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Compare releases

Find out what's new in the latest Octopus Deploy release, or compare the latest release to what you're currently running to see what's changed.


These are the most important features you'll get by upgrading from 3.7.18 to 3.8.9

Octopus 3.7

Changes in 3.7

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Read the upgrade guide for more details on upgrading from your current version to Octopus 3.7.

Octopus 3.8

Changes in 3.8



Read the upgrade guide for more details on upgrading from your current version to Octopus 3.8.


Changes in Octopus 3.7.18

  • 3035 - Do not provide default values for certain connection string parameters if they have been specified in the connection string
  • 3068 - Disabled steps are now marked as skipped during deployment
  • 3070 - Fatal errors in during deployment now show more detail

Changes in Octopus 3.8.0

  • 3013 - Fix for auto-deploy to be more inclusive of machines when dealing with deployment-blocked scenarios
  • 3077 - Fix Javascript issue breaking the rolling deployment step page.
  • 3061 - Server side package download is not stopped when the deployment is cancelled

Changes in Octopus 3.8.1

  • 2784 - Correctly populate Octopus.Deployment.PreviousSuccessful.Id when the previous deployment failed
  • 3028 - Tenant counter is now visible on the dashboard
  • 3049 - Created a set of system variables containing information about the last successfully installed package
  • 3073 - Fixed a regression with the console output for the show-configuration command
  • 3080 - Fixed timeout with health checks on tenanted machines

Changes in Octopus 3.8.2

  • 2929 - Fixed validation on step deletion, so steps that are being used for Auto Release Creation or Release Numbering cannot be deleted
  • 3069 - Check all columns use default database collation before upgrading
  • 3084 - Fixed a bug where the NancyContext would not be disposed if the underlying HttpListenerRequest failed to close
  • 3085 - Try to log web request context when unhandled exceptions are thrown in the web server
  • 3097 - Fixed a bug where a SQL Database transaction was held open for the life of the Octopus Server which was a potential cause for tempdb growth
  • 3099 - Resolved issue where no tenants were available for deployment when tenant view permissions did not match tenant deploy permissions

Changes in Octopus 3.8.3

  • 2468 - Immediately return logs if an automatic Tentacle upgrade fails
  • 2811 - Add support for Nuget and Zip packages greater than 4Gb in size
  • 2905 - Deployment now fails when the type of a custom package deployment script (not one bundled inside the package) is not compatible with the target machine
  • 3029 - Show a confirmation dialog when deleting an environment if there are variables that are scoped just to that environment
  • 3089 - Correctly evaluate #{if Variable} substitutions if there is whitespace between the variable and the closing brace
  • 3104 - Fixed UI bug that was incorrectly showing the environment condition control on rolling steps.
  • 3108 - De-duplicate email lists provided to the email Step

Changes in Octopus 3.8.4

  • 2425 - Long target names don't overlap each other anymore.
  • 3112 - Allow saving project variable templates when user is scoped to projects or environments
  • 3114 - Variables can be scoped now to disabled steps

Changes in Octopus 3.8.5

  • 2959 - Credentials are no longer cached for NuGet feeds
  • 3098 - Upon cancellation tasks now wait until all sub tasks are complete before being marked as cancelled
  • 3118 - Update UI to avoid browser reloading between project tabs

Changes in Octopus 3.8.6

  • 2626 - Rolling deployments can have now window size bound to a variable
  • 3006 - You can now configure the retry attempts used when downloading packages from external NuGet feeds
  • 3072 - Improved performance when downloading packages from external NuGet feeds over HTTP, we no longer query the feed for all versions of a package
  • 3091 - Running a health check step for a particular role will no longer exclude machines in other roles from the deployment
  • 3106 - The NetworkStream is now closed properly when downloading packages from external NuGet feeds over HTTP
  • 3121 - Fixed step failures due to network problems with polling Tentacles not being promptly reported
  • 3123 - Added table support to the Markdown filter in variable replacement
  • 3124 - Resolved issue with task logs not being migrated for 2.6 > 3.x migrations
  • 3126 - Web Application and Virtual Deployment step now retries if there is an error finding the parent site
  • 3127 - Fixed a problem causing high CPU usage during the "Apply Retention Policy" task
  • 3128 - Resolved Octopus Manager import error importing feeds when feed exists in target
  • 3130 - On Server 2016 Tentacles Calamari now supports extracting packages resulting in long paths
  • 3131 - image/x-icon and image/svg+xml MIME types are now supported for Octopus Manager export/import

Changes in Octopus 3.8.7

  • 2732 - Projects can be configured to allow deployments to commence while there are no targets
  • 2822 - Fix deployments crashing when there is a variable called ##
  • 3037 - Script step run as Source Code always sets "Wait for packages to be downloaded" to false
  • 3074 - Do not show variables in library variable sets that are scoped to environments for which a user is not authorized
  • 3132 - Octopus UI resoures (e.g. JS, CSS) have been split into vendor and application bundles
  • 3136 - Error is now displayed when deleting an environment that is used in a lifecycle, deployment step or team

Changes in Octopus 3.8.8

  • 2867 - Packages from the built-in package repository are now sorted correctly
  • 2962 - Fixed error downloading from NuGet V3 feeds on the Tentacle
  • 3082 - The Octopus server and Tentacle now check to make sure the temp path is writeable
  • 3141 - Ensure that during guided failure retries output variables contain the value from the current retry
  • 3142 - Allow health checks to skip machines that can not be checked because they are currently involved in a deployment
  • 3150 - Change the step run condition truth rules to match those used elsewhere in Octopus (anything not empty, 0 or "false" rather than "true" only)
  • 3151 - Fixed a locking problem where delta compression used a cluster-wide mutex potentially causing SQL Connection Pool exhaustion under high load
  • 3152 - Relative path config transformations now work if directory names are repeated
  • 3153 - Config transforms with absolute path can now use the .\ prefix for the destination file path. See the examples in the documentation.
  • 3156 - Fixed a locking problem where Calamari upgrades used a cluster-wide mutex potentially causing SQL Connection Pool exhaustion under high load
  • 3158 - Fixed a potential race condition when handling simultaneous responses to interruptions (guided failures or manual interventions)

Changes in Octopus 3.8.9

  • 2649 - Fix to show the Azure Web App name when editing the deployment step
  • 2801 - Bugfix causing deployment step to think changes need to be saved after initial page load.
  • 2816 - Improving the Azure Resource Group step's template validation for array types
  • 2931 - Allow changing the machine endpoint type when registering an existing machine name with the Tentacle installer
  • 2992 - Adding information to Azure step type screens for scenarios when target roles are selected
  • 3138 - Bugfix to handle Docker for Windows requiring long name parameters
  • 3144 - Correctly redirect 3rd party login to dashboard after logging out and back in again.
  • 3146 - Fixed spelling mistake in task logs when a step is disabled
  • 3157 - Improve the performance of creating a polling Tentacle with the installer when there are many machines
  • 3161 - Fixed a problem which could cause high CPU usage in retention policy processing with a large number of Projects, Channels, and Lifecycles
  • 3165 - Support the Docker Stop feature with Docker for Windows