Released: Friday, March 3, 2023

What's new in 2023.1

These are the most important features you'll get by upgrading.

Octopus 2023.1

  • Helm chart for installing Octopus server into a Kubernetes cluster
  • Faster tentacle upgrades
  • Improvements to the ‘Deploy Kubernetes containers’ step
  • Improving Deployment Experience for Enterprise and Cloud Users for faster, more efficient deployments and better usability
  • Performance improvements for version controlled projects

Breaking change:

  • The bundled Tentacle has been upgraded to .NET Framework 4.8. More information

Release notes

Changes in Octopus 2023.1.9749

  • 8095 - Improved performance and prevent browser from locking up on the Release page, when the release contains thousands of variables

Changes in Octopus 2023.1.9732

  • 8092 - Windows Tentacle upgrade now correctly checks for the net48 runtime

Changes in Octopus 2023.1.9722

  • 7433 - Fixed daylight saving causing triggers to fire repeatedly

Changes in Octopus 2023.1.9720

  • 8084 - Fixed an issue when saving web portal configuration using OctopusClient which caused authentication configuration to be overridden

Changes in Octopus 2023.1.9716

  • 8079 - Improved the performance of the list deployments API when there is large build information

Changes in Octopus 2023.1.9687

  • 8070 - Improved performance of "missing variables" indicators on the Tenants page when there are thousands of tenants that have missing variables

Changes in Octopus 2023.1.9680

  • 8063 - Decreased the number of queries to the project and lifecycle tables during retention

Changes in Octopus 2023.1.9672

Breaking Changes
  • 7983 - Update action templates logo endpoint to return not found response when the logo is not found
  • 8074 - Tentacle on Windows now requires .NET Framework 4.8
Other Changes
  • 8062 - EnvironmentIds, TenantIds and TenantTags are no longer required when modifying a certificate
  • 7478 - SSH home paths are unique per SSH target or worker rather than per HA node
  • 7944 - Terminate child processes on Linux targets and Workers when a server task is cancelled
  • 8039 - Added deployment duration chart to the Insights feature
  • 7988 - Fixed Insights Report creation validation error TenantMode is required
  • 8069 - Improved the usability and performance of the Tenant Overview page when choosing to "load all" tenants, for customers with thousands of tenants
  • 7881 - Task incorrectly reporting earlier versions of package on tentacle
  • 8036 - Fixed a recent regression in the time taken for policies to be loaded during release retention
  • 8035 - Improved the log output of the retention task
  • 8023 - Fixed an issue with Azure Service Fabric AAD referencing the ADAL .dll library instead of MSAL
  • 8048 - Addressed an issue where some resources could be viewed when the user does not have access to the space
  • 8024 - Make environment summary search on partial name case-insensitive again
  • 7970 - Minor UI - Deploy CloudFormation Step Template - Configuring S3 Source Gives "Template Source Not Specified"
  • 7943 - AWS S3 Bucket Feed doesn't show in feed selection dropdown in Deploy a Package steps
  • 8021 - /nuget/packages endpoint no longer handles trailing slashes after query parameters
  • 8022 - Improve performance for Git projects connected to repositories with a large number of branches and tags
  • 7814 - Fix step template updating on Git projects when there are pending Git migrations
  • 7981 - fixes issue where project triggers would run immediately after modification
  • 8014 - Index rebuilding is no longer happening during an upgrade
  • 8011 - Fixed an issue loading Runbooks whose names contained certain characters
  • 8059 - Tentacle upgrades are performed on more machines at once, reducing the overall time it takes to upgrade many Tentacles
  • 8012 - Fixed an issue where running the Deploy an Azure Web App (Web Deploy) step would fail when running in the Worker Tools
  • 6952 - Prevent tag deletions if they are used in runbook processes
  • 5015 - Show a warning that scoped variables will be deleted when deleting channels and deployment targets
  • 7720 - When importing projects that have a library variable set attached you might get a duplicate entry for some variables
  • 7811 - Fix channel create and edit page on Git projects when the current branch has an invalid deployment process
  • 7822 - Fix loading variable-bound packages when creating releases in Git projects
  • 7997 - Fix modifying project group name/description
  • 7821 - ECS Step Template - Unable to specify FirelensConfiguration in Container Definition
  • 7751 - Fixed autocomplete popup not showing in the fullscreen code editor
  • 7995 - Fixes issue where updating to a new major version of a step would result in unexpected null values in step inputs
  • 7328 - Resolved Temp/NugetTemp cache folder retaining packages after tentacle package acquisition
  • 7992 - Adding handling for invalid certificate exceptions and will continue to process other certificate expiries
  • 7783 - Fix duplicate slug error when cloning steps in the process editor
  • 7789 - Fix issue when converting a project to Git using an existing Octopus configuration folder
  • 7979 - Fixed workerpools endpoint in /api doc
  • 7676 - Fixed an issue where you could clone a runbook with an empty name
  • 7977 - Fix event type when machine is deleted by machine policy
  • 7978 - Certificate metadata corrected to allow expiry and warnings to be properly raised
  • 7932 - Search no longer throws an exception when default space is enabled
  • 7845 - The Deployment History section will now be refreshed when the variables are updated for a Release
  • 7436 - Fixed task log delays for logs from a long-running process
  • 7962 - Improve Tentacle free disk space checks to take into account mount points
  • 7953 - Fixed an issue where telemetry would fail to send when hosting server in a virtual directory
  • 7792 - Releases created on version controlled projects before conversion will fallback to using the deployment settings from the default branch on the preview screen
  • 6518 - Fixed and issue where certain packages in the built in package repository could not be viewed
  • 7969 - Fixed empty audit messages being generated for workers when doing health checks
  • 7965 - Fix issue preventing certificate tenant mode from being updated
  • 7960 - Fix an issue where the deployments page did not show an error message in some circumstances when the deployment has been deleted
  • 7608 - Provide a clearer error message when trying to save a tenant tag set without a name
  • 7529 - Fixed the issue that variables selection button retains focus after a variable is selected
  • 6932 - Usage not displayed for Accounts set to a variable in a variable set that is part of a release which blocks Account deletion
  • 7366 - Added support to define Host Aliases in the Deploy Kubernetes Containers step
  • 7086 - Fixed the Swagger UI to work when Octopus is configured to use a virtual directory
  • 7955 - Fixed runbook run list display so that it is consistent between pages
  • 7897 - ServerTaskStartedDomainEvent not published for deployment tasks.
  • 7489 - Swagger UI missing the body for POST'ing to the /users/ endpoints.
  • 7766 - Failed automatic deployments from lifecycle promotion will no longer create empty server tasks
  • 6845 - Steps with a Variable Run Condition evaluating as "false" presents a Status.Code of "Succeeded" instead of "Skipped"
  • 7940 - Fixed an issue where validation during running a runbook could incorrectly think there were duplicate runbook names
  • 7950 - Reduce the number of API calls made when rendering lifecycle previews
  • 4625 - Allow release versions up to 349 characters
  • 7939 - Fixed a potential issue when fetching git documents
  • 7947 - To enable customers running Octopus behind a proxy to send logs to Seq we now send default proxy credentials as part of the HTTP request to Seq
  • 7927 - Fixed incorrect Json serialization casing in the execution API responses
  • 7941 - Build VCS details exposed to release notes via Octopus.Release.Builds variable
  • 7936 - Fixed a conflict issue when concurrently updating multiple channels
  • 7621 - Added a warning during deployment for GKE customers if their deployment requires the gke-gcloud-auth-plugin to be available
  • 7921 - Cancelled Tasks (e.g. a deployment) completes but the Task is never marked as completed and stays in the cancelling state with SQL Error 1222.
  • 7920 - Cancelling now works in HA setups
  • 7925 - Stopped a canceling server task from being deleted until it has finished canceling
  • 7872 - Make default API key expiry 6 months instead of never
  • 7904 - Target discovery and AWS steps can now inherit web identities such as those associated with service accounts in EKS pods
  • 7907 - Fix package details error when id contains metadata
  • 7905 - Fixes the display type of space search results to not be an internal type
  • 7908 - Fix error when reading from Git projects with a trailing slash on the base path
  • 4741 - Return a more helpful error message when failing to download packages from a file system NuGet feed
  • 7862 - Runbook publish status not reflected immediately after publish
  • 7900 - Improved log message when failing to pump from the message bus
  • 7874 - Improved internal caching, resulting in health checks over thousands of machines running closer to how long they used to
  • 7654 - Fixed a bug where clicking on a scheduled trigger hyperlink on the audit page would cause a React error
  • 7880 - Indicate when subsequent child steps are skipped

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