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Roadmap published

When I was first building Octopus in my spare time, I used Trello to manage all the work items. I could keep most of the small issues in my head, so Trello was mainly used for the bigger issues. It made for a good way for everyone to see what I planned to work on - a nice public roadmap.

When things started getting serious, Trello wasn't scaling, so we switched to GitHub. GitHub tracks the issues we're working on in the near future, but we no longer had a nice way to view the really big features coming in the next few months. Talking to some people at the ALM Forum last week, it was clear that people missed being able to see our public roadmap. I missed it too.

So, without further ado, I present to you: the public roadmap for Octopus Deploy (for the next 5 months). If there's a feature there that you really want, make sure you vote for it on UserVoice!