Released: Wednesday, November 24, 2021

What's new in 2021.3

These are the most important features you'll get by upgrading.

Octopus 2021.3


Built-in support for Amazon's Elastic Container Service (ECS) will make your ECS deployments easier. Our opinionated UI step guides you through the setup and builds the CloudFormation template, so you don't have to write configuration files or custom scripts.

This release includes some other noteworthy updates:

  • We delivered a new TypeScript API client for Octopus Deploy.
  • The Config as Code early access preview (EAP) is available to all customers.
  • Try our new Visual Studio Code extension that supports the Octopus Configuration Language (OCL) for Config as Code.
  • The Terraform Provider for Octopus Deploy supports script modules, tenant variables, and Worker Pools.
  • We improved our Go API client and TeamCity plugin for Octopus Deploy.
  • Octopus Cloud supports Azure AD, Google, and Okta as authentication providers, alongside Octopus ID.

Breaking changes

This release includes 3 breaking changes.

New default behavior for GET machines/{id}/tasks

We added runbook run activity to the deployment target screen. In support of this change, GET machines/{id}/tasks now returns both deployments and runbook runs. You can specify a type parameter to filter the results: Deployment or RunbookRun.

Learn more about this change in the GitHub issue.

Recommended version of Mono to run Calamari

Calamari can execute on the Mono framework. We recommend 5.14.0 as the minimum version of Mono for running Calamari.

Learn more about this change in our SSH target requirements documentation.

Recommended version of the Octopus .NET API client

We recommend 11.3.3453 as the minimum version of the Octopus .NET API client for interacting with Octopus Server 2021.3.

Customers who use the Octopus .NET API client to work with teams, roles, and permissions must use version 11.3.3453 of the client (or newer) to ensure compatibility with Octopus Server 2021.3.7491 and newer.

Learn more about this change in the GitHub issue.

Release notes

Changes in Octopus 2021.3.8275

  • 7109 - Fixed JSON serialisation issues in OCL when enabling Config as Code
  • 7152 - Can't add/edit Azure account variables
  • 7153 - Repackaged node-bootstrapper tool manually to work properly with our .tgz archiving pipeline
  • 7140 - Fixes a issue in which the Task History was not updated because QueueTime was set to the minimum value
  • 2998 - Improved the performance of the release page when the project has a large number of package steps
  • 7191 - Could not view old releases
  • 7139 - Fixed a performance issue where querying a large number of ServerTasks was taking a long time
  • 7190 - Octopus .NET API client not working with Server
  • 7137 - Migrating api/smtpconfiguration from Nancy to MVC
  • 7131 - Migrating api/accounts from Nancy to MVC
  • 7132 - Database collations errors now indicate what failed the collation test
  • 7186 - Modify VCS space used logic to account for file being removed while its getting calculated
  • 7126 - Long package names are now correctly handled by build information
  • 6580 - Version correctly recorded for Linux targets during health check
  • 7117 - On Windows, Tentacle.exe no longer requires admin rights for most CLI commands
  • 6965 - Improved detection of a NuGet V3 feed and handling of NuGet V3 feeds that don't fully implement the NuGet V3 specification
  • 7052 - Resolve an issue where there could be deadlocks and duplicate events when adding or deleting machines
  • 7116 - Removed log noise from logging some expected exceptions as errors
  • 7105 - Fixing an issue where viewing a release referencing packages created in other releases shows errors while loading release notes
  • 7108 - Fix SQL Server error The server failed to resume the transaction
  • 7096 - Migrating api/machineroles/all from Nancy to MVC
  • 36 - JIRA Integration Octopus URL Virtual Directory Binding
  • 35 - Jira integration authentication TEST button returns a 404 through reverse proxy.
  • 7097 - Migrating api/machineroles/all from Nancy to MVC
  • 7098 - Fix for server tasks being created with QueueTime of DateTimeOffset.MinValue
  • 7099 - Reduce blob column sizes and make index unique
  • 7103 - Add simple performance test for creating releases and deployments, logged to TeamCity build statistics
  • 7079 - Migrated unknown variable types to a known type
  • 7080 - Removed a visible semicolon when adding a deployment target
  • 7101 - DynamicExtensionsScripts Configuration was changed
  • 7045 - Fixed an issue where portal would use incorrect styles immediately after upgrading
  • 7102 - Add stop-loss convention test for MVC controller parameters
  • 7070 - Octopus Server running on linux can now connect to named SQL Server instances
  • 7068 - Reduced the size of the docker image by restructuring the docker container layers
  • 7100 - Revert "Tune GC settings to be more friendly to shared hosting" for performance
  • 7104 - Cherry-pick performance changes to entity tracker
  • 7024 - Fixed an issue where the process editor loses all state when resizing the browser window
  • 6904 - You can now push Build Information to Maven packages with : in their name
  • 7057 - Fixed Permissions Check to allow Audit Events to be written down during background tasks
  • 7063 - Improved performance of auto-deploy logs
  • 6987 - Enable anonymous bind support in LDAP authentication provider
  • 7059 - Kubernetes Job resources do not include images
  • 7008 - Add Google Cloud support to New-OctopusKubernetesTarget cmdlet
  • 7015 - Fixed a permissions issue when attempting to delete deployment targets
  • 7073 - Reversal of behavioral change introduced in 2021.2.5105 - Lifecycles on Releases are now sourced from the Channel again
  • 6806 - Removing check for Azure Service Management API usage as it is no longer needed and displays an incorrect warning when Legacy Mode is enabled for Azure Web App deployment
  • 7027 - Project trigger validation message is cryptic
  • 7037 - Space deletions task no longer fails
  • 7029 - Improve error message resulting from attempting to register an Account without setting resource permissions
  • 56 - Fixed issue retrieving Jira issues that have comments
  • 6903 - New installs of Octopus will now include FeedView and ActionTemplateView for Project Viewers, and ActionTemplateView and VariableView on Runbook Consumers to allow these roles to view action template steps. An error will be displayed instead of an infinite loading bar on viewing an action template step without enough permissions
  • 7019 - Download custom version menu item should go to the Tentacle download page
  • 7033 - Kubernetes YAML view does not remove unrecognised elements when saving and opening again
  • 7007 - Fix Swagger documentation for DELETE apikeys
  • 7023 - Kubernetes deployments on a Linux worker always wait for the deployment
  • 7000 - Validate the JSON entered into the Azure Web Service step
  • 6997 - Add support for structured variable replacements in S3 uploads
  • 6993 - Allow CloudFormation templates to be deployed via S3
  • 6998 - Export Terraform plan output in JSON
  • 7200 - Improved display of sensitive-bound Tenant variables
  • 6938 - Existing certificates which point to a non-existent replacement certificate will no longer have an invalid reference. References to replacement certificates will be cleaned if the replacement certificate is deleted
  • 6984 - Fixed issue where enabling legacy mode in Azure steps disabled role selection
  • 6923 - AWS steps now support IMDSv2
  • 6982 - Breaking change Added runbook run activity to the deployment target screen. GET machines/{id}/tasks now returns both deployments and runbook runs, and can be filtered by specifying a type parameter
  • 6978 - Deploy Kubernetes Containers step custom resource with Windows line endings fails to deploy
  • 6945 - Fetch Lifecycle usage data when accessing page directly
  • 6975 - Fixes ordering of Kubernetes environment variables to allow substitution of Downstream APIs
  • 6944 - Remove role input from variable preview, instead retrieve role scope based on the deployment target selected
  • 7192 - Fixed visibility of Tenant Variables on Variable Preview for Tenant Scoped Users
  • 6973 - Helm, Terraform, ARM Template, and CloudFormation steps referencing Docker images
  • 6960 - Release retention now keeps the appropriate dashboard items in discrete channel mode
  • 6970 - Validate variable types and correctly deserialize types to allow case-insensitive input
  • 6966 - Terraform step will not parse template with "{{
  • 6950 - Dashboard once again displays most recent releases per environment when there are multiple channels
  • 6486 - Ensure correct status is shown on Deploy Child Project steps with manual intervention

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