Rocket in front of a an apen laptop with a Christmas scene on screen including a Christmas tree, presents, and a Scrooge-like Octopus.

An Octopus Christmas Carol

Andy Corrigan

The end of 2022 is fast approaching. As most of the Octopus team prepares for a break (don’t worry, we’re still available to help if you need), we wanted to take a breath and reflect.

So, 'come in, come in, and know us better' as we take a trip with the ghosts of deployments past, present, and yet to come.

We guarantee they’re a lot nicer than those who visited Scrooge.

Deployments past

Before we look at Octopus in 2022, let's take a moment to see where we left off in 2021.

2021 was a huge year for Octopus, with many milestones. We:

  • Grew our team from 77 to 179 people
  • Announced an investment from Insight Partners
  • Saw our revenue grow by 60%
  • Passed our first finance audit
  • Launched new features in early access preview, like Config as Code and Amazon ECS support
  • Opened our new office in South Bank, Brisbane. Just look at it!

Deployments present

2022 has also been a phenomenal year for Octopus. Let’s explore some noteworthy highlights.

How we improved Octopus

In 2022, we launched a heap of new features to save you time and effort with your deployments. Plus, we created more integrations for the services you use.

Free tools to help you

We developed easy-to-use tools that help you build deployment pipelines.

Our homepage has a new look

Though we're still making tweaks and there's more to come, we updated

Not only does it look great (if we say so ourselves), it better explains the problems Octopus Deploy solves and how it helps you deliver software faster.

We announced our first acquisition

Announced in February, we acquired Dist - a cloud container and artifact repository service.

The acquisition helps us make Octopus's cloud functionality and support even better.

Octopus is more secure than ever thanks to our ISO 27001 certification

Octopus has always taken security seriously, but we understand our customers can't just take our word for it. Our Trust team's goal for 2022 was to get ISO 27001 certification, the best-known standard in managing information security.

To do this, our team:

  • Set many new security audit and review functions
  • Refreshed our security policies and training
  • Made sure our documentation matched our actions at every step of the development lifecycle

The hard work paid off late in 2022, as we successfully passed our audits and received our official ISO 27001 certification. We hope this certification gives you peace of mind.

The certificate will be on our website to download soon, but our journey doesn't end there. We aim to add to our security qualifications in 2023, so stay tuned for new developments.

We launched the DevOps engineer's handbook

DevOps can be confusing, so we created the DevOps engineer's handbook to help others learn about its processes and philosophies.

To start, we're focusing heavily on our specialist subject - Continuous Delivery - but the handbook will expand and evolve.

Plus, if you're looking for DevOps book recommendations, check out our interactive reading list.

We had a record quarter

We're ending 2022 on a high! Quarter 4 was a record quarter for business completed.

We look forward to building on this and helping more organizations deliver software faster and more reliably.

2022 in stats

To finish, here are some fun stats about Octopus's year (at the time of writing):

  • Our customers completed over 36,479,186 deployments
  • We had over 9,080 new trials
  • Our team grew by 61, putting us at 240 Octonauts
  • We had 673,058 pageviews on our blog - How to install Jenkins on Docker was our most popular post, with 33,392 views
  • Octopus Server had the following code changes:
    • 18,062 files changed
    • 649,364 lines added
    • 361,422 lines deleted
    • 63,987 lines modified

Deployments yet to come

We're always working to improve Octopus, so what's in our future? For the moment, we're working on:

  • Dynamic environment support - Easily provision infrastructure for testing new feature branches, integrations, and more.
  • Config as Code for Octopus Runbooks - See and manage your runbook processes in your Git repository, just like you already can with your deployment processes.
  • Octopus CLI vNext - We're adding new functions, like an easy-to-use interactive mode.

Keep an eye on our roadmap for more information on these features and to discover what else is on the horizon.

Happy deployments, everyone!

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