Released: Sunday, November 19, 2023

What's new in 2023.4

These are the most important features you'll get by upgrading.

Octopus 2023.4

The 2023.4 release of Octopus Deploy has a number of updates to make your deployments simpler to manage and more resilient.

This release’s noteworthy updates include:

  • More secure connectivity to GitHub and Azure using OpenID Connect (OIDC)
  • Source scripts from Git to maintain them like other assets
  • Resilient Tentacle communications to reduce deployment failures
  • Elevate critical tasks to the top of the task queue
  • Connect tenants to multiple projects in one step
  • Space ID now available on Terraform resources to simplify configuration

The 2023 Q4 release is available on Octopus Cloud and ready for download by our self-hosted customers.

Release notes

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.4.8582

  • 8774 - Synchronize step template parameter default values when updating a step template on projects that use the default value

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.4.8485

  • 8729 - Reduce load on database during health status checks and analytics collection

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.4.8481

  • 8730 - Fixed issue with old expired trial license being blocked by tenant limits

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.4.8432

  • 8585 - Updating usages of step templates that use a git dependency will now include any updates made to the git configuration. To synchronise any existing usages make a small change to the step template and then update it's usages

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.4.8368

  • 8658 - Fix Excel prompting for user credentials when updating our Excel reporting template to use your own Octopus instance

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.4.8354

  • 8573 - Fixed an issue where file access to the same git resource in parallel would cause a deployment failure

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.4.8338

  • 7481 - Fixed runbook or deployment process scoped worker-pool variable resolution
  • 8258 - Fixed runbook or deployment process scoped account variable resolution

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.4.8334

  • 8571 - Fixed an issue that prevented users from setting a default channel on a project

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.4.8326

  • 8576 - Fixed an issue where SupplementalGroups and RunAsUserId were not populated in the Edit Yaml section for the "Deploy a Kubernetes container" step

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.4.8313

  • 8601 - Variables scoped to a process are now considered when configuring a rolling deployments window size
  • 8606 - Fixed retention policy cron expression to support up to 7 terms in the expression

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.4.8307

  • 8613 - Fixed out of range error during database maintenance request

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.4.8303

  • 8599 - Fixes a bug in which not all task logs would be returned when the same Server task was run both before and after the multi node task logs feature is enabled, for example as part of an auto deployment

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.4.8301

  • 8601 - Variables scoped to a process are now considered when configuring a rolling deployments window size

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.4.8297

  • 8599 - Fixes a bug in which not all task logs would be returned when the same Server task was run both before and after the multi node task logs feature is enabled, for example as part of an auto deployment

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.4.8290

  • 8328 - Fixed strike-through text on excluded targets in deployment creation

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.4.8279

  • 8589 - Fixed issue with custom k8s resources from previous deployments not being deleted

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.4.8272

  • 8494 - Fixed a regression where a power user weren't able to change other user's passwords via the UI

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.4.8245

  • 8541 - Fixed an issue where projects could not be connected to a tenant when the user had correctly scoped permissions
  • 8540 - Added telemetry on Tentacle versions

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.4.8231

  • 8527 - Deployments containing templated script-steps which source scripts from a git repository, successfully run to completion. Existing (failing) steps must be recreated to resolve deployment failures

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.4.8196

  • 8537 - Resolved performance degradation that particularly affected the progression API by restoring caching mechanism

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.4.8185

  • 8533 - Fix API requests for projects associated with a lifecycle not responding
  • 8671 - Fixed issue with overly long transaction names

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.4.8166

  • 8529 - Resolved performance degradation in variable endpoints by restoring caching mechanism

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.4.8154

  • 8515 - Reduced the length of a Tentacle workspace directory name from ~55 characters to ~22 characters

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.4.8125

  • 8507 - Improved performance in publication of internal messages

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.4.8116

  • 8489 - Fixed authentication issue with the kustomize step when using an Azure OIDC account

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.4.8101

  • 5096 - IIS deployment fails when there are multiple SSL certificates and they are in different stores
  • 7668 - Fix the S3 Feed not searching for packages in folders. Make the search case sensitive to match S3 behavior. Add support for any file extension

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.4.8082

  • 8558 - Added support for authenticating to the Octopus API using OpenID Connect
  • 8465 - Fix saving step templates that reference a script in a git repository
  • 8447 - Reduced the amount of data loaded to display teams in the UI
  • 8446 - Add support for sub paths on an OCI registry feed URI
  • 8442 - Scripts can now be sourced from Git repositories
  • 8406 - Changed Netfx Calamari filesystem recursive operations to use the .NetFramework provided methods instead of AlphaFS due to performance issues
  • 8418 - Bug fix: Validate step name uniqueness when reading a cac deployment process
  • 8426 - Prioritized tasks now show the correct position in the queue on the Task summary page
  • 8439 - Fixed alignment of "Sign in with your Octopus ID" button label
  • 8437 - Filter out runtime properties when extracting step template from action
  • 8432 - Set FeatureToggle default to true for Event-Based DeploymentHistory and RunbookRunHistory updates
  • 8435 - Octopus Server Manager and Built In Extension files are now signed with Authenticode
  • 8431 - Fix missing gap between buttons when editing a lifecycle
  • 8425 - Fix bug where tentacle upgrade ignores patch versions
  • 8421 - Improve callout on Task Summary page to accurately reflect the entire task queue, and update naming of Task Progress to Blocking Tasks
  • 8422 - Recovering from Communication Errors with Tentacle on by Default
  • 8420 - Removal of both MultiGlobPathsForRawYamlInvertedFeatureToggle and GitSourcedYamlManifestsReverseFeatureToggle feature flags
  • 8419 - "Run a Docker Container" Step No Longer Allows for Selecting a Feed
  • 8405 - Server tasks can now be moved to the top of the queue from the Tasks page or Task detail page
  • 7382 - Fixed issue with deploying zip files to Azure when executing within the built-in worker
  • 8362 - Fixed issue with accessing additional files in a helm package with a nested path
  • 8392 - Session Timeouts with values less than the default timeout(20 minutes) will now no longer cause the authentication cookie to refresh on every API request and will refresh when necessary
  • 8398 - When redeploying a tenanted deployment and selecting a tenant tag the skip tenant panel is displayed and allows deploying to tenants that already have the release as their current version
  • 8415 - Fixed an issue where using a variable for the container Package Feed removes the Package ID field
  • 8388 - AzureAD authentication now supports group overruns
  • 8343 - The ssl-certificate command will reject expired certificates by default. Use --skip-certificate-date-validation to bypass this validation
  • 8353 - Fixed an issue where some azure deployments did not respect proxy configured in Octopus
  • 7498 - Use run condition of child step when cloning to a different project
  • 8400 - Added number of active tasks in other spaces to the Tasks page below existing statistics for current space(s)
  • 8397 - Allow existing releases to continue to deploy after moving cac directory
  • 8395 - Updated the position of the last published chip for Runbooks to be consistent with other chips
  • 8391 - Fix "Cannot create GitProjectReference for non-Git project" for some releases
  • 8390 - Add icon selector to tenant logo editor
  • 8382 - 'Calc' variable substitution allows variable names to be enclosed in { } to overcome parsing issues
  • 8364 - Don't run package acquisition step for targets that are unavailable and project allows skipping those targets
  • 8381 - Fixed Code Editor losing language selection when toggling full screen mode in the variable editor
  • 8428 - Adds a new welcome dialog for trial licenses with prompts for creating a new project or a sample project
  • 8383 - Improved performance on Process Edit page for projects with large number of connected Library Variable Sets
  • 8369 - Fixed an issue where Insights reports were not showing new deployments
  • 8379 - Fix a Glob Pattern parsing issue where directories ending in a trailing period ‘.’ will not be parsed correctly and fail to find any matches
  • 8401 - Add username/password account as a variable type
  • 8373 - Fix no results placeholder image partially invisible in dark mode
  • 8371 - Fixed an issue with the Azure Web App step not respecting the ResourceManagementEndpoint, breaking deployments to non-public cloud
  • 8299 - Corrected the credits.html file which lists Third Party / Open Source packages used by the Octopus Server
  • 8359 - Reintroducing ScriptCS as the default C# Script executor. dotnet-script can be used by setting the UseDotnetScriptCSharpExecutorFeatureToggle feature toggle, or by setting the Octopus.Action.Script.CSharp.UseDotnetScript variable to true
  • 8357 - Downgrade markdig to fix an issue breaking Octostache filtering on #{MyVar | MarkdownToHtml}
  • 8355 - Allow the selection of packages in Terraform step to be deferred
  • 8145 - Fixed a regression where viewing deployment targets for an environment weren't being sorted by name
  • 8354 - API key expiry messages now include the user associated with the API key
  • 8237 - Remodel ServerTask to avoid concurrency contention when deploying multiple deploy a release steps in parallel
  • 8345 - Added a Load More button and load all link into the Release page progression section to allow viewing of more deployments for a release
  • 8293 - Fixed Certificates to show name instead of ID when viewing All Variables in a project
  • 8331 - Updated API documentation for the /api/tenantvariables/all endpoint to clarify behaviour
  • 8339 - Fixed a bug where some error messages weren't shown on the Projects, Tenants, Insights Reports, and main Dashboard pages
  • 8327 - Clears Tentacle cache directory upon Octopus server start
  • 8341 - The user account menu now shows the user's display name in the menu and on hover
  • 8335 - Fix an issue where the release details page displayed an error for releases in a Version-controlled project that were created before the VCS conversion
  • 8336 - Replaced the connect single project dialog with one that allows multiple selections when connecting a tenant to project(s)
  • 8302 - Introduced bulk deployment creation to improve the UX when creating deployments to multiple environments or tenants
  • 8330 - Tenanted deployment mode is preserved when a certificate is replaced
  • 8325 - Fix an issue where Kubernetes Object Status would not report status changes for deployments to AKS clusters when running the Kustomize step
  • 8342 - Update Tentacle to v7.0.219, which addresses the following issues: Fixed: PollingOverWebSockets can fail to close a WebSocket connection once it is finished with, Fixed: WebSocket bug where a SendAsync is not being awaited, Fixed: Some error messages are misleading, Fixed: Memory leak and inefficiencies, Fixed: Performance issue when instantiating logs
  • 8326 - Improve the speed of bulk connecting Tenants to a Project by 2x
  • 8324 - Help Sidebar - In-Product Links are Broken - HTTP 404
  • 8318 - Improved the error logging when the event-based deployment and runbook run event handlers receive invalid data
  • 8306 - Fixed regression where tasks filtered to multiple spaces ordered tasks by space instead of descending queue time
  • 8312 - Enable option to include or exclude missing variables warning in tenants overview
  • 8310 - The deployment journal no longer records undeployed packages
  • 7284 - Migrate C# script support from ScriptCS to dotnet-script
  • 8315 - Calamari update tasks will now run concurrently
  • 8313 - Introducing a new error callout to the Project Tenant page if any tenants fail to connect
  • 8295 - Improved load time for Deploy Release page
  • 8307 - Add a new CLI command database-upgrade-status which outputs whether starting Octopus Server will result in the database being upgraded to apply schema changes
  • 8308 - Improve performance of various API endpoints when querying large sets of data
  • 8304 - Added additional indexes for background processes
  • 8303 - Updated Autofac dependency from v7.0.1 to v7.1.0

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