Released: Monday, September 13, 2021

What's new in 2021.2

These are the most important features you'll get by upgrading.

Octopus 2021.2


Built-in support for Google Cloud makes it easier to manage deployments and runbook automation on Google infrastructure — including containerized applications with Kubernetes.

Other features allow you to:

  • Integrate Octopus Deploy with business workflows using our no-code Workato connector
  • Authenticate to Active Directory via LDAP when you're self-hosting Octopus on Linux
  • Create more dynamic run conditions with new variable substitution (Octostache) filters

Breaking changes

This release includes one breaking change.

Steps that use bundled tools require the OctopusUseBundledTooling property

The new upgrade script sets the OctopusUseBundledTooling property to False for steps that use an execution container. Otherwise, the script sets the property to True or respects the legacy variables. This change only impacts users with custom Windows execution containers who rely on Octopus to inject the Azure or AWS tooling. Read about the workaround for that use case in the GitHub issue.

Release notes

Changes in Octopus 2021.2.7580

  • 9989 - Deleting action causes variable scoped to action to be removed
  • 7034 - Fixed an issue where task log filenames were being created in Pascal case rather than all lower case
  • 7046 - More audit event links point to /not-found
  • 7040 - Removed some links in the audit log that pointed to /not-found
  • 7013 - Remove Value under SpaceId and convert enums to strings in the subscription payload
  • 7011 - Fix error omitting optional parameters when creating runbook runs

Changes in Octopus 2021.2.7529

  • 6183 - Add full screen expander and variable insert button to YAML editor on Helm step
  • 56 - Fixed issue retrieving Jira issues that have comments
  • 7002 - Bugfix - LifeCycle View permissions are once again no longer required for release creation and viewing
  • 9849 - Json deserialization vulnerable to Gadget attacks
  • 6983 - Improved speed and reduced disk usage of upgrade script (Script0266)

Changes in Octopus 2021.2.7462

  • 6999 - Octopus Bundled AWS CLI tools warning message shows on existing process steps when running tools on containers

Changes in Octopus 2021.2.7428

  • 6992 - Fix failing deployments for projects with manual intervention and tenant tag scoped variables
  • 6987 - Enable anonymous bind support in LDAP authentication provider
  • 6991 - Fixes the issue that causes K8s deployments using GCP account don't deploy to custom namespace
  • 6958 - Fixes custom proxy support for Azure WebApp Target Health Check
  • 6990 - Azure AppService step now downloads publishing profile for the deployment target site and uses publishUrl property to perform the deployment
  • 6989 - Default to Azure Global Cloud when Configure Isolated Azure Environment connection is selected, but no specific environment has been selected
  • 6975 - Fixes ordering of Kubernetes environment variables to allow substitution of Downstream APIs
  • 6985 - Fixed EventRelatedDocument SQL parameter limit bug
  • 9849 - Json deserialization vulnerable to Gadget attacks
  • 6974 - Server Manager fails to start in 2021.2 and newer.
  • 6901 - Show certificate archive/unarchive events in audit logs
  • 6955 - Fixed an issue with additional "was modified" audit messages appearing for deployments
  • 6950 - Dashboard once again displays most recent releases per environment when there are multiple channels
  • 6986 - Added support for LDAP as an authentication provider
  • 6916 - Modified Swagger generation to use the ServerUri if configured
  • 6881 - Kubernetes steps that support creation of Ingress resources will now output with apiVersion v1
  • 9282 - Project overview page displays a "Resource was not found" error
  • 6905 - Running Structured Configuration Variables over YAML files that contain comments will now preserve the structure of the file correctly
  • 6968 - Lifecycle is now recorded directly on the release rather than resolved on demand via the channel
  • 6602 - Support for Kerberos authentication in load-balanced HA scenarios
  • 6900 - Steps run on Octopus Server using execution containers will now authenticate to Docker registries correctly
  • 6886 - Modifying a 'Copy of' template fails on save
  • 6833 - Invalid day names can be used in cron expressions resulting in the "Triggers" overview becoming inaccessible
  • 6889 - "How to Push Packages" Tooltip is not Space aware
  • 6895 - Usage tab on step templates works again
  • 6646 - Fixes issues with using bundled Azure tools on Powershell Core and changes the default to be "Use tools pre-installed on the worker"
  • 6891 - Azure App Service step errors if no connection strings supplied and app settings are supplied
  • 8971 - QueuedBehindTasksShouldNotHaveManualIntervention Flakey Test
  • 8976 - UploadImportTasksShouldCleanupFiles Flakey Test
  • 6876 - Tenant Preview under a step displays tenant preview incorrectly
  • 6874 - Azure passwords with leading dash or other special characters now work as expected
  • 6841 - Warning about missing script syntax has been removed for Azure script steps
  • 8862 - Terraform Action Steps, Managed Action section controls are using the full width
  • 6820 - Helm timeout values fails when entering a time unit value for Helm V3
  • 6870 - Missing validation of first template variable
  • 6814 - Health checks now no longer run more often than they should in a HA setup
  • 6785 - Validation error messages for Tenant Variables don't update or clear when expected
  • 8828 - Fix to stop SpacesCache from calling latest-counts queries unnecessarily
  • 6959 - Automatic release creation no longer occurs synchronously on package upload
  • 6850 - Add the ability to deploy Job Resource in Deploy Kubernetes containers step
  • 5914 - Fixed server audit URI
  • 6852 - The subscription "Name" field now displays appropriate help text
  • 6765 - Fixed route to point to either runbook steps or deployment process depending on which is being manually updated
  • 6789 - Pagination is applied as if all runbooks were visible instead of only filtered runbooks
  • 6823 - Added a space between the manual intervention buttons
  • 6821 - Url used for proxy testing is now using a proper domain name
  • 6815 - Tentacle communication logs are no longer duplicated in the Octopus Server logs
  • 6809 - Deployment creation requests are now throttled to improve reliability when deploying to many tenants
  • 6802 - The Octopus Server version number is now displayed as major.minor (Build buildcounter)
  • 6788 - Third party docker images can be now be used as container images
  • 6652 - Custom script steps do not evaluate release notes or build information when using dynamic packages

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