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Visibility for all software releases across your organization

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Multiple automation systems with production access

Inconsistent release & operations. No visibility for compliance. Prevents collaboration.

All software releases automated through Octopus

Compliant, consistent operations and developers using their favorite tools without the silos.


Enterprise-wide DevOps

Octopus Supports hundreds of teams inside a single instance and provides visibility across all your projects with a single dashboard.

Our deployments are so consistent, our support team have so few issues now and are constantly asking when we can convert our legacy product to an Octopus method!

With the widest range of supported application types and deployment targets, from on-premises to cloud-native and PaaS, Octopus is the logical choice for enterprise-wide DevOps automation.

The step template feature means you can create the building blocks for deployments and runbooks that can be reused by different teams and meet your audit & governance requirements.

Because everybody is using the same tool, teams can learn from each and build a body of DevOps automation knowledge within the organization.

Tame Complexity

Simplify the most complex deployments

Multiple environments, cloud, hybrid-cloud, on-premises, approvals and notifications, and everything in between.

Implementing Octopus Deploy into our software delivery lifecycle has significantly reduced the complexity, errors, and man-power required to deploy applications.

Octopus's unique way of modeling your deployments and runbooks means you can access your environments, tenants, processes, and many other elements in a unified way that can be shared across your organization.

Most CI/CD tools treat each pipeline separately, resulting in an explosion of pipelines that are difficult to maintain. Octopus's approach means that your deployments are battle-tested and what's deployed into QA is deployed into production.


High availability & performance

Octopus Server edition runs on your infrastructure with support for active-active high availability.

Octopus Deploy has been a godsend for ensuring we can rollback from any failed deployment and we can automate all of our processes.

The central Octopus Server can be scaled to dozens of nodes, each of which presents the user interface and orchestrates deployments.

Workers run deployment scripts that are required for specific OSs and tooling and can scale out to hundreds of workers as needed.

Tentacles are the agents that run on the virtual machines where you deploy your software, and we routinely see customers with tens of thousands of Tentacles managed by their Octopus cluster.


Technical account management

Deep-level technical expertise from engineers who use Octopus at scale every day.

We're invested in your success. You’ll have the option to connect with our team in a shared Slack channel, through email, and at the Gold level in a monthly call with your Technical Account Manager. They will help with adoption, advice, troubleshooting, and ensuring your needs are represented on our roadmap.

Our Technical Account Managers all have a background in software or systems engineers. They're also the same team that run our webinars; they're experts on Octopus Deploy and the broader CI/CD ecosystem.

Enterprise Features

Built to scale

Priority support

Priority support 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, with responses from our support engineers in Australia, the UK, and the US within 2 hours.

Powerful access control

Advanced role-based permissions give you fine-grained control over who can deploy which projects to which environments, and who can view or modify your assets and processes in Octopus.

Single sign on & SAML

SSO for provisioning and login is supported for Active Directory, AzureAD, Google, Okta, and custom providers.

Reporting & visibility

The collaborative nature of Octopus gives you insight across your entire company's deployment & runbook automation efforts. Reporting data is also published via a feed that can be used in tools like Excel or PowerBI for custom reporting.

Auditing & compliance

Octopus keeps a complete audit trail of everything that happens, with detailed logs and filters that let you see what changed, when it changed, and who made the changes.

Comprehensive API

Everything the UI does can be done through our REST API, and with subscriptions you can be notified of events immediately. The API means you can build your own tooling on top of Octopus or add custom integrations.

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