Released: Thursday, March 24, 2022

What's new in 2022.1

These are the most important features you'll get by upgrading.

Octopus 2022.1


Configuration as Code (Config as Code) for deployments is now available! This means you can see your deployment process in your Git repo next to your application code and evolve them together. When Config as Code is enabled for a project, you can continue to use the Octopus UI as you always have, or you can edit the text files in your favorite editor. Work wherever you're the most productive.

This release also includes other noteworthy updates:

  • Visual Studio Code extension with Octopus Configuration Language (OCL) syntax highlighting, code snippets, and navigation tree
  • Updated Terraform Provider with support for version-controlled projects
  • New integrations:
    • Buildkite plugins (early access) allow your build agents to create and deploy releases, push build information, and run runbooks as part of a pipeline
    • Opsera integration lets you connect Octopus to other DevOps tools with no-code automation
    • Octopus now supports connecting to multiple Azure DevOps organizations
    • Updated TeamCity plugin with the latest Log4j security patches
  • Automated step updates and discovery for steps built using our next-generation step package framework
  • Octopus Deploy acquired the Dist technology

Breaking changes

This release contains one breaking change.

Config as Code API URLs renamed

We have made minor changes to some Config as Code API URLs and keys in the related links collection. These changes only impact version-controlled projects and should only cause issues if you're using any URLs directly.

Learn more about this change in the GitHub issue.

Release notes

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.3281

  • 7790 - Fix upgrade path from v2021.3.12912 and onwards to newer major versions

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.3264

  • 7778 - Fixed concurrent cache access

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.3220

  • 7557 - Fix cancelling long-running script tasks on Linux Tentacles/Workers

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.3212

Breaking Changes
  • 7755 - Fixes an issue with the "Create Release" page for projects that rely on an image from a DockerHub (<>) feed

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.3209

  • 7740 - Project triggers no longer generate modified audit events without user input

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.3185

  • 7705 - Connections to machines without a proxy are closed when the machine is deleted

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.3180

  • 7721 - Fix Entity Not Found error on Project pages for Projects with unicode character names
  • 7545 - Fixed issue with Unicode in project names

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.3154

  • 7723 - Make automatic release creation more performant for instances with a large number of projects

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.3142

  • 7719 - The message bus QueryNotificationObserver will backoff when the SQL Server is not reachable
  • 7644 - Improved performance of viewing variable sets
  • 7690 - Reduced number of ids per request when retrieving resources via /all?ids
  • 7658 - Added a retry policy with exponential delay when fetching the message bus sequence number to avoid logging too many messages
  • 7677 - Added page size control to releases page

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.3135

  • 7718 - Private spaces are decommissioned and will no longer be available. Existing private spaces will be deleted in the background over time
  • 7061 - Fixed unexpected duplicated action template when importing projects
  • 7713 - Fix tasks failing to run when READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT SQL Server option is disabled

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.3106

  • 7558 - Tentacle version will be reported correctly after a health check in the Connectivity page

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.3072

  • 7690 - Reduced number of ids per request when retrieving resources via /all?ids

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.3022

  • 7551 - Tenant Tags correctly filter deployment targets on Infrastructure screen (regression)

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.3014

  • 7666 - Improved performance of retrieving and deleting artifacts

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.3009

  • 7658 - Added a retry policy with exponential delay when fetching the message bus sequence number to avoid logging too many messages

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.2994

  • 7644 - Improved performance of viewing variable sets

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.2894

  • 7427 - Fixed an issue where Octopus Server would not start when the license is expired

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.2875

  • 7544 - Fixed an issue where the configured Web Request Proxy was not respected in Health Checks for Azure App Service deployment targets

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.2849

  • 7597 - Improve performance of git migration script

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.2803

  • 7559 - The health of unavailable SSH targets is once again being recorded correctly

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.2786

  • 7578 - Fixed an issue where release retention would fail if more than 2100 projects exist

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.2744

  • 7577 - Bugfix for SQL error thrown when creating tenant deployment with a ProjectView permission scoped to 100's of projects

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.2735

  • 7534 - File and git cache cleanup no longer runs under the task cap

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.2733

  • 7562 - Fix whitespace tenant variable values being considered missing
  • 7563 - Fix long tenant variable values being considered missing
  • 7567 - Fixed the Full Table Cache to update stale data that was not detected in some rare conditions

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.2679

  • 7553 - Fixed the Full Table Cache to update stale data when rolling back a transaction

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.2669

  • 7435 - Sql timeout deleting from DeploymentRelatedMachine - RelatedDocumentStore.PopulateDeploymentRelatedMachines

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.2661

  • 7521 - Prevent deleting a channel when it would also delete a step used as the versioning rule
  • 7154 - Fixed duplicated variable when importing projects with import/export

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.2637

  • 7538 - Fixed an issue where creating AD users would always result in a timeout if searching for groups took a long time

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.2584

  • 7542 - Improve handling of missing local branches when fetching changes from git remotes in config-as-code projects
  • 7323 - URL escaping percentage sign in branch name

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.2556

  • 7518 - Improve performance of apply retention policies task
  • 7522 - Fixed issue with missing tenant variables showing for projects or environments not linked

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.2495

  • 7519 - Fixed an issue where all requests were blocked if the dynamic extensions configuration was set to null

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.2488

  • 7514 - Fix feed error when a step template was used multiple times in the same process for Git projects
  • 7515 - Fix error in Git projects when using a step template with a package parameter

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.2474

  • 7516 - Enforce ProjectEdit permissions when editing Git Projects

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.2438

  • 7501 - Trust the SQL Server certificate by default

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.2412

  • 7496 - Improve tenant missing variable performance

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.2386

  • 7412 - The Create or Edit release page will now show a warning icon next to packages which could not be resolved from their feed

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.2364

  • 7486 - Fixed an issue where switching to a branch with a / character in the name would cause the portal to redirect the user to the default branch
  • 7477 - Fixed scheduled deployments creating phantom server tasks and releases

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.2342

  • 7475 - Project data is refreshed only when deployment process is saved successfully

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.2332

  • 7453 - Fix some step package input values not correctly serialising to OCL
  • 7471 - Audit login succeeded and failed events for authentication providers
  • 7467 - Fix missing request body error when downloading system report
  • 7462 - Step using Nuget feed no longer functions correctly after conversion to version controlled project

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.2300

  • 7403 - Removed querying the database for the active transaction count. This fixes an issue where errors would appear in the system log every 30 seconds

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.2278

  • 7071 - Release versioning will only be updated when the step associated is updated, and better validation to prevent versioning package step changes to the referenced package
  • 7448 - Sync the deployment settings in portal once deployment process is saved successfully

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.2274

  • 6179 - Task Logs - Parent project now receives Success With Warning status from child project

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.2264

  • 7457 - Fix Runbook step template updates throwing a not found error
  • 7367 - should never rely on version-controlled processes having relics in the DB. this fix makes sure we get the correct usages from the correct storage

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.2232

  • 7451 - Fix task logs not being deleted when a deployment or runbook run is deleted
  • 7466 - Viewing Step Templates in Library produces an error

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.2133

  • 7281 - Active Directory authentication will now correctly login users when forms authentication and Sign in with a domain options are used

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.2128

  • 7444 - Fixed issue with cloud target discovery failing when a manual intervention or email step is in the deployment process

Changes in Octopus 2022.1.2121

Breaking Changes
  • 7376 - Config as Code API urls renamed
  • 7342 - Share git credentials between config as code projects
Other Changes
  • 7381 - Validator for creating and modifying runbooks are now consistent
  • 7411 - Block converting a project to Git until ARC settings have been manually cleared. Some users were missing the warning message and were not aware the ARC is not supported for Git projects
  • 7343 - Bugfix - If a project failed to convert to a git project, and git filesystem cleanup then executed, the repository would fail to re-attempt conversion until a server restart
  • 7407 - Fix Object reference not set to an instance of an object. error sometimes appearing on Project Version Control settings page
  • 7394 - Swagger now loads correctly
  • 7406 - Bugfix: Allow deleting channels for git projects
  • 7402 - Bugfix: Loading DeploymentTemplate for release created prior to project getting converted to vcs may throw 404
  • 7369 - Fixed an issue with Jira integration blocking release creation when integrating with Jira Server
  • 7380 - Fix "early access feature" wording on the Configure Version Control dialog
  • 7374 - The /api/users/{id}/spaces endpoint has been updated such that it wont cause thread starvation or deadlocks
  • 7018 - The same docker image is no longer acquired multiple times
  • 7429 - Config as Code feature moved out of EAP and into General Availability
  • 7371 - Fixed an issue where Structured Configuration Variables were not correctly applying to XML files
  • 7305 - User session timeouts can now be configured when using username and password authentication
  • 71 - Include Tenant name in Jira Environment DisplayName
  • 6439 - Unable to clear the project logo
  • 7363 - Bugfix for react error when editing YAML directly on K8S Deployment step
  • 7151 - Fix issue where TinyType exception would be thrown when converting a project to version control
  • 7356 - Fixed GetRunbookSnapshotVariables and GetReleaseVariables endpoints
  • 7347 - Spaces endpoint doesn't honour the name query parameter
  • 6994 - Deploy a Release step in a runbook doesn't allow selection of the same project
  • 7314 - Fixed an issue where attempting to save an ECS Cluster Deployment Target without setting the AWS Account field would not give an understandable validation message
  • 7300 - Sample paths in Git File Storage Location UI don't appear to be correct
  • 7309 - Fixed a bug where selecting an API key expiration could cause the page to error

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