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Release notes

These are the features and fixes you'll get by upgrading from 2019.8.6 to 2019.9.2.

Changes in Octopus 2019.9.2

  • 5901 - Fix for upgrade error unable to find id in Script0206 - affecting case sensitive SQL server instllations

Changes in Octopus 2019.9.1

  • 5894 - Create User action can now add external logins, due to a bug was only available in editing existing users
  • 5896 - Fixes rare crash in editing a package deployment step if a large amount of feeds are present

Changes in Octopus 2019.9.0

  • 5755 - Added informational message on how to work around PowerShell terminating processes on Win2019 and .NET 4.7.2 when an error is output
  • 5824 - Project logos are now copied when a project is cloned
  • 5880 - helm init in the Helm Upgrade step no longer refreshes the local repository cache
  • 5883 - Fix for Kubernetes node affinity not being set during deployment
  • 5889 - Project overview screen is no longer dependant on LibraryVariableSetView permission for Tenanted projects

Changes in Octopus 2019.8.6

  • 5797 - Fixed how manual interventions are handled when they occur during a deploy release step
  • 5835 - Account parameters used in Step Templates are now expanded, making them easier to use
  • 5851 - Shows cleaner exception message when executable is not found in steps with script logic
  • 5866 - Fixed an issue that caused certain steps to now show in the channel version rule selector
  • 5868 - Fixed comparison of package ids between build information and steps to be case insensitive
  • 5872 - Improved validation and error messsages for Automatic Release Creation package steps
  • 5874 - Improve reliability of temp file handling on Linux targets and avoid silent failure of "Deploy to NGINX" steps
  • 5878 - Removed duplicate email validation when modifying or registering users