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A fast, reliable, and traceable CI/CD pipeline is key to accelerating software development. Use Octopus Deploy to reduce errors from manual and risky deployments.

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Octopus Deploy delivers

Octopus accelerates deployment frequency

Companies with large software project portfolios can take advantage of the flexibility and scalability of Octopus. It’s easy to use with the broadest and most in-depth platform support, comprehensive documentation, and security & auditability.

Before Octopus

75% of customers surveyed deployed once per month or less

Only 10% completed a deployment in 15 minutes

Using Octopus

41% deploy more than once per day

75% deploy more than once per week

84% complete a deployment in 15 minutes


91% of teams report increased confidence that deployments will succeed

57% report getting feedback faster from production users and customers


When IMO and Recruit Wizard integrated Octopus with Microsoft DevOps tools, they started deploying to production daily

Prior to Octopus, deployments to Production were infrequent, maybe once a quarter. Now they range from once a week to several times per day.

Octopus & Azure DevOps help Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO) provide up-to-date healthcare data for 98% of US hospitals and private practices.

IMO's solution involves over 600 Git repositories, 150 Azure DevOps team projects, and multi-tenant architecture deployed to multiple AWS regions.

Read the case study.

Using Octopus Cloud allows us to focus on our expertise: recruitment software, while Octopus looks after everything else.

Octopus & GitHub Actions help Recruit Wizard, specialists in software for recruitment agencies, orchestrate all their deployments, primarily to Kubernetes clusters and some legacy virtual machines.

Recruit Wizard’s setup includes GitHub for source control, GitHub Actions as their build server, and Octopus for deployments.

Read the case study.


Resources to guide your integrations

From our comprehensive documentation to blog posts and webinars, Octopus has resources to help you through your entire deployment journey.

Azure DevOps
Better Octopus Integration with Azure DevOps

Octopus complements the Azure DevOps suite of services and we recently shipped an update to our Octopus Deploy integration for Azure DevOps to make the integration even better.

Azure DevOps
Importing and deploying your first Octopus project

Setting up your first deployment can be challenging. There are new systems to learn and multiple configurations to get right. In this post, I guide you through your first deployment with Octopus Deploy.

Azure DevOps
Using the Deploy an Azure App Service step

Octopus Deploy provides process steps to deploy to Microsoft Azure. A new step, Deploy an Azure App Service, is available to deploy containers to an Azure App service.

GitHub Actions
Announcing GitHub Actions for Octopus Deploy

We've shipped our first official GitHub Actions for Octopus Deploy. These initial actions cover the core integration scenarios to connect your GitHub builds with your deploys and runbook runs in Octopus.

GitHub Actions
Publishing a package to Octopus with GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions when combined with the Octopus CLI, gives you a powerful onramp to repeatable, reliable deployments.

GitHub Actions
Deploying to Amazon EKS with GitHub Actions

In a DevOps process, a CI server, like Github Actions, builds a code repository and pushes the software artifact to a container registry, ready for deployment.

Azure DevOps
Azure DevOps Pipelines and Azure PaaS with Octopus Deploy

Accelerating your Azure DevOps Pipeline and Azure PaaS with Octopus Deploy

GitHub Actions
CI/CD With GitHub Actions And Octopus Deploy

GitHub Actions offers a highly flexible environment to integrate with source control, build application artifacts, and prepare packages for deployment using Octopus Deploy.

Complete your CI/CD pipeline

Octopus Deploy makes it easy to automate your deployments and operations runbooks from a single place, helping you ship code faster, improve reliability, and break down dev & ops silos.

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Enhance your deployments with rich DevOps features

Runbook automation

Runbook automation in Octopus sits side-by-side with your deployments and gives you control over your infrastructure and applications. Automate operations tasks like routine maintenance and emergency incident recovery.

Explore runbooks
Release management

Octopus Deploy makes release management easy, auditable, and compliant. Simplified release management gives you consistent release promotion across environments, manual approvals, and release notes.

Release management
API-first approach

API-first architecture so teams can for automate, and customize Octopus so suit their workflow.

Role-based security

Flexible role-based access control lets you manage who can deploy to production, change your deployment process, infrastructure and more.

Native multi-tenancy

Built-in multi-tenancy support lets you manage deployments to a single customer or a group without duplication.

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We get DevOps

Octopus Deploy began as a spare time project in 2010, based on our experiences with the difficulty of deploying software and delivering projects when consulting to enterprises and mid-sized companies. We get DevOps and we understand the problems preventing teams from shipping software successfully.

You get best practices

Access to 500+ automation step templates and easy integration with hundreds of key technologies including Azure, AWS, GCP and Kubernetes.

Your customers get success

Minimize downtime and deliver more features to your end-users with advanced deployment patterns like blue/green, canary and rolling deployments.

Creating happy deployments for 350,000+ people

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