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What are your deployment automation roadblocks?

We're going to try something new this month and may turn it into a regular thing.

Have you been wanting to automate your deployments, or begin a delivery towards DevOps or Continuous Delivery Nirvana but just can't seem to make it work?

Have you downloaded a trial of Octopus Deploy, or are investigating it but are having problems getting it established in your organization?

We'd like to know what your roadblocks are and we'd like to help you solve them.

It might be application design, configuration, how to get a good build pipeline going, or maybe it's a problem of convincing people to automate your deployments.

Sign up for our webinar and let us know what issues you're having.

Then in the webinar we'll try to address the common ones plus have some Q&A and an interactive segment.

We talk to a lot of people in their Octopus Deploy journey and I'm pretty sure we have lots of advice and wisdom we can pass on.

So if this sounds like something that will help you, go sign up for the next webinar and let us help you.

A quick note on the time, it's hard to get everybody in the world. If you'd really like to be involved but can't make that time, please sign up anyway and add your questions (and maybe make a note of where you are in the world). We'll do what we can to address your question and make a recording available to you.

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