Consistent deployments across all of your teams

Data Center enables all of your teams to have a consistent continuous delivery & DevOps story, at scale and with predictable performance.

Data Center is designed to be used by many teams up to large enterprises, and is used by the likes of ASOS, Accenture, NASA and Microsoft. It provides all the high availability, performance, features and support you'll need to standardize your teams on Octopus Deploy.

Data Center customers can also work closely with our dedicated Technical Account Managers, who are experts at helping customers with large Octopus Deploy installations to achieve their goals.

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Data Center

Mission-critical deployments for teams at scale.

$7,200 / Year

For up to 100 deployment targets.
Choose number of targets below.
Unlimited users.


Uninterrupted deployments

Standard Octopus server installations run on a single central server node. When that node fails, or needs to go offline for Windows Updates, the Octopus service is unavailable. This blocks teams from being able to deploy, or rollback a bad deployment.

With Data Center, Octopus instances can be load balanced and run across an active/active cluster of nodes. Alongside a clustered SQL Server database, this configuration allows you to keep the Octopus service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Highly available nodes can be easily setup with Octopus

Continuous delivery at scale

Having a consistent continuous delivery and DevOps story across your enterprise just makes sense. It makes it easy for people to change between teams, allows for greater knowledge sharing, allows you to balance the benefits of team autonomy and "self-service" with managing the risks around security and access to production.

With Octopus Data Center, all teams can use a single, highly available Octopus instance, or you can give each team their own private, isolated Octopus instance. Permissions can be managed centrally, or delegated to team leads.

Octopus works at scale across your enterprise

Near-linear scalability

Web and API requests are load balanced between Octopus server nodes using any standard software or hardware load balancer.

When a deployment is executed, it is taken by a single Octopus server node from start to finish. As more deployments are queued, each Octopus node will take deployments from the queue. As long as the network and shared storage can keep up, the result is near-linear scalability in performance as nodes are added. Our performance testing found that a two-node Octopus cluster was able to execute 100 large deployments twice as quickly as a single-node cluster could.

An Octopus with multiple nodes can complete deployments faster

Give teams their own space

As more and more teams use Octopus, the number of projects and environments can appear overwhelming - especially if you prefer to give teams view-access to projects beyond their own.

Spaces make it easy for team members to focus on only the projects that matter to them, by grouping projects, environments and other settings into isolated spaces within Octopus. This keeps all the teams on a common platform while making it easier to concentrate on what matters to them.

Spaces allow you to split your Octopus server up

Source code included

Tweak Octopus to work for you. Data Center customers can request invitations to our private GitHub repository. You can fork the Octopus Deploy source code or use it to gain a deeper understanding of how it works, or just for peace of mind. And since it's a Git repository, it's easy to keep your changes in sync with ours.

Spaces allow you to split your Octopus server up
We have 350 applications and deploy to 2,700 web servers. We have 6 delivery centers across the globe that are using Octopus. We're a 24 hour shop 7 days a week. The availability of Octopus is very key to us. It needs to be up. — Jim Szubryt
Senior Manager at Accenture

You might be wondering...

What are the differences between self-hosted Standard and Data Center licenses?

Standard licenses run on a single Octopus Deploy server node. Data Center licenses can be used to set up multiple Octopus server nodes that share a database. Along with a load balancer, this enables you to keep Octopus highly available.

As a Data Center customer, you also benefit from a close relationship with a Technical Account Manager to ensure you're succeeding with Octopus, source code access, and from January 2019, Data Center also provides unlimited Spaces.

Can I trial Octopus Data Center?

Yes, just get in touch. We'll work with you to help you get the most from your Data Center trial and ensure it's the right fit.

Is this a perpetual license, or a subscription?

Data Center is a perpetual license with a yearly fee. It's perpetual because renewing each year is optional, and you can keep using whichever version of the software was "current" when your maintenance elapses. Renewing the maintenance is highly recommended though; it ensures you have the latest bug fixes, feature and usability enhancements, performance improvements and security patches.

What if I outgrow my edition and need to upgrade?

It's easy to switch between Octopus editions and tiers. When you upgrade, we'll refund your old license pro-rata. You can use our upgrade and renew form, or contact us for a quote.

What is counted as a “deployment target”?

Data Center is priced according to the number of deployment targets you'll be deploying to.

Most of the time, deployment targets are the virtual machines you'll be using Octopus to deploy to - the web and application servers that run our Tentacle deployment agent.

Deployment targets also include resources like Azure Websites, Kubernetes clusters, Offline Package Drops, and any other resources that are managed from the Infrastructure tab within Octopus.

I have a purchase order, or need a quote

You can create a quote or submit a purchase order by choosing the Quote or Purchase Order options during checkout. You can also optionally forward a copy of your purchase order to our sales team.

What payment methods do you support?

You can use VISA or Mastercard, PayPal, wire transfers or checks. American Express customers will need to use the PayPal option.

Can I buy through a reseller?

Yes, we're happy to work with any reseller. And if you need suggestions for a reseller near you, please get in touch.

Can I view the EULA?

Yes. Download our End User License Agreement.