August 26, 2013

Introducing Nick

Nicholas Blumhardt

I'm pleased to welcome Nicholas Blumhardt to the Octopus Deploy team. Nick joined us full time back in July and he's been working on Octopus 2.0, mainly focussed on some big changes to our communication stack.

Nick has been writing software professionally since 2000, and working predominantly with .NET technologies since 2006. He's worked variously on shrink-wrapped software, enterprise, and web applications as a developer, architect, manager, trainer and consultant.

His work with .NET open source, including Autofac – the IoC container used in Octopus Deploy and thousands of other applications – has taken him to far-flung corners of the platform, including two years working on .NET itself in the BCL/CLR team at Microsoft. Most recently, apart from being immersed in Octopus 2.0, Nick is determined to change the face of logging in .NET with Serilog.

Nick is @nblumhardt on Twitter, and blogs at