Released: Monday, November 23, 2020

What's new in 2020.5

These are the most important features you'll get by upgrading.

Octopus 2020.5


Octopus 2020.5 includes a collection of improvements to support self-signed certificates, Terraform updates, Kubernetes updates, automation step notes, and a ton of behind-the-scenes changes to support our upcoming Config as Code feature.

  • Create self-signed certificates in the certificate library
  • GitHub container registry support
  • Kubernetes updates
    • Expose envFrom fields in Deploy Kubernetes containers step
    • Allow DaemonSets and StatefulSets to be created and deployed
  • Terraform update - Inline scripts now support HCL2 and Terraform 0.12+
  • Add markdown notes to automation steps
  • Behind-the-scenes changes to support our upcoming Config as Code feature.

Read our blog post to learn more.

Breaking changes

This release includes two breaking changes.

  • Importing an Action Template with a package reference will now validate the Feed Id. This change means that Feed View permission is required to import an Action Template with a package reference.
  • Octopus Cloud added the ability to record some metrics so we could do performance tuning. This functionality is no longer used, and we have removed this support. We have updated Octopus DSC to deprecate the LogTaskMetrics and LogRequestMetrics properties to reflect this.

Release notes

Changes in Octopus 2020.5.8

  • 6731 - Fixed parsing of service messages if they were split across multiple lines on SSH targets

Changes in Octopus 2020.5.7

  • 6751 - Package download options are now shown for deferred package selection
  • 6761 - Correct url when requesting pages from a V2 docker registry
  • 6763 - Fix null reference exception when attempting to view events

Changes in Octopus 2020.5.6

  • 6680 - Fixes issue where step template settings were not applied
  • 6737 - Possible fix to tasks hanging due to deadlock when accessing the log file

Changes in Octopus 2020.5.5

  • 5636 - Deploy buttons should only display if user has permission to deploy to the environment
  • 6161 - Uploading a package with a user that has unscoped built in feed push permission will skip the need to check permission to upload against all projects. Improved query time by changing the query to make use of json queries
  • 6718 - Fix issue where retention policy didn't delete any Build Information

Changes in Octopus 2020.5.4

  • 6715 - Resolved issue where de-selecting "Replace entries in .config files" was not disabling functionality

Changes in Octopus 2020.5.3

  • 6699 - Fixed an issue where upgrading from an older version of Octopus Server resulted in corrupt FeedId values stored in the database
  • 6701 - Fixed an issue where bash script output would not stream back to Octopus Server in real time
  • 6706 - Re-introduces support for api-key query string parameter
  • 6707 - Fixed issue with virtual directories returning 404 if accessed with no trailing slash
  • 6709 - Structured Configuration variables now tries all parsers for files that don't match well-known file extensions
  • 6710 - Fixed bug with Check Upgrade task timing out on Octopus Cloud instances
  • 6697 - Allow nuget v3 package download timeout to be overridden via the special variable OctopusNugetHttpTimeout

Changes in Octopus 2020.5.2

  • 6696 - Fixed bug with data usage timing out for sending metrics back from Octopus Cloud instances

Changes in Octopus 2020.5.0

  • 6382 - All the Deploy Kubernetes containers step to define deferred packages in temples
  • 6472 - Calamari tar extraction now uses UTF8
  • 6476 - Variable replacement is now run against yalues.yaml on helm charts
  • 6482 - Fix issue where a large number of polling Tentacles can significantly slow down Octopus Server
  • 6497 - Fixes issue with migrator failing to export when related machines exist in deployments
  • 6504 - Fix issue where parent step run conditions would override a child's
  • 6522 - Reduced the chance of log contention when scheduled jobs are run on different nodes
  • 6527 - Helm upgrade step now works when package ID doesn't match the archive subdirectory
  • 6532 - Child step based on custom template can't be updated if it has a variable run condition
  • 6533 - Updating library step template in process requires browser refresh to show changes
  • 6535 - "Force Version Selection" override for package selection was not being displayed in certain circumstances
  • 6536 - Fix potentially invalid event diffs
  • 6540 - Add support for readiness gates in the Deploy Kubernetes containers step
  • 6541 - Fix server task log files being left open
  • 6546 - Fix NGINX Web Server feature potentially naming configuration files incorrectly
  • 6547 - Fix Legacy IIS feature potentially targeting the incorrect web site/virtual directory
  • 6548 - Fix deployments sometimes incorrectly not being skipping when SkipIfAlreadyInstalled variable is set
  • 6549 - fixes bug in which cloning a step into another project would fail
  • 6551 - Allow Daemonsets and Statefulsets to be created and deployed
  • 6553 - Fixes error displayed when deleting machine policies
  • 6558 - Fix crash in lost-master-key command
  • 6561 - Allow Java archives to not compress their contents
  • 6562 - Inline Terraform scripts now support HCL2 and Terraform 0.12+
  • 6567 - GitHub Container Registry now supported more gracefully
  • 6571 - Fixed error on Account Usages when referenced via a Runbook run
  • 6574 - fixes issue where tentacle and space names would be truncated when running
  • 6578 - Fix URL encoding bug with checking for upgrades job
  • 6582 - Importing an Action Template with a package reference will validate the Feed Id. Breaking change: Feed View permission required to import an Action Template with a Package Reference
  • 6583 - Create self signed certificates in the certificate library
  • 6585 - Linux Docker image can now be run as the user octopus
  • 6587 - Expose envFrom fields in Deploy Kubernetes containers step
  • 6588 - Improve audit screen query performance
  • 6593 - Version component extraction as filter
  • 6604 - Fix bug where bash script can reveal sensitive variable values (CVE-2020-25825)
  • 6608 - Deployment steps can now have notes
  • 6609 - Fixed summary when variable bindings are used in Deployment Condition field
  • 6612 - Always include the build information from the current release when deploying, even if it's not the latest version
  • 6637 - Fix bug where bash script can reveal sensitive variable values - CVE: CVE-2020-25825
  • 6642 - fixes issue where Set-StrictMode in dynamic infrastructure scripts would cause an error during execution
  • 6650 - Improved text for Tentacle upgrade policy options
  • 6672 - Fixed an issue with timeouts for Maven artifact downloads
  • 6678 - Fixed an issue where usage tabs could trigger an excessive number of API requests

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