Released: Sunday, November 19, 2023

What's new in 2023.4

These are the most important features you'll get by upgrading.

Octopus 2023.4

The 2023.4 release of Octopus Deploy has a number of updates to make your deployments simpler to manage and more resilient.

This release’s noteworthy updates include:

  • More secure connectivity to GitHub and Azure using OpenID Connect (OIDC)
  • Source scripts from Git to maintain them like other assets
  • Resilient Tentacle communications to reduce deployment failures
  • Elevate critical tasks to the top of the task queue
  • Connect tenants to multiple projects in one step
  • Space ID now available on Terraform resources to simplify configuration

The 2023 Q4 release is available on Octopus Cloud and ready for download by our self-hosted customers.

Release notes

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.4.8116

  • 8489 - Fixed authentication issue with the kustomize step when using an Azure OIDC account

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.4.8101

  • 5096 - IIS deployment fails when there are multiple SSL certificates and they are in different stores
  • 7668 - Fix the S3 Feed not searching for packages in folders. Make the search case sensitive to match S3 behavior. Add support for any file extension

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.4.8082

  • 8465 - Fix saving step templates that reference a script in a git repository
  • 8447 - Reduced the amount of data loaded to display teams in the UI
  • 8446 - Add support for sub paths on an OCI registry feed URI
  • 8442 - Scripts can now be sourced from Git repositories
  • 8406 - Changed Netfx Calamari filesystem recursive operations to use the .NetFramework provided methods instead of AlphaFS due to performance issues
  • 8418 - Bug fix: Validate step name uniqueness when reading a cac deployment process
  • 8426 - Prioritized tasks now show the correct position in the queue on the Task summary page
  • 8439 - Fixed alignment of "Sign in with your Octopus ID" button label
  • 8437 - Filter out runtime properties when extracting step template from action
  • 8432 - Set FeatureToggle default to true for Event-Based DeploymentHistory and RunbookRunHistory updates
  • 8435 - Octopus Server Manager and Built In Extension files are now signed with Authenticode
  • 8431 - Fix missing gap between buttons when editing a lifecycle
  • 8425 - Fix bug where tentacle upgrade ignores patch versions
  • 8421 - Improve callout on Task Summary page to accurately reflect the entire task queue, and update naming of Task Progress to Blocking Tasks
  • 8422 - Recovering from Communication Errors with Tentacle on by Default
  • 8420 - Removal of both MultiGlobPathsForRawYamlInvertedFeatureToggle and GitSourcedYamlManifestsReverseFeatureToggle feature flags
  • 8419 - "Run a Docker Container" Step No Longer Allows for Selecting a Feed
  • 8405 - Server tasks can now be moved to the top of the queue from the Tasks page or Task detail page
  • 7382 - Fixed issue with deploying zip files to Azure when executing within the built-in worker
  • 8362 - Fixed issue with accessing additional files in a helm package with a nested path
  • 8392 - Session Timeouts with values less than the default timeout(20 minutes) will now no longer cause the authentication cookie to refresh on every API request and will refresh when necessary
  • 8398 - When redeploying a tenanted deployment and selecting a tenant tag the skip tenant panel is displayed and allows deploying to tenants that already have the release as their current version
  • 8415 - Fixed an issue where using a variable for the container Package Feed removes the Package ID field
  • 8388 - AzureAD authentication now supports group overruns
  • 8343 - The ssl-certificate command will reject expired certificates by default. Use --skip-certificate-date-validation to bypass this validation
  • 8353 - Fixed an issue where some azure deployments did not respect proxy configured in Octopus
  • 7498 - Use run condition of child step when cloning to a different project
  • 8400 - Added number of active tasks in other spaces to the Tasks page below existing statistics for current space(s)
  • 8397 - Allow existing releases to continue to deploy after moving cac directory
  • 8395 - Updated the position of the last published chip for Runbooks to be consistent with other chips
  • 8391 - Fix "Cannot create GitProjectReference for non-Git project" for some releases
  • 8390 - Add icon selector to tenant logo editor
  • 8382 - 'Calc' variable substitution allows variable names to be enclosed in { } to overcome parsing issues
  • 8364 - Don't run package acquisition step for targets that are unavailable and project allows skipping those targets
  • 8381 - Fixed Code Editor losing language selection when toggling full screen mode in the variable editor
  • 8428 - Adds a new welcome dialog for trial licenses with prompts for creating a new project or a sample project
  • 8383 - Improved performance on Process Edit page for projects with large number of connected Library Variable Sets
  • 8369 - Fixed an issue where Insights reports were not showing new deployments
  • 8379 - Fix a Glob Pattern parsing issue where directories ending in a trailing period ‘.’ will not be parsed correctly and fail to find any matches
  • 8401 - Add username/password account as a variable type
  • 8373 - Fix no results placeholder image partially invisible in dark mode
  • 8371 - Fixed an issue with the Azure Web App step not respecting the ResourceManagementEndpoint, breaking deployments to non-public cloud
  • 8299 - Corrected the credits.html file which lists Third Party / Open Source packages used by the Octopus Server
  • 8359 - Reintroducing ScriptCS as the default C# Script executor. dotnet-script can be used by setting the UseDotnetScriptCSharpExecutorFeatureToggle feature toggle, or by setting the Octopus.Action.Script.CSharp.UseDotnetScript variable to true
  • 8357 - Downgrade markdig to fix an issue breaking Octostache filtering on #{MyVar | MarkdownToHtml}
  • 8355 - Allow the selection of packages in Terraform step to be deferred
  • 8145 - Fixed a regression where viewing deployment targets for an environment weren't being sorted by name
  • 8354 - API key expiry messages now include the user associated with the API key
  • 8237 - Remodel ServerTask to avoid concurrency contention when deploying multiple deploy a release steps in parallel
  • 8345 - Added a Load More button and load all link into the Release page progression section to allow viewing of more deployments for a release
  • 8293 - Fixed Certificates to show name instead of ID when viewing All Variables in a project
  • 8331 - Updated API documentation for the /api/tenantvariables/all endpoint to clarify behaviour
  • 8339 - Fixed a bug where some error messages weren't shown on the Projects, Tenants, Insights Reports, and main Dashboard pages
  • 8327 - Clears Tentacle cache directory upon Octopus server start
  • 8341 - The user account menu now shows the user's display name in the menu and on hover
  • 8335 - Fix an issue where the release details page displayed an error for releases in a Version-controlled project that were created before the VCS conversion
  • 8336 - Replaced the connect single project dialog with one that allows multiple selections when connecting a tenant to project(s)
  • 8302 - Introduced bulk deployment creation to improve the UX when creating deployments to multiple environments or tenants
  • 8330 - Tenanted deployment mode is preserved when a certificate is replaced
  • 8325 - Fix an issue where Kubernetes Object Status would not report status changes for deployments to AKS clusters when running the Kustomize step
  • 8342 - Update Tentacle to v7.0.219, which addresses the following issues: Fixed: PollingOverWebSockets can fail to close a WebSocket connection once it is finished with, Fixed: WebSocket bug where a SendAsync is not being awaited, Fixed: Some error messages are misleading, Fixed: Memory leak and inefficiencies, Fixed: Performance issue when instantiating logs
  • 8326 - Improve the speed of bulk connecting Tenants to a Project by 2x
  • 8324 - Help Sidebar - In-Product Links are Broken - HTTP 404
  • 8318 - Improved the error logging when the event-based deployment and runbook run event handlers receive invalid data
  • 8306 - Fixed regression where tasks filtered to multiple spaces ordered tasks by space instead of descending queue time
  • 8312 - Enable option to include or exclude missing variables warning in tenants overview
  • 8310 - The deployment journal no longer records undeployed packages
  • 7284 - Migrate C# script support from ScriptCS to dotnet-script
  • 8315 - Calamari update tasks will now run concurrently
  • 8313 - Introducing a new error callout to the Project Tenant page if any tenants fail to connect
  • 8295 - Improved load time for Deploy Release page
  • 8307 - Add a new CLI command database-upgrade-status which outputs whether starting Octopus Server will result in the database being upgraded to apply schema changes
  • 8308 - Improve performance of various API endpoints when querying large sets of data
  • 8304 - Added additional indexes for background processes
  • 8303 - Updated Autofac dependency from v7.0.1 to v7.1.0

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