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Tenanted deployments

Tenanted deployments are a common strategy to deploy software to many production instances, targets, or customers.

Tenanted deployments are most useful for:


cube saas

Delivering Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, where each customer has their own resources.

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Deploying to physical locations like stores or data centers, whether separated by a few feet or hundreds of miles.

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Tenants in Octopus help you...

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Simplify deployment complexity

  • Manage configuration unique to each tenant
  • Manage all software instances in a single location
  • Deploy many instances of your application to the same environment
  • Deploy to shared or dedicated infrastructure per tenant
  • Easily connect a new project to existing tenants at scale


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Deploy reliably

  • Promote releases using safe, tenant-aware release pipelines
  • Create release rings to deploy to alpha and beta tenants
  • Limit access by scoping team roles to tenants
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Deploy faster

  • Build a single deployment process that scales easily as you add more tenants
  • Change the deployment process for a single tenant or group of tenants
  • Create new tenants on demand and use your existing process


About managing tenants

Tenanted deployment strategies are complex at scale. Customers and targets may have unique needs, like branding or security measures. These needs introduce risk and process duplication, and slow deployment rates.

Octopus's built-in Tenants feature solves these problems and more. Octopus helps keep your tenanted deployment processes manageable, fast, and reliable.

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UI Portal Project, Common and Staging Variables

Tenants in Octopus are the key to unlocking your tenanted deployment strategy for your applications

Manage tenant differences with variables

UI Portal Project, Common and Staging Variables

Octopus’s Variables feature lets you reuse deployment processes for some or all tenants and customize workflows to meet their unique needs. Save time, prevent process duplication, and lower the risk of human error.

Use variables at different levels to:

  • Deploy existing software to new tenants without process configuration changes
  • Define items needed when spinning up a new tenant
  • Prevent deployments with missing or incorrect values
  • Protect sensitive information
UI Portal Tenant Tags Overview

Use tenant tags to organize and customize your tenants

UI Portal Tenant Tags Overview

Tenant tags are a versatile and powerful way to simplify, organize, and scale tenanted deployments.

Tenants tags help you:

  • Logically group tenants by location, timezone, feature set, or customer
  • Add deployment steps that should run for a specific group of tenants based on purchased features or location
  • Create release rings for alpha, beta, and stable customers
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Support for all hosting scenarios and deployment strategies with one tool

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Octopus lets you deploy to all your customers regardless of their hosting environments. Deliver software to any deployment target or combination of targets, including:

  • Dedicated or shared cloud hosting
  • Cloud platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, plus their government clouds like AWS GovCloud and Azure Government cloud
  • Servers or computers at physical locations, like retail stores, hotels, hospitals, and more
  • Data centers, server farms, and self-hosted infrastructure
  • Hybrid setups

Manage tenanted and non-tenanted deployments in one tool, and simplify your overview of all your deployments.

UI Portal deployments list overview locations

Know what's deployed where in real-time

UI Portal deployments list overview locations

Know where your releases are, regardless of your tenanted deployment structure or strategy. See key information about your tenants at a glance, like:

  • Tenants with active deployments
  • Tenants that need upgrades
  • The status of releases in testing environments

If you need more information about your tenanted deployments, you can dig deeper for more detail.

Our customers

We simplify complex deployments to thousands of tenants for...

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Using tenants lets our team much more easily target our deployments. Using variables and tenant tags gives us the flexibility to configure those deployments in a way that works for us, and also gives us a great overview of our deployments at a glance.

Toshio Kenyon

Engineering Manager, Diligent

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Multi-tenancy use cases

Multi-tenancy is when you deliver software to many production instances, targets, or customers. Most organizations serve multi-tenancy software with a tenanted deployment strategy.

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