From small teams to an enterprise standard, Octopus scales with you.

Octopus Tentacle


For teams that want to run a single central Octopus Deploy server.

$300 / year
Octopus Tentacle

Data Center

Mission-critical, scalable enterprise application deployments.

$10,000 / year

Already using Octopus and want to upgrade your license?

Deployments to date
Octopus server users
Machines running Tentacle
Microsoft NASA Cisco Domain HP Symantec 3M Philips

Octopus Deploy is a software product which is freely available for download. To install it, you'll need a license key. You can get a license key by starting a free trial. At the end of the trial, you can purchase a commercial license key using the options above.

License keys are delivered electronically, via email. After you pay your invoice, you'll receive an email containing your invoice, and another email with your license key. You can then paste this license key into your Octopus Deploy server to unlock the features.

Machines, also known as Deployment Targets, cover any physical or virtual servers that you plan to deploy your applications to. They are managed from the infrastructure tab within the Octopus Deploy user interface. This includes active listening Tentacles, polling Tentacles, SSH Connections, Offline Package Drop and Azure PaaS targets (Azure Web Apps, Azure Cloud Services and Azure Service Fabric Clusters).

This is a perpetual license, with an annual support & upgrades fee. Your license key allows you to use any release of Octopus that was available when you purchased the key, as well as any future releases (major releases, bug fixes, enhancements, new features, etc.) for 12 months from the date of purchase. After that 12 months, you can continue to use the version you have forever, or you can choose to renew your license key for another 12 months to continue getting updates. By renewing annually, you help us to continue to innovate and add new features to the product.

It's easy to switch between Octopus editions and tiers. You can use our upgrade and renew form to simply pay the difference between the old and the new edition.

For Standard editions, you can use the same license key on up to three separate Octopus Deploy server instances (separate databases). This means you can use one for pre-production, one in an isolated production data center, and another for testing at no extra cost. If you need more than three, you'll need to switch to Data Center licensing, which has no limits.

We're happy to grant free Standard self-hosted (i.e. non-Octopus Cloud) licenses for you to use at home (i.e., not for work purposes) or in open source projects. Just send a summary of how you intend to use Octopus to our sales team.

You can create a quote or submit a purchase order by choosing the Quote or Purchase Order options during checkout. You can also optionally forward a copy of your purchase order to our sales team.

Octopus operates on NET-0 payment terms. We ask that the order be paid in full before the license key is issued. This means that if you are paying by check or bank/wire transfer, it may take a few days to up to a week or more for the payment to arrive and be processed by us before your license key can be issued. If you need your license key in a hurry, you should use the credit card or PayPal payment options. Or, contact us for an extended trial.

Yes, we're happy to work with any reseller. Please contact us for a reseller near you.

Yes. Download our End User License Agreement.

All orders are covered by our 30-days, no-questions-asked money back policy. If you aren't happy with the software, email us and we'll refund the order. We don't want your money if you aren't completely satisfied with our product.

We're here to help, just email us at