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Release notes

These are the features and fixes you'll get by upgrading from 4.1.8 to 2018.3.4.

Changes in Octopus 2018.3.4

  • 4363 - Fixed a bug with row heights in the project overview
  • 4375 - Fixed an exception when a user signs out

Changes in Octopus 2018.3.3

  • 4269 - Sort deployment targets by name during rolling deployments so the deployment order is deterministic
  • 4309 - Fixed an issue where the tenants page may sometimes fail to load when there is a large number of projects
  • 4366 - Fixed exception when downloading packages with 4 part version numbers on SSH targets without mono
  • 4367 - Fix for errors incorrectly showing user lacks VariableEdit if that permission was scoped to Projects
  • 4368 - Permanently enabled the Docker and Browser Caching features, and multi-tenancy is enabled when a tenant is first created
  • 4370 - Increased network timeouts when interacting with Tomcat from 30 to 60 seconds
  • 4371 - Terraform steps now include a field to allow a workspace to be defined

Changes in Octopus 2018.3.2

  • 4369 - Fixed a bug where the dashboard would repeatedly request all releases from the Octopus server, and adversely impact performance

Changes in Octopus 2018.3.1

  • 4119 - Fixed problem with Variable Editor creating values that can't be saved
  • 4218 - Audit log filtering would error in some cases and this is fixed now
  • 4234 - Ensuring we can render old releases in project overview
  • 4264 - A new log level Highlight has been added that highlights the message in the log and shows it on the Task Summary tab
  • 4275 - Fixed a bug where in some situations, the read only table of variables would extend beyond the available screen width
  • 4300 - Added an upgrade script to clean up orphaned channel version rules
  • 4307 - Fixed subscriptions and web hooks that were not firing for users who had scoped permissions
  • 4308 - Fixed issue when upgrading a system with an Octopus Managers team
  • 4312 - Fixed issue with the AzureAD authentication provider sometimes getting a signature error while validating tokens
  • 4314 - Release page navigation links now work regardless of whether the current URL contains a trailing slash
  • 4316 - Open markdown links in a new window
  • 4322 - Fixed a bug where the tenant tags would be pre-filled on the create deployment page if you had navigated to a create deployment url for deploying to specific tenants
  • 4326 - Stop showing a delete option in the UI if you don't have access to view a particular user
  • 4332 - Additional error logging is generated for network errors when deploying CloudFormation templates
  • 4333 - Fixed error in queueing tasks when 1000's of tasks are ready to run
  • 4336 - Add #{else} to the existing #{if} statement in the variable substitution syntax
  • 4337 - Artifacts now appear under the step heading on the Task Summary page
  • 4339 - Add terraform apply and destroy steps
  • 4344 - Cloudformation dynamic variables form does not recognise specilised lists
  • 4345 - Cloudformation step will exit early if there are nested stacks
  • 4347 - Fixed a bug where the environments filters would disappear if no environments matched the current filter
  • 4351 - Fixed an issue where searching through certificates might fail for some types of certificates
  • 4352 - Removed redundant call to /api/projects/all from getting-started component
  • 4353 - Fixed metrics logging to not use quotes around numbers
  • 4356 - Added a field to allow additional files to have variable substitution applied to them from Terraform packages
  • 4357 - Additional file extensions are now downloaded from Maven repositories
  • 4358 - Null reference exception removed when the AWS region is incorrect
  • 4359 - Fix for the error about missing EventView permission on the release page when it is scoped to Projects

Changes in Octopus 2018.2.8

  • 4311 - Removed the MaxParallelism of 10 for steps - Octopus will run an unlimited number of steps at the same time if you configure your deployment process this way
  • 4338 - Add aes256-ctr to the list of allowed SSH ciphers when in FIPS mode

Changes in Octopus 2018.2.7

  • 3441 - Each Octopus server node may execute one (non deployment or health check) task beyond its task cap, so that tasks such as subscriptions are not blocked by long running deployments or health checks
  • 3475 - Use octopurls for documentation urls
  • 3556 - "MaxConcurrentTasks" is now the sum of all server node's task caps. Command option Octopus.Server.exe configure --maxConcurrentTasks ... is deprecated
  • 4088 - Tentacle auto-upgrades are now blocked for a machine that is being auto-deployed to
  • 4168 - Tasks are allocated more evenly to Octopus server nodes in High Availability Octopus
  • 4281 - Displayed the deployment start time instead of the queued time on the dashboard and release pages
  • 4289 - Deploy Release step task log now includes link to child deployment
  • 4295 - Only run autocomplete hack for Chrome on Sign-In screen
  • 4298 - CloudFormation steps now populate the proxy configuration
  • 4303 - Correctly handle missing deployments when processing auto deploy events
  • 4305 - Disabled child steps can no longer have a duplicate name
  • 4310 - Fixed an error on the Release Detail page when a user does not have TaskView permission
  • 4125 - Improved log message when importing certificate-chain which already exists
  • 4163 - User login bans, due to too many failed attempts, now appear in the Audit log
  • 4197 - Update our SSH library so that it works on Octopus servers with FIPS enabled
  • 4315 - Explicitly reject all HTTP TRACE requests rather than treating them as a GET in some cases
  • 4317 - Tenanted deployments will always be executed in the order that they appear in the task queue
  • 4318 - Account Edit page now loads usage data asynchronously to avoid blocking the UI
  • 4320 - Default values on Tenant Variables are not displayed on V4 Variable Editor
  • 4321 - Fix for TypeError: Cannot read property 'State' of undefined on Release page, for users with TaskView permissions scoped to Environments
  • 4323 - Added metrics command for configuring metrics logging
  • 4324 - Fixed High CPU usage when there are not tasks in the queue or the node is in maintenance mode
  • 4325 - "Deploy a package" step now has access to Maven feeds
  • 4329 - Removed the word "anonymous" from the installation wizard's consent to collect usage data - the word "anonymous" was mistakenly added in Octopus 3.12.0

Changes in Octopus 2018.2.5

  • 4285 - Reducing reflow of dashboard status tables to improve performance
  • 4292 - Disabling keyboard form submissions on Script Console / AdHoc script
  • 4294 - Bring back predictable order to the Add Step page
  • 4296 - Fixed a deployment error when using script modules with paths that have ' in them
  • 4297 - Improve the database indexes used during auto deploy creation
  • 4299 - Fixed bug introduced in 2018.2.0 that caused Calamari upgrade to loop indefinitely if the customBundledPackageDirectory option is used

Changes in Octopus 2018.2.4

  • 4131 - Fix a bug where Deploy to button is missing from the Task page
  • 4132 - Excluded steps are now preserved between retries
  • 4142 - Fixed a problem where teams scoped to an environment couldn't add project variable templates
  • 4231 - Now you can add an environment to a lifecycle phase without having EnvironmentCreate permission
  • 4245 - Added inline note that explains when tenanted deployments are available
  • 4246 - Code editor full screen toggle no longer overlays scrollbar
  • 4254 - Custom Install Directory feature shows now correctly whether files will be purged or not
  • 4259 - Don't specify /bin/bash when performing a raw file transfer to an SSH target
  • 4273 - Prevent child releases to many tenants exhausting the task cap
  • 4280 - Fixed text-wrapping behaviour in long section titles
  • 4282 - Allow channel version rules based on deploy release steps
  • 4283 - Variable Template heading displays now Label instead of Name when Label is available
  • 4284 - Azure account scoped to both tenanted and untenanted can now deploy to untenanted deployments
  • 4286 - Prevent the deploy release step from being added as a child step
  • 4288 - Fixed UI issue where changing settings asked for AdministerSystem permission instead of ConfigureServer
  • 4290 - Reduce strictness of package filename encoding to allow + characters in path

Changes in Octopus 2018.2.3

  • 4250 - Project name is now a link (when not bound to a variable)
  • 4271 - Added metric logging to track api calls and tasks
  • 4276 - Resolved error when creating release for projects containing a Deploy Release step

Changes in Octopus 2018.2.2

  • 4202 - Package selector and Release selector are not showing double scrollbars anymore
  • 4233 - Added validation to ensure that Deploy to IIS steps include package details
  • 4248 - Powershell AWS modules are now exposed to the AWS CLI script step
  • 4262 - Fix a frontend crash when the project dashboard can't find the channel for a dashboard item
  • 4263 - Fixed a bug which prevented variable value from being displayed in the variable editor popup
  • 4267 - Fix a frontend crash on the project triggers page when an invalid ARC step is selected
  • 4268 - Allow prompted variables in child deployments to be bound from variables on the parent
  • 4272 - Fix bug causing channels with version rules to sometimes not auto-select latest package

Changes in Octopus 2018.2.1

  • 3494 - When scrolling through many environments in project overview, the releases column is now fixed
  • 3900 - Fixed missing audit entry when a variable scoped to a single environment and that environment is deleted
  • 3930 - Fixed role deletion mechanism, it will now be removed from teams that were referencing it, after the user is shown a warning
  • 3980 - Add account usage UI to /infrastructure/accounts/[account]
  • 4114 - Packages API does not meet the requirements of our expanding feed types
  • 4176 - Projects overview table first column is now fixed width
  • 4180 - Added new step: Deploy a Release
  • 4211 - Modify the cache naming format to allow for new feed formats
  • 4216 - Added additional steps and account types to support AWS scripts and CloudFormation deployments
  • 4222 - Fixed a bug where deleting a channel could result in orphaned channel version rules and break the project dashboard
  • 4238 - Fixed a bug with incorrect target counts on the infrastructure dashboard under tenant target sets
  • 4239 - When AutoDeployLastProcessedEventAutoId is null Octopus attempts to process all previous events
  • 4255 - 2018.2 Bug Bash Feeback: Delete Account
  • 4257 - Fixed permission issue where users deploying a project they had permissions for would fail

Changes in Octopus 2018.1.5

  • 4208 - Fixed issue where task creation required higher level permissions than needed
  • 4225 - The built-in repository can now be configured by a user with the ConfigureServer permission instead of requiring the AdministerSystem permission
  • 4235 - All nodes can now be drained at the same time
  • 4242 - Scrollbars are restored after using code editor in fullscreen

Changes in Octopus 2018.1.4

  • 4123 - Package Acquisition no longer fails with a Object reference not set error when multiple deployments attempt to access the package cache
  • 4189 - Ensure the artifact list does not reset when the page auto-refreshes
  • 4196 - Octopus.Machine.Hostname system variable is now available on transient target
  • 4199 - Fix a bug where ‘Include Library Variable Sets’ in Project Library Sets page deselects existing Library Variable Sets when opened before Sets are rendered
  • 4201 - Run-on-server script steps can now be run on a Tentacle that runs a under a different user account
  • 4212 - The project dashboard release filter can now be specified by version number in the query string
  • 4226 - Making deployment target discovery UI more intuitive
  • 4232 - Replaced the Start Mode section in the IIS deployment step with bindable checkboxes in the Web Site and Application Pool sections

Changes in Octopus 2018.1.3

  • 4137 - Allow configuration of LicenseNotificationMode via configure command
  • 4179 - Fixed issue where tag sets re-order feature is missing from the portal
  • 4184 - When collecting an artifact using New-OctopusArtifact, we now allow other processes to access the file
  • 4207 - Fixed issue where updating Calamari required higher permissions than necessary
  • 4217 - Add Feed button not visible without AdministerSystem permission
  • 4224 - Fixed a bug in JsonEscape variable substitution filter
  • 4182 - Fixed issue where manual intervention instructions couldn't be bound to a variable

Changes in Octopus 2018.1.2

  • 4213 - Database upgrade licence check now detects pre-3.4 versions and is skipped
  • 4214 - Fixed the validation error when a variable is used for authentication method in the IIS step

Changes in Octopus 2018.1.1

  • 4204 - Add configuration setting to enable long path support in Calamari.Azure
  • 4206 - Fixes an issue introduced in 2018.1.0 that prevents IIS steps from being saved if the website or app pool name fields use a variable binding expression

Changes in Octopus 2018.1.0

  • 3317 - When installing Octopus Server and using a Custom Windows Account to run the service, the installation wizard will configure SQL Server correctly so the Custom Windows Account can access the database
  • 3924 - Auto machine removal now happens as part of health checks. Minor breaking change API endpoint for machine removal logs is removed and machine removal logs are no longer stored on the Octopus server
  • 3974 - Steps may now be explicitly configured to run before or after package acquisition
  • 4070 - The built-in worker, which executes deployment steps and scripts on the Octopus Server, can now be configured to run using a different, lower-privileged user account
  • 4143 - Fix for infrastructure overview not correctly flowing tag sets from associated tenants
  • 4144 - Import using the Octopus migrator finds the correct deployment process for scripts from similarly named projects
  • 4157 - Existing orphaned channels and releases are removed from the database
  • 4183 - The check to see whether a step template is in use is now much quicker
  • 4185 - Environments, channels and tags now cannot be deleted if they are used by a disabled step in a project's current process
  • 4192 - Package notes are fetched in bulk and in async, meaning a release can be deployed without all notes being downloaded first
  • 4194 - The installed version of Octopus Server is now tracked to help us provide support when data issues occur and is a precursor to raising and event on upgrade

Changes in Octopus 4.1.10

  • 2668 - The database upgrade now checks whether the licence would be non-compliant after upgrade and aborts the upgrade in order to prevent getting stuck with an expired licence and not being able to deploy
  • 3454 - Digitally signed Octo.exe and Octopus.Clients.dll so that AV respects it more
  • 3802 - Added support for passing password on the commandline to docker login
  • 3910 - Added option to filter by phase name in lifecycles page
  • 4040 - Minor breaking changes Project and tenant name cannot include unsupported file system characters
  • 4102 - Now we only test the connection to the master database when creating or deleting the Octopus database, which in turn fixes a problem we introduced in 4.1.0 with upgrading Octopus in certain situations
  • 4130 - PowerShell script parameters with a trailing slash no longer break script execution
  • 4155 - Fix a bug where metadata component in release version is not working with SemVer 2.0 template
  • 4162 - Added the ability to prevent package scripts from being run by specifying the Octopus.Action.Package.RunScripts variable and setting it to false
  • 4165 - We no longer attempt to deploy packages when acquisition fails
  • 4169 - Fix for deployment process screen where viewing email step that references a deleted team
  • 4171 - Don`t show username for external groups in teams area
  • 4174 - Dynamic package feeds now working again with channel rules
  • 4187 - Check for $JAVAHOME now uses [[ -n "${JAVAHOME}" ]] instead of -v to support older versions of bash

Changes in Octopus 4.1.9

  • 3827 - Fix a bug where tasks with manual intervention are listed as the queued behind tasks on Task page
  • 3913 - Increased number of possible PowerShell variables in scripts to maximum available
  • 3963 - Corrected the help message explaining what a valid version number looks like
  • 3990 - Increased contrast of form elements and content hierarchy
  • 4032 - Validate that environment and project ids exist when creating or modifying tenants
  • 4072 - Swagger documentation now works if Octopus is running in a virtual directory
  • 4085 - Improved the performance of the project Library Variable Sets page when there are many variable sets
  • 4087 - Fix a bug where task summary does not show on Task page when it is waiting for manual intervention
  • 4090 - Selecting a single date on the Audit page now shows the correct date range
  • 4146 - Prevented the filter panel from opening when you set a quick filter
  • 4161 - Improve performance of tenant variables when large number present
  • 4164 - UI data refresh is now triggered almost immediately after a tab becomes active again if it has been longer than the normal refresh interval; The refresh will also occur if the tab is in the background at a 12th the normal rate
  • 4167 - Fixed a security vulnerability where incorrectly configured user roles and teams would allow members of those teams to escalate their own permissions - Octopus now actively prevents any user from escalating their own effective set of permissions - CVE-2018-5706

Changes in Octopus 4.1.8

  • 3950 - Deployment page will now show the explanation for tenanted deployment if the channel has tenant restriction
  • 3951 - Deployment page now has the ability to deploy to all applicable tenants and skip those which already have the release as the current version for the environment
  • 4052 - Fixes for paging parameters in API link collections
  • 4101 - The full value is now displayed for variable template TextBox controls
  • 4103 - Default value on the multiline text variable template no longer overlays
  • 4112 - Make the following scenarios easier:
  • Deploying to all applicable tenants for the environment
  • Skipping those tenants which already have the release as the current version for the environment
  • 4116 - Added warning and error text hints to Checkboxes
  • 4129 - Channel rules testing no longer fails when feedId is a bounded value
  • 4136 - Logo missing on the previous step template version no longer prevents the current version from being saved
  • 4145 - Fix problem in Firefox where selects required two clicks
  • 4148 - Removed empty value warning/info icons from variable editor