Released: Friday, September 22, 2023

What's new in 2023.3

These are the most important features you'll get by upgrading.

Octopus 2023.3

The 2023.3 release of Octopus Deploy has a number of updates to improve deployment efficiency and speed at scale.

This release’s noteworthy updates include:

  • Easier management of tenants at scale with bulk actions
  • Improved container deployments with support for OCI Helm registries
  • Fewer manual interventions with configurable step timeouts
  • More control over audit logs with adjustable retention
  • Source Kubernetes configuration files from Git for simpler deployments
  • Modify YAML files for Kubernetes with our new Kustomize Step
  • Additional functionality for AKS customers with support for kubelogin for AKS clusters
  • Step template improvements to make updates easier to manage
  • UI performance improvements to the Releases and Create Release pages for a better experience while deploying

The 2023 Q3 release is available on Octopus Cloud and ready for download by our self-hosted customers.

Release notes

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.3.13361

  • 7481 - Fixed runbook or deployment process scoped worker-pool variable resolution
  • 8258 - Fixed runbook or deployment process scoped account variable resolution

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.3.13317

  • 8601 - Variables scoped to a process are now considered when configuring a rolling deployments window size

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.3.13316

  • 8606 - Fixed retention policy cron expression to support up to 7 terms in the expression

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.3.13315

  • 8599 - Fixes a bug in which not all task logs would be returned when the same Server task was run both before and after the multi node task logs feature is enabled, for example as part of an auto deployment

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.3.13305

  • 8328 - Fixed strike-through text on excluded targets in deployment creation

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.3.13298

  • 8589 - Fixed issue with custom k8s resources from previous deployments not being deleted

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.3.13280

  • 8540 - Added telemetry on Tentacle versions

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.3.13273

  • 8527 - Deployments containing templated script-steps which source scripts from a git repository, successfully run to completion. Existing (failing) steps must be recreated to resolve deployment failures

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.3.13190

  • 5096 - IIS deployment fails when there are multiple SSL certificates and they are in different stores
  • 7668 - Fix the S3 Feed not searching for packages in folders. Make the search case sensitive to match S3 behavior. Add support for any file extension

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.3.13181

  • 8470 - Support OCI feed sub-paths in Harbor
  • 8532 - Reduced default concurrent message pumps to alleviate thread pool pressure
  • 8429 - Increased the default number of Thread Pool threads and Database Connections

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.3.13159

  • 8449 - ReferenceIds on StepFramework steps are incorrectly updated when updating step versions, this leads to a mismatch between the referenceId and StepPackageInputsReferenceId causing deployment failures
  • 8446 - Add support for sub paths on an OCI registry feed URI

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.3.13139

  • 8406 - Changed Netfx Calamari filesystem recursive operations to use the .NetFramework provided methods instead of AlphaFS due to performance issues

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.3.13136

  • 8411 - Improve transaction names in diagnostic reports
  • 8423 - Fix scheduled release creation with package versioning strategy
  • 8412 - Added validation for the auth session timeout to prevent setting it to a value that is too short

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.3.13118

  • 7382 - Fixed issue with deploying zip files to Azure when executing within the built-in worker
  • 8362 - Fixed issue with accessing additional files in a helm package with a nested path
  • 8407 - Fixing creating deployment for project with CaC when OCL path in release gitref is not available

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.3.13109

  • 8393 - Ensure variables can be used in package references for CaC projects when using scheduled triggers

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.3.13107

  • 8398 - When redeploying a tenanted deployment and selecting a tenant tag the skip tenant panel is displayed and allows deploying to tenants that already have the release as their current version

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.3.13097

  • 8399 - Reinstate grace period for licenses under original agreement

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.3.13094

  • 7498 - Use run condition of child step when cloning to a different project

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.3.13091

  • 8353 - Fixed an issue where some azure deployments did not respect proxy configured in Octopus
  • 8360 - Include full SSL Cert Chain in deployed SSL cert for Nginx

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.3.13080

  • 8380 - Fix janky UI when machine summary contains long name and many target roles

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.3.13077

  • 8387 - Fix runbook cloning UI where not all runbooks are available to select
  • 8187 - Handle null values gracefully when deleting resources with the Octopus terraform provider
  • 8369 - Fixed an issue where Insights reports were not showing new deployments
  • 8368 - Deploy a Bicep Template step fails when CAC is enabled
  • 8384 - Fix project reference error when editing config-as-code releases

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.3.13042

  • 8363 - Added worker tool image for Windows 2022 workers
  • 8353 - Fixed an issue where some azure deployments did not respect proxy configured in Octopus

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.3.13033

  • 8358 - Fix the Octopus Server Url form field failing to show when expanded in the Jira Integration settings

Changes in Octopus Server 2023.3.13026

  • 8356 - Fix TaskQueue where identical ServerTask runs on multiple HA nodes
  • 8345 - Added a Load More button and load all link into the Release page progression section to allow viewing of more deployments for a release
  • 8340 - All Variables page hangs and errors in Spaces with lots of projects, Tenants and Tenant Variables
  • 8338 - Correctly handle variable set ids in master key rotation
  • 8335 - Fix an issue where the release details page displayed an error for releases in a Version-controlled project that were created before the VCS conversion
  • 8334 - Fixed OCL configuration for Kustomize step where git source information wasn’t persisted correctly
  • 8333 - Updated license handling to match the customer agreement
  • 8325 - Fix an issue where Kubernetes Object Status would not report status changes for deployments to AKS clusters when running the Kustomize step
  • 8322 - Kubernetes Raw step no longer fails validation when saving certificate data
  • 8320 - Fixed a regression that caused runbook triggers to schedule in the future
  • 8319 - Steps using Git Manifests now work with Config as Code
  • 8321 - Performance increased when preparing a deployment to many tenants
  • 8296 - Fixed an issue where index maintenance would fail with "SQL error: Parameter 3 is incorrect for this statement"
  • 8292 - A new Kustomize step is now available
  • 8305 - Introducing new event-based deployment history and runbook run history processes to replace current stored procedure based processes
  • 8289 - Connecting tenants to a project can now be done in bulk and will display the current progress of any ongoing connections
  • 8288 - Fix space switcher not closing when the current space is clicked
  • 8284 - Fixed an issue with Execution Timeouts where warning logs would trigger after task completion
  • 8032 - Removed showing of system events in My Recent Activity page
  • 8285 - Adding the ability to source YAML from a Git Repository for the Kubernetes Raw YAML Step
  • 8283 - For better discoverability, we have changed the order of steps, so new steps are displayed first
  • 8279 - Improved Release page load and responsiveness when viewing a release with thousands of deployments
  • 8280 - improve performance when compute tenant promotions
  • 8217 - Projects that are not version-controlled can no longer be accessed via version-controlled routes
  • 8281 - Fixed optional secrets not being respected in the Kubernetes Containers step
  • 8277 - Fixed an issue where the frontend assets could sometimes fail to generate new hashes, resulting in incorrect cache hits and chunk loading issues
  • 7668 - Fix the S3 Feed not searching for packages in folders. Make the search case sensitive to match S3 behavior. Add support for any file extension
  • 8276 - Fix syntax highlighting for Python in the new code editor
  • 8275 - Ensure owning LibraryVariableSet is referenced in variables modfied audit event
  • 6867 - Fix "User Invites" configuration link flickering when navigating between pages
  • 8274 - Fixes issue with logging in to Octopus Cloud instances using Octopus Id
  • 8269 - Fixes an issue where script editor would be readonly in some Azure steps
  • 8268 - Deprecation warnings added to health checks & tasks on Windows 2003 Targets & Workers
  • 8183 - Allow supplying arguments to container runtime when using action execution containers
  • 8078 - Fix wrong location for "Planning retention policy" in the task log
  • 8265 - Removed invalid options for Container Registry feeds from Azure Web Deploy step
  • 8427 - Adds the ability for trial licenses to generate a sample project from the new welcome dialog
  • 8246 - Updated the wording of the "Event Filters" section on the Subscription page to better convey the behaviour of event filtering in subscriptions
  • 8260 - Fixed an issue when connecting tenants to a project where no environments show up if the project's lifecycle is empty
  • 8261 - Added "Release Notes" item to User menu, which opens new tab showing recent installs and associated changes
  • 8655 - Normalised Invitation and converted document persistence from JSON to relational model
  • 8256 - Updated Autofac dependency from v6.4.0 to v7.0.1
  • 8020 - Mark trigger task as failed when exception happens
  • 8251 - Fix clicks in dialogs sometimes triggering a click on the containing row
  • 8244 - Allow multiple tenants to be connected to a project in the same request
  • 8247 - Removing a step package used in channel rule now requires removing the channel rule itself
  • 8254 - Fix expand icon buttons not aligned in the Environment page
  • 8243 - Added Tenants section to all projects which displays all tenants connected to the project and allows connecting tenants from the project side
  • 8253 - Fix project logo background not circular in dark theme
  • 8229 - Adds an opt-in feature, ‘Transient Network Error Recovery’, which allows Octopus Server to retry failed communications to Tentacle during Deployments/RunBook Runs for the duration specified in machine policy. This feature is currently only available in Octopus Cloud. OctopusDeploy/Issues/issues/8229
  • 8225 - Added support for authenticating against private GKE clusters
  • 8232 - Support null values in variables
  • 8245 - Fix tooltip positions incorrect in Safari
  • 8248 - Log .NET Framework during windows healthcheck
  • 8240 - Fixed error when exporting a project if the project has more than 2100 releases
  • 8226 - Fix library variable set usage
  • 8228 - Fix an issue where Octopus.Action.FailScriptOnErrorOutput set to true causes bash scripts to fail
  • 8236 - Fixed the bug where customers are not able to turn KOS off when using multi glob pattern
  • 8190 - Updated Autofac dependency from v4.9.4 to v6.4.0
  • 8234 - Fixed some incorrect layouts in removeable list items
  • 8235 - Moved user session and git repository cache invalidation to SQL database
  • 8230 - Fix "unable to find process" error when loading channels
  • 8224 - Improved query performance for DeploymentProcess related documents
  • 8223 - Updated styling of visual feedback for radio buttons
  • 7957 - When multiple tasks are running on a worker and require the same package, one of them will acquire the package and the others will wait until the single task has completed acquiring the package. Historically they would bottleneck to check for the existence of a package on the worker and extended deployment durations as a result
  • 8005 - Fix an issue where editing tenant variables require access to all environments and projects due to variable versioning
  • 8212 - Reduced the key size of PK_StepPackage_Id
  • 8215 - Reduced the key size of IX_BuildInformationPackageIdPerSpace and UQ_BuildInformationPackageIdAndVersionUniquePerSpace
  • 8210 - Run package acquisition steps if later steps with a run condition of Variable / Always run / Failure in the process require packages, even if previous steps in the deployment process have failed. Packages for variable steps will always be acquired - the variable condition will not be checked for package acquisition
  • 8209 - Reduced the key size of IX_MessageBusCursor_ConsumerGroupId and UQ_MessageBusCursor_ConsumerGroupIdUnique
  • 8207 - "Deploy Kubernetes config map resource" step no longer resets namespace when edited via yaml source
  • 8193 - Initial support for OCI registries
  • 8204 - Fix unclickable details button when hovering over action template cards
  • 8205 - Prevent portal on instances with DNS prefix starting with "api" from failing to resolve API URIs
  • 8203 - Use a background task to bulk update step template usages
  • 7426 - Step Templates with high usage counts (1000+) will timeout when using "Update All..."
  • 8202 - Words in the project dashboard will no longer be broken up
  • 8206 - Kubernetes object status check not finishing while all objects are shown as successful
  • 8182 - Tenants filters have been updated to dynamically expand as new filters are added. Negation filters have been added. The multi-select picker for tags has been updated to allow multiple selections without closing the picker
  • 8196 - Updated styling of visual feedback for checkboxes
  • 7954 - Virtual Directory - Initial redirect from / to /app
  • 8197 - Changed clock icon colour for scheduled runbook triggers
  • 8191 - Fixed focus rings being clipped incorrectly in the new navigation bar
  • 7998 - Added support for kubelogin to AKS authentication. When authenticating to an AKS cluster with kubelogin in the execution environment, the kubeconfig will now be updated by calling kubelogin convert-kubeconfig -l azurecli
  • 8192 - The /reporting/deployments-counted-by-week API endpoint is being removed in future versions. Further details of this deprecation can be found in the deprecations documentation
  • 8199 - The GET api/projects/{projectId}/runbooks/all API endpoint is being removed in future versions. Further details of this deprecation can be found in the deprecations documentation
  • 8037 - Added support for cancellations in our full-table cache (made async)
  • 8082 - Removed the usage of --short flag from kubectl since it has been deprecated
  • 8120 - Display Kubernetes Objects Status During Deployment
  • 8186 - Fix incorrect icon color in the quick commit button
  • 8168 - Upgrade a Helm Chart step - Helm feeds require a trailing slash in the URL if helm repo's index.yaml uses relative URLs
  • 7911 - Deployment retention no longer cleans up packages - that is all handled by package retention
  • 8025 - Fix an issue where python script output did not behave as expected due to buffering
  • 8153 - Reduce irrelevant build information on deployments
  • 8159 - Tag set filters on the Tenants overview page now show up dynamically as new filters are added
  • 8176 - Fixed the variable scope editor not opening properly when navigating on keyboard
  • 7335 - Introduced audit log retention feature. See here for more details
  • 8171 - Calling the tasks/{id}/details REST endpoint will now return all valid log entries before invalid JSON is detected in a log file. This fix also ensures Task Log Aggregation does not aggregate task log files that contain invalid JSON entries, and leaves related task logs in their original unaggregated form
  • 7961 - The side effects of deleting and renaming a step in the same operation now occur correctly. This includes updating channel rules and project version settings
  • 8177 - Fixed a regression that prevented AWS credentials from being used during step execution
  • 8175 - Return empty string instead of failing when executing get_octopusvariable() in a python script
  • 7184 - NuGet packages with build metadata in the version will now use the package cache to speed up transfers
  • 8169 - Improved the speed of built-in package reindexing when there are many packages with the same package id
  • 8165 - Name search for Deployment Targets is now case insensitive
  • 8163 - Guest users can now access Version Controlled projects and several other pages that previously returned an error
  • 8166 - Updated styling of visual feedback for most buttons across the portal
  • 8164 - Added CSV Export to the Tenants Overview (EAP) page
  • 8167 - Restored rebuilding of fragmented indexes during upgrades which improves the performance of all indexes. Upgrades times may increase noticeably for large databases
  • 8154 - Running runbooks associated with a single environment will automatically select the single environment
  • 8160 - Improved the error messages when attempting to save an invalid offline drop target
  • 8158 - Moved the filters on the Tenants overview page into the toolbar at the top of the page

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