Released: Sunday, August 21, 2022

What's new in 2022.2

These are the most important features you'll get by upgrading.

Octopus 2022.2

Moving to cloud-native isn’t about randomly lifting and shifting every component or rewriting every application. It's about combining the right technologies and tools and making strategic choices about where to modernize and where to maintain.

Whether you're deploying to AWS, Azure, GCP, or your own data center - wherever you are on your cloud journey - Octopus Deploy is the only deployment tool you'll ever need.

We’re improving our cloud-native support with new features to help you containerize and modernize your CI/CD pipeline. We improved support to deploy containerized applications to Amazon ECS and Kubernetes, added the cloud target discovery feature, and made serverless improvements for AWS.

The 2022 Q2 release is available on Octopus Cloud and ready for download by our self-hosted customers.

This release also includes other noteworthy updates:

  • ServiceNow Change Management without the friction (early access preview)
  • Config as Code usability improvements to release creation and step templates
  • Faster Octopus Cloud deployments with better Dynamic Worker caching
  • Customer-driven updates:
    • Easy customization of Project and Space icons
    • Improved security administration with adjustable session timeouts and invalidation
    • Support for OAuth 2.1 Authorization Code flow with PKCE
    • Tenant variable versioning without errors

Release notes

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.2.8552

  • 7790 - Fix upgrade path from v2021.3.12912 and onwards to newer major versions

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.2.8496

  • 7844 - Fixed issue with Jira integration incorrectly assuming dates might be Jira work items

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.2.8490

  • 7853 - Octopus just keeps getting better and better!
  • 7838 - Improved the load time of the Create Deployment screen
  • 7744 - Stale package locks are now appropriately released
  • 7604 - In addition to SemVer, package retention now also supports other version formats

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.2.8460

  • 7826 - Improved the performance of the project summaries API endpoint

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.2.8377

  • 7790 - Fix upgrade path from v2021.3.12912 and onwards to newer major versions

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.2.8351

  • 7778 - Fixed concurrent cache access
  • 7604 - In addition to SemVer, package retention now also supports other version formats

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.2.8277

  • 7772 - Fixed a problem where the Deploy Kubernetes Containers step may incorrectly report a successful deployment even though the a ConfigMap or Secret failed to be provisioned

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.2.8147

  • 7557 - Fix cancelling long-running script tasks on Linux Tentacles/Workers

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.2.8136

Breaking Changes
  • 7755 - Fixes an issue with the "Create Release" page for projects that rely on an image from a DockerHub (<>) feed
Other Changes
  • 7740 - Project triggers no longer generate modified audit events without user input

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.2.8127

  • 7728 - Fixed an issue where tenant certificates were not being exported

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.2.8124

  • 7740 - Project triggers no longer generate modified audit events without user input

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.2.8070

  • 7737 - Adding a deployment target will once again ensure that linked environments, machine policies, and tenants exist in the system when using the API
  • 7743 - Ensure rolling deployments happen in correct order based on targets

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.2.8011

  • 7705 - Connections to machines without a proxy are closed when the machine is deleted

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.2.7965

  • 7721 - Fix Entity Not Found error on Project pages for Projects with unicode character names
  • 7545 - Fixed issue with Unicode in project names

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.2.7934

  • 7723 - Make automatic release creation more performant for instances with a large number of projects

Changes in Octopus Server 2022.2.7897

Breaking Changes
  • 7375 - Empty versions in Octostache syntax now throw an error instead of returning a default value
Other Changes
  • 7702 - Offline package drops not longer attempt to release package locks - they don't take package locks
  • 7571 - Improve EventRelatedDocument population
  • 7681 - Fixed an issue where a Nevermore error would be shown if logging in with OAuth took longer than 30 seconds
  • 7636 - Improved performance of searching packages from external Maven feeds
  • 7663 - Fixed an issue where Health Checks for Azure App Service targets failed for clouds other than Azure Public (eg Azure Government)
  • 7652 - Address a performance issue when using step templates in a version controlled deployment process
  • 7642 - Fix slow memory leak in Octopus Server
  • 7603 - Fixed an issue where Run a Kubernetes Script step would fail if the cluster was not available
  • 7624 - Scheduled Tasks Logs are intermittently missing from the UI but appear in the shared .\TaskLogs folder
  • 7611 - Change how we scan for task logs so we don't enumerate the whole task logs folder which caused performance issues for instances with a large amount of task logs
  • 7620 - Fix external feed lookup error when using a step template that uses an external feed many times in Git deployment process
  • 7610 - Fix issue where Git projects with step templates are permanently broken after changes are made to referenced data
  • 7598 - SSH workers will no longer deadlock on parent/child deployments
  • 6664 - Workers now perform retention on their package cache
  • 7585 - Fix NullReferenceException being thrown when creating or viewing releases with a version mask
  • 7582 - Fix Unknown Ref Type error showing in the UI after creating a Runbook on a Git project
  • 7579 - Fix issue where action template view permission was incorrectly required when creating releases for processes that used old versions of action templates
  • 7560 - Fix issue where action template view permission was incorrectly required when creating releases
  • 6774 - Semantic version masks are now correctly evaluated from automatic release creation
  • 7538 - Fixed an issue where creating AD users would always result in a timeout if searching for groups took a long time
  • 7548 - Fixed an issue where orphaned task logs would fail to clean up if a null value exists in OctopusServerInstallationHistory
  • 7600 - Support loading resources and creating releases from commits and tags on Git Projects
  • 7415 - Fixed an issue where collecting machinesbyarchitecture would log a null reference exception
  • 7536 - Fixed an issue where some step templates would incorrectly populate version controlled deployment processes
  • 7456 - Fixed an issue where using the Deploy an Azure App Service step to deploy to a FunctionApp running on a Linux-based AppServicePlan would fail with a Bad Request error
  • 7095 - Fixed an issue where using the Deploy to an Azure App Service step to deploy to multiple App Service targets in parallel would fail due to a file lock
  • 7531 - Fixed inconsistent padding in tenant tag set onboarding page
  • 7076 - "Missing Permission" UI and log warnings for CertificateView and AccountView when viewing Project Variables and Library Variable Sets
  • 7532 - Fixed an issue where task logs with duplicate ids couldn't be cleaned up
  • 7535 - Improve the clarity of the update step template button in version controlled projects
  • 7141 - Octopus now supports OAuth code flow with PKCE when a client secret is specified
  • 7530 - Fixed a bug where the user registration page was unusable because it would always show an error
  • 5831 - Make UI more friendly when editing tenant environments that are no longer in the lifecycles
  • 7035 - Add validation error on deployment settings page - when release versioning from an included package is selected with no package selected
  • 7526 - Active Directory group search is now more resilient to transient errors
  • 7523 - Fixed an issue where packages would be missed when searching in the built-in feed
  • 6249 - Route task links in portal task logs to correct space
  • 7497 - Show detailed Timezone text in portal summary
  • 7516 - Enforce ProjectEdit permissions when editing Git Projects
  • 7446 - Added a note about automatic environments being redundant when a lifecycle phase is set to optional
  • 7490 - Removed related document id check from system integrity check
  • 7419 - LDAP being counted as "non-octopus" authenticator
  • 7482 - Include additional behavioural telemetry for self-hosted instances when opted in
  • 7443 - Fixed an issue where deleting a runbook would result in an error Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  • 7174 - Improve script lock tracking and prevent "task not found" error messages
  • 6526 - Fixed an issue where tenants could not be deleted if a project mapping was removed beforehand
  • 94 - Internal server error (500) when Jira access token is revoked
  • 7469 - Fix code editor full screen behaviour in script console to properly show exit button and scrollbars
  • 7318 - Fixes failing integrity checks related to invalid scoped user role data
  • 7157 - Release page now shows correct start time for deployments
  • 7417 - Octopus Server on Linux will no longer attempt to run HTTP.sys
  • 7444 - Fixed issue with cloud target discovery failing when a manual intervention or email step is in the deployment process
  • 7442 - Fix variable preview page showing 'Variables are not supported in Git' error for Git projects
  • 7364 - Deploy an Azure Resource Manager Template variable Bind for the Account Resource Group doesn't work
  • 7349 - Lock related logs no longer showing in task log
  • 7425 - Fixed an issue where deployment changes were aggregating commits across all releases, but weren't including the commits per release
  • 7036 - Package version now displays correctly on the release details page
  • 7388 - Include process-scoped variables in variable preview
  • 7403 - Removed querying the database for the active transaction count. This fixes an issue where errors would appear in the system log every 30 seconds
  • 7422 - Fixed styling regression for our Code editor component in dark mode
  • 7254 - Parent block in task log marked as done when child is still executing
  • 7306 - Active user sessions can now be revoked
  • 7308 - Session invalidation UI for users
  • 7416 - Fixed an issue where UI styles were undefined causing some screens to misbehave and error
  • 7229 - Lifecycle auto-promotions now occur immediately after the previous deployment is successful, rather than on a schedule
  • 6746 - Tenant Variables are not Versioned
  • 7372 - Fixed an issue where projects could not be converted to version controlled if they relied on an action template referencing a non-existent package
  • 7384 - Disallow JSONP on API endpoints
  • 7377 - Harden-InstallationDirectory.ps1 is now signed
  • 7367 - should never rely on version-controlled processes having relics in the DB. this fix makes sure we get the correct usages from the correct storage

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