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DORA metric #1: Deployment frequency

Performing well against the 4 DORA metrics1 improves productivity, profitability, and market share.

Deployment frequency

This first DORA metric - deployment frequency - measures how often you successfully release to production or end users.

The 2021 Accelerate State of DevOps survey found elite performers deploy code 973 times more frequently than low performers.

Software delivery performance metric Elite High Medium Low
Deployment frequency: For the primary application or service you work on, how often does your organization deploy code to production or release it to end users? On-demand (multiple deploys per day) Between once per week and once per month Between once per month and every 6 months Fewer than once per 6 months

The faster you test software changes and deploy them to production, the sooner you can deliver value to your customers, experiment, and act on valuable feedback.

Accelerate your deployment frequency

Octopus is a deployment automation solution that lets you deploy your software with speed and reliability at the click of a button.

Before Octopus

75% of customers surveyed deployed once per month or less

Only 10% completed a deployment in 15 minutes

Using Octopus

41% deploy more than once per day

75% deploy more than once per week

84% complete a deployment in 15 minutes


91% of teams report increased confidence that deployments will succeed

57% report getting faster feedback from customers

Octopus Deploy delivers

Save money

Save money with runbooks that let you provision and tear down cloud infrastructure on-demand.

Eliminate downtime

Deliver software releases with zero downtime and advanced deployment patterns.

Boost performance

Measure results and continuously improve with built-in reporting focused on the DORA metrics.

Save time

Increase productivity and replace manual processes with automation.

Increase value

Get fast feedback on your software for a quicker time to value.

Self-serve deployments

Empower anyone in your team to deploy software.


How Octopus helped IMO and Recruit Wizard deploy to production daily

Prior to Octopus, deployments to Production were infrequent, maybe once a quarter. Now they range from once a week to several times per day.

Octopus & Azure DevOps help Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO) provide up-to-date healthcare data for 98% of US hospitals and private practices.

IMO's solution involves over 600 Git repositories, 150 Azure DevOps team projects, and multi-tenant architecture deployed to multiple AWS regions.

Read the case study >

Using Octopus Cloud allows us to focus on our expertise: recruitment software, while Octopus looks after everything else.

Octopus & GitHub Actions help Recruit Wizard, specialists in software for recruitment agencies, orchestrate all their deployments, primarily to Kubernetes clusters and some legacy virtual machines.

Recruit Wizard’s setup includes GitHub for source control, GitHub Actions as their build server, and Octopus for deployments.

Read the case study >

1DORA metrics.


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