Released: Monday, March 4, 2024

What's new in 2024.1

These are the most important features you'll get by upgrading.

Octopus 2024.1

The 2024.1 release of Octopus Deploy has updates to make your deployments simpler to manage and more secure and efficient.

This release’s noteworthy updates include:

  • More secure connectivity to AWS using OpenID Connect (OIDC)
  • Artifactory Generic Repositories now supported in Octopus
  • Faster feedback loops with inline execution containers
  • Improved performance with Octopus Server upgraded to .NET 8
  • Building on Resilient Tentacle Communications
  • Improved page layouts for easier navigation

The 2024 Q1 release is already available on Octopus Cloud and now ready for download by our self-hosted customers.

Breaking changes

Workers and Targets Running Windows Server 2003 and unpatched Windows Server 2008 Operating Systems will no longer be functional

Recent updates to our execution engine necessitate the minimal requirement of .NET 4.6.2 on Windows Targets and Workers. Due to the support capabilities of the .NET Framework, this requirement excludes Windows 2003 Servers, and Windows 2008 Servers that do not have the latest service patches installed.

Learn more about this change in the GitHub issue.

Release notes

Changes in Octopus Server 2024.1.12760

  • 8799 - Upgraded BouncyCastle.Cryptography dependency from 2.2.1 to 2.3.1

Changes in Octopus Server 2024.1.12733

  • 8774 - Synchronize step template parameter default values when updating a step template on projects that use the default value

Changes in Octopus Server 2024.1.12728

  • 8766 - Certificate variables from step templates in CaC projects not being picked up within the project step

Changes in Octopus Server 2024.1.12722

  • 8759 - Configuration of OIDC Issuer URL is not reflected in /.well-known/openid-configuration

Changes in Octopus Server 2024.1.12600

  • 8742 - The variable Octopus.Project.Slug containing the project slug is now available during deployments and runbook runs

Changes in Octopus Server 2024.1.12528

  • 8745 - OctopusDeploy linux docker container UID and GID restored to 999 value used by 2023.4 and earlier versions

Changes in Octopus Server 2024.1.12401

  • 8729 - Reduce load on database during health status checks and analytics collection

Changes in Octopus Server 2024.1.12394

  • 8730 - Fixed issue with old expired trial license being blocked by tenant limits

Changes in Octopus Server 2024.1.12210

  • 8702 - Improved API performance when requesting many spaces, channels, or action templates
  • 8585 - Updating usages of step templates that use a git dependency will now include any updates made to the git configuration. To synchronise any existing usages make a small change to the step template and then update it's usages

Changes in Octopus Server 2024.1.12087

  • 8696 - Fix issue where extra machines would appear in the Machine group on deployment steps

Changes in Octopus Server 2024.1.11966

  • 8672 - The Octopus Server docker container now uses the TASK_CAP environment variable to set the task cap for node

Changes in Octopus Server 2024.1.11885

  • 8658 - Fix Excel prompting for user credentials when updating our Excel reporting template to use your own Octopus instance
  • 8573 - Fixed an issue where file access to the same git resource in parallel would cause a deployment failure

Changes in Octopus Server 2024.1.11865

Breaking Changes
  • 8548 - Windows Server 2003 and un-patched Windows Server 2008 Targets no longer function and Windows Server 2012 and below now require NET462 to be installed.
  • 8146 - Deprecating Mono support for deployments on SSH Targets
Other Changes
  • 8651 - Fixed an issue where setting the OIDC Issuer URL was not updating the values in the .well-known/openid-configuration response
  • 8650 - AWS accounts with OIDC used on Terraform steps fails to login with error.
  • 8646 - Improve loading of required accounts, certificates and worker pools on project tenant variables
  • 8633 - Adjusted Project Tenant Variables missing values callout messaging
  • 8631 - The project tenant variable page now allows users to view project template details if they do not have the correct edit permissions
  • 8629 - Project Tenant Variable page, replacing the common template list view with the new common templates table view
  • 8618 - Fixed issue where Library git credentials could not be selected in step templates
  • 8624 - Added light theme to the script editor
  • 8627 - Add Helm V2 deprecation notifications
  • 8630 - Improved our Page Layouts UX
  • 8626 - On the Project Tenant Variable page, added missing value warnings to the common template tab and sidebar. Also added missing warning callout for common templates
  • 8625 - Filters configured for the project tenants variables page can now be shared
  • 8616 - The visual appearance of callouts has been uplifted
  • 8637 - Converted SigningKey document persistence from JSON store to relational model
  • 8622 - Common template values can now be viewed and filtered on a project's tenant variables
  • 6326 - Fixed pagination on Teams page
  • 8617 - Added brief explanation of project and common templates to Project Tenant Variables help sidebar
  • 8621 - Resolved an issue where deployment target health checks would not correctly use specified action containers
  • 8611 - Added count telemetry on build information, library variable sets, teams, user roles and step templates
  • 8614 - Set the current user as the commit author when updating step template usages in Config as Code projects
  • 8610 - Fixes memory leak in WebAuthCache that could lead to OutOfMemoryExceptions in certain circumstances
  • 8609 - On the Project Tenant Variable page, added missing value warnings to project template tab and sidebar. Also added missing warning callout
  • 6834 - Allow configuring what elliptic curve to use when generating a self signed certificate
  • 8634 - Converted UserOnboarding document persistence from JSON store to relational model
  • 8599 - Fixes a bug in which not all task logs would be returned when the same Server task was run both before and after the multi node task logs feature is enabled, for example as part of an auto deployment
  • 8601 - Variables scoped to a process are now considered when configuring a rolling deployments window size
  • 8607 - Add tenant tag filter to the Tenant Variables page
  • 8603 - Improved the memory usage when querying large Helm repositories
  • 8644 - Converted StepPackage document persistence from JSON store to relational model
  • 8645 - Converted Dynamic Environment document persistence from JSON store to relational model
  • 8602 - The debounce time on package name inputs is too short
  • 8604 - Introduce new Octopus.Project.Git.BasePath system variable
  • 8620 - On Project Tenant Variables page, always display project template name to provide clear ordering. Display label as subtle text and rolled up template help text into tooltip
  • 8619 - On the Project Tenant Variables page, removed error highlighting when clicking Reset to Default in the Update Variable modal
  • 8573 - Fixed an issue where file access to the same git resource in parallel would cause a deployment failure
  • 8328 - Fixed strike-through text on excluded targets in deployment creation
  • 8641 - Converted DeploymentHistory document persistence from JSON store to relational model
  • 8600 - Fixed an issue where the edit release overflow menu item would not redirect to the edit release page
  • 8595 - A new "Featured" category has been added to the step selection screen, promoting a few "Recommended" steps
  • 8596 - Add environment filter to Tenant Variables
  • 8592 - Fix error running lost-master-key command with Tenant Variables and Library Variable Sets
  • 8598 - Display installed community steps will now be visible in both the Library Step Templates and their original categories
  • 8597 - Fixed an issue where the runbook retry button redirecting to the run now page instead of the retry runbook run page
  • 8593 - Updated the label on the support menu item in the user menu dropdown to be "Octopus support" rather than "Your organization's internal support" when a custom support URL isn't configured
  • 8594 - Fix links to deployment process step sometimes failing to navigate to the correct step
  • 8643 - Converted ServiceAccountOidcIdentity document persistence from JSON store to relational model,
  • 8591 - Users can now opt-in to a new project tenant variables experience from the project templates or common templates pages
  • 8590 - Updated Octopus Server's builtin username/password and API key storage parameters to align with industry best-practices
  • 8586 - Fixed a routing issue with Runbook Tasks not being able to redirect to their task details screen
  • 8642 - Converted DeprecationUsage document persistence from JSON store to relational model
  • 8640 - Converted CacheKey document persistence from JSON store to relational model
  • 8517 - Improved detection of Network Errors when communicating with Tentacles, allowing Octopus Server to re-attempt communication
  • 8578 - Removes Polling Response Timeout in favour of depending on ordinary communication timeouts. Doing so allows for large packages to be sent between Octopus Server and Tentacle
  • 8575 - Fixed a bug where task running and waiting counts wouldn't load if filters were applied
  • 8576 - Fixed an issue where SupplementalGroups and RunAsUserId were not populated in the Edit Yaml section for the "Deploy a Kubernetes container" step
  • 8574 - Fixed a bug where "Google cloud account" couldn't be selected when creating or editing template variables
  • 8577 - Make it clear that the Kubernetes target Namespace property is optional
  • 8572 - Record events related to editing Event Retention configuration as correct the user
  • 8570 - Fixes a bug in which Octopus may not have waited long enough for scripts run on tentacle to be cleaned up, resulting in a misleading message that the cleanup failed when it may succeed.
  • 8569 - Fix re-running step templates not using settings from the previous run
  • 8568 - Fix filtering events by project group not including all relevant events
  • 8567 - Updated the packaging process for git sourced resources to no longer use a version type that will attempt to parse the git commit hash into major/minor/patch versions
  • 8557 - Add support for Wildcards in OIDC subjects
  • 8556 - Creating the Json serializers used for communications to Tentacles can consume lots of resources when deploying to many tentacles.
  • 8554 - Block the creation of any new Azure Cloud resources in Octopus as part of the deprecation of Azure Cloud Services
  • 8553 - Fixed missing AWS OIDC account named variables
  • 8552 - Fixed a bug where the insights report filter was not preserved when navigating to the overview report page
  • 8551 - Fixes a regression where steps relying on an EC2 instance role would cause deployments to fail
  • 8535 - Cancelling a deployment queued to a Polling Tentacle that has recently disconnected does not stop RPC retries
  • 8541 - Fixed an issue where projects could not be connected to a tenant when the user had correctly scoped permissions
  • 8546 - Fix downloading certificate in Original format
  • 8444 - Tentacle health checks keep a transaction open for every machine for the duration of the check
  • 8530 - Fixed a bug where selecting username password account in the variable editor throws an exception
  • 8539 - Support revoking JWT Auth Tokens through the existing user session revocation functionality
  • 8538 - Tasks running on Windows 2008 machines will start logging warnings for upcoming dropping of support
  • 8472 - Display all user roles when editing team
  • 8555 - Add a warning message about the upcoming deprecation of F# scripting
  • 8534 - The Help Sidebar has been updated to include embedded videos, refreshed content and relevant links
  • 8365 - Fixed a visual bug where the missing variables icon would not be removed from the sidebar when updating a tenant's variables
  • 8536 - Fixed a regression where exporting multiple projects under a same project group fails
  • 8514 - The audit archive screen now displays nicely when there are no audit archives
  • 8157 - Fixed an issue where the 'Deploy an AWS CloudFormation template' Step Template Does Not Apply Tags when using Change Sets
  • 8528 - Links to documents in the Audit log showing a "Resource is not found" error
  • 8515 - Reduced the length of a Tentacle workspace directory name from ~55 characters to ~22 characters
  • 8496 - Co-operatively cancel Requests to Tentacle
  • 8524 - Updated the bundled Tentacle version to fix an issue where restarting a Windows Listening Tentacle may not free up the listening port. Impacts Tentacle version 8.0.0 to 8.1.61. A Tentacle upgrade is required to get this fix
  • 8513 - Minor visual and textual improvements of Kubernetes step expanders
  • 8494 - Fixed a regression where a power user weren't able to change other user's passwords via the UI
  • 8506 - Fixed alignment of bind icon in some account select inputs
  • 8433 - Fixed an issue with package references not saving when using CAC on Step Package Framework steps, currently this only impacts the bicep step
  • 8508 - Fixed a bug preventing the deployment of releases created before a config-as-code conversion
  • 8495 - Enable TCP Keepalives between Octopus Server and Tentacle
  • 8503 - Update Octopus Server to .NET 8
  • 8438 - The Help Sidebar has been overhauled. It now has adjustable width, embedded YouTube videos and a simplified layout, among other smaller improvements
  • 8502 - Fixed a bug where the page would permanently load when viewing a deployment process without FeedView
  • 8492 - Add numbered pagination to the tenanted project overview dashboard and reduce amount of data being loaded
  • 8485 - Fix server tasks sometimes failing to initialize
  • 8499 - Fixed embedded video files not playing on some browsers
  • 8497 - Update the version of NodeJS bundled with Octopus used for steps
  • 8507 - Improved performance in publication of internal messages
  • 8488 - Fix some project links broken on narrow screen widths
  • 8478 - Add support for parsing version numbers for packages that include a leading v character
  • 8484 - Slightly adjusted how the dashboard data is loaded
  • 8487 - Improved our Page Layouts UX
  • 8483 - Targets and Workers running Windows Server 2012 R2 or earlier will generate warnings in health checks if not running .NET 462 or later
  • 8480 - Improvements made to user sessions to allow for better management these changes. With the roll out of these changes, it will unfortunately cause existing user sessions to be invalidated and users will be forced to log back in
  • 8477 - Tasks UI - Re-add "All" view as the default view for Tasks
  • 8469 - Fixed a broken link from the Audit screen to a Scoped User Role
  • 7996 - Fix incorrect task duration when using manual intervention steps
  • 7468 - Deployment task page shows incorrect "ran for" time for process with Manual Intervention step
  • 8475 - Fix publish button UI for runbook snapshots
  • 8476 - The upload to S3 step now only allows package selection from compatible feeds
  • 8473 - Fixed an error when interacting with a version controlled deployment process with a system level team as the responsible team on a Manual intervention step
  • 8461 - Update all Tasks pages to show Running/Waiting/Completed tabs
  • 8466 - Added a performance feedback survey to the navigation bar
  • 8455 - Fixed an issue where the project versioning strategy could be put in an invalid state
  • 8458 - Running and waiting task counts should now display the correct number of tasks when filters are applied
  • 8457 - Allow user to cancel server task from the Tasks list
  • 8464 - Fixed Add/Modify ProjectGroup returning 500 when it should return 409
  • 8459 - Fixed issue with the Deploy Raw Kubernetes Yaml step where you couldn’t save when sourcing yaml from a Git Repository
  • 8448 - Waiting tasks are now displayed in the expected execution order on the Tasks page. Each queued task displays its respective placement in the queue
  • 8450 - Make server task prioritization part of the public API
  • 8441 - Add container options to k8s targets
  • 8452 - Fixed a bug on the Tasks page which caused paging to not work
  • 8453 - Deployment Target and Worker lists now display the target type
  • 8446 - Add support for sub paths on an OCI registry feed URI
  • 8635 - Converted ProjectGroup document persistence from JSON store to relational model
  • 8445 - "Move to Top" option is missing for queued server tasks
  • 8329 - Added support for Inline Execution Containers
  • 8402 - Added tooltips to accommodate for long project names in the project-switcher
  • 8436 - Separate the table on the Tasks page into three tabs - Running, Waiting and Completed

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