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Release notes

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Changes in Octopus


  • Built-in NuGet feed
  • Guest account log-in support
  • Variable editor improvements
  • Auditing improvements

    Included changes

  • 629 - Support for guest account log-in

  • 621 - Maintain disabled status for users migrated from 1.6
  • 614 - Migrate the environment associated with 1.6 manual steps
  • 613 - Fixed binding of the "require packages" check-box when editing steps
  • 612 - Suppress error logs generated by disabled polling tentacles; log incoming IPs more prominently
  • 611 - Exclude machines without environments when migrating from 1.6
  • 597 - Escape command-line arguments properly from configuration wizards, fixing support for AD DOMAIN\user syntax for admin usernames
  • 586 - More robust PowerShell prerequisite detection
  • 583 - List common arguments in command-line help
  • 575 - Hide the change password function when AD authentication is enabled
  • 552 - Prevent restarts of the Tentacle process from blocking queued deployments
  • 549 - Provide a Tools UI for selecting non-default Server instances
  • 545 - UI for skipping already-installed packages with project-based setting to choose force/skip default
  • 530 - Fixed escaping of HTML characters when rendering variable values in the editor
  • 457 - Filtering and sorting in the variable editor
  • 423 - Block migration from 1.6 properly when invalid step names are present
  • 380 - Fixed layout of variable editor text input on scaled displays
  • 310 - Create projects by cloning existing projects
  • 275 - Pre-select the target environment properly when try again is used
  • 251 - Built-in NuGet feed
  • 109 - Improved execution plan accuracy for deployments without package acquisition
  • 71 - Show changes to documents in audit events

Changes in Octopus

Installation instructions are available on the documentation page. Upgrading from Octopus 1.6: - New license keys are required for Octopus 2.0; visit the license upgrade page to check eligibility for free upgrades or discounted upgrade pricing. - Octopus 2.0 is not an in-place update to 1.6; it is important to read the migration guide before installing Octopus 2.0 on a production Octopus 1.6 server. Upgrading from 2.0 Release Candidates - A license or trial key is now required for editions other than Community; see for editions and pricing. - After installing to a new Program Files path, or switching between the x86 and x64 installers, it may be necessary to reinstall the Windows service using the Octopus Manager application. - Users of Active Directory authentication and early RC builds may need to re-create the Octopus Server instance (using the Octopus Manager application) to establish the identity of the Administrator (see: #594). Since 2.0.12: - 602 - Removed license check at startup