Octopus Deploy Announces Octopus Extension for GitHub Copilot for Simpler Connectivity

The Octopus extension helps customers increase efficiency by providing a more seamless experience for teams wanting to understand the state of their deployments.

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia – May 22, 2024 - Octopus Deploy, the industry standard for Continuous Delivery (CD), has announced their GitHub Copilot Extension that increases efficiency and helps developers stay in the flow. The Octopus extension is an integration that responds to plain text chat queries submitted from Copilot that responds with useful information from customers’ Octopus instances, making it simpler to connect Octopus and GitHub for deployments.

Learn more about the Octopus extension: https://octopus.com/docs/administration/copilot

"The Octopus extension will enable our customers to have natural conversations around the state of their deployments running in production,” Harsh Sabikhi, SVP of Worldwide Revenue at Octopus Deploy. “It will reduce context switching and increase efficiency by helping developers stay in the flow."

The Octopus extension makes it easier for customers to harness the power of Octopus without needing a deep understanding of Octopus. This means that anyone can get answers to deployment-related questions quickly and easily. The extension integrates with GitHub Copilot Chat and gives people the ability to simply extract information from Octopus about deployments, such as:

  • Summaries of the state of deployments
  • Access to reporting in logs and security vulnerabilities
  • Reporting and statistics around deployments
  • Step-by-step instructions straight from Octopus documentation

The Octopus extension also provides a more seamless experience for teams using the GitHub UI exclusively. DevOps teams can get the relevant information they need for deployments without context switching from GitHub, saving time for developers. It makes it easier to streamline workflows and understand the state of deployments using simple text-based queries.

"The Octopus extension allows anyone to query the state of application deployments, generate custom reports such as a markdown table showing the release version, release notes and status of the last 5 deployments, and discover the features and platforms used by deployment processes,” said Matthew Casperson, Solutions Engineer at Octopus Deploy. “The natural language interface implemented by Octopus Copilot exposes valuable business knowledge without requiring a deep understanding of Octopus, removing a barrier for those who want quick answers to deployment-related questions. They can ask questions of their Octopus instance as if they were talking to an Octopus expert.”

The Octopus extension is available in limited public beta. Invited users can install the extension on GitHub Marketplace.

About Octopus Deploy

At Octopus Deploy, we set the standard for Continuous Delivery (CD), empowering software teams to deliver value in an agile way. Globally, more than 4,000 organizations rely on our Continuous Delivery, GitOps, and release orchestration solutions to deliver swift value to their customers. Octopus efficiently orchestrates software delivery across multi-cloud, Kubernetes, data centers, and hybrid environments, whether containerized modern apps or heritage applications. With governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) at its core, Octopus supports Platform Engineering teams in their mission to provide a superior Developer Experience (DevEx). Octopus is committed to actively contributing to the developer community with open-source projects, including Argo in the CNCF and other communities dedicated to advancing software delivery and operational performance.