warning on tenanted deployment previews

Changes in Octopus 3.15.0

  • 2722 - Enable untenanted projects to be deployed to tenanted deployment targets
  • 3428 - Acquire package and retention policy steps now show step number and name in variables
  • 3570 - Unscoped variables deleted when user doesn't have VariableViewUnscoped permission
  • 3597 - Added support for managing the Portal SSL certificate using Let’s Encrypt
  • 3598 - Resolved issue with Azure Service-Principal accounts not being available for selection as value of tenant variable template
  • 3605 - The command-line interface for Octopus and Tentacle will now warn you if a service restart is required after certain configuration changes
  • 3606 - Clean up corrupt entries in the events table left behind by a previously resolved issue
  • 3609 - Migrator now maps TenantId when migrating Deployments
  • 3610 - Improved command-line interface for Octopus and Tentacle
  • 3612 - Prevent automatic Tentacle upgrades from restarting the host machine
  • 3614 - Bugfix: Release filtered dashboard does not show environments that deployment can be progressed to
  • 3620 - Certificates with long IDs can now be assigned as Tenant Variable values without throwing a StringTooLongException

Changes in Octopus 3.14.15926

  • 3520 - Advanced project settings are shown by default after a users first successful deployment
  • 3558 - Added Support to override Azure Service Management (Storage) Endpoint Suffix
  • 3575 - Tentacle will now ignore partially downloaded packages that are a result of network failure or deployment cancellation
  • 3584 - Improved UI to make it clearer that steps run ‘on behalf’ of roles are optional
  • 3601 - Cloud Service Storage account list handles Azure service management endpoint override correctly
  • 3607 - Resolved an exception starting Octopus Server when the current node name contains certain characters