From small teams to an enterprise standard, Octopus scales with you.

Octopus Tentacle



$10 / month
For small teams up to 5 users
Octopus Tentacle



$20 / user / month
For teams of any size
Octopus Tentacle


Data Center

Mission-critical, scalable enterprise application deployments.
Deployments to date
Octopus server users
Machines running Tentacle
Microsoft NASA Cisco Domain HP Symantec 3M Philips

You are paying for an Octopus instance in the cloud that we take care of. We do the backups, we monitor the performance, we roll out upgrades and we do all the associated heavy lifting.

A user is anyone who has an Octopus user account within your cloud instance including service accounts. It doesn’t include our system “octoadmin” account, or any Octopus engineer accounts who may have jumped in to help support you.

  • Cloud Starter is a flat-fee for up to 5 users, so you can add up to 5 users
  • Cloud Standard allows you to optionally set a “limit” on the number of users that can be added, to help you control your spend. This is controlled via your Octopus Account, and can be changed at any time.

No, there aren’t any limits on the number of projects or machines (deployment targets). Octopus Cloud licensing controls the number of active users you can have, but there aren’t any other limits. That said, we do have an acceptable usage policy that applies and we try to be as fair as possible.

We don’t limit the number of packages in any way, but storage is finite - refer to our acceptable usage policy for more information.


Subscription-based only - the instance is active only during a paid subscription period.

Reach out to us via our support channels and we would love to work with you on a solution!

No, we handle that for you.

Cloud Starter is a great option for small teams and personal projects however, we do offer free Self-Hosted (i.e. non-Octopus Cloud) Standard licenses for these use cases. Just send a summary of how you intend to use Octopus to our sales team.

Octopus Cloud is paid monthly in advance by Credit Card and PayPal.

Net-0, month to month renewal. Annual billing will be available shortly.

No, you purchase directly through your Octopus Account.

It’s available online.

We want our customers to be happy so please reach out to our support team ( so we can work out the best solution.

We're here to help, just email us at