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Octopus Deploy Release Notes

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Major features

Changes in 4.1

See our release blog post for more details.

New Features

This December release of Octopus continues the support for Java that was introduced back in 3.17, with the ability to export certificates as Java KeyStores, as well as configuring certificates directly within existing Tomcat 7+, WildFly 10+ and Red Hat JBoss EAP 6+ application servers. This release also allows Maven repositories to be configured as external Octopus feeds, meaning Octopus can now consume Maven artifacts as part of a deployment.


  • Maven repositories as external feeds
  • Deployment of Java keystores and configuration of certificates in WildFly, JBoss EAP and Tomcat
  • Directories for task logs, artifacts and the package repository are now store as relative paths

Breaking Changes

There are no breaking changes in this release.


All of the usual steps for upgrading Octopus Deploy apply.

Detailed release notes

Changes in 4.1.1

  • 3892 - The timeout for subscription webhooks can now be configured
  • 3909 - Windows Service deployments now retry starting and stopping services
  • 4005 - Sorting environments will now be reflected immediately on previous screen when you perform save action
  • 4008 - Reducing excessive warnings in variable editor for empty value scenarios
  • 4014 - Any orphaned tenanted deployments will be cleaned up when you upgrade to this version of Octopus Server
  • 4028 - Fixed a bug where the cursor would jump to the end of an input while typing in the variable editor dialog
  • 4031 - The email priority can now be chosen for email steps and email subscriptions
  • 4036 - Fix for test permission exporting failing if the users teams had permissions restricted using empty groups
  • 4041 - Allow users to remove a variable set from a project within the variable set row
  • 4046 - Fixed a race condition that could cause the list of steps to exclude in a deployment to be empty
  • 4047 - Fix tenant chips are not showing correctly in deployment page preview section
  • 4048 - Fix regression where steps that should not be able to be excluded from a deployment could be excluded

Changes in 4.1.0

  • 3569 - Added event group MachineHealthChanged, replacing the event category of the same name
  • 3652 - Task log, package feed and artifacts folders are now shown in the show-configuration command and in the settings UI
  • 3846 - Task log, package feed and artifacts folders are stored as relative to the Home directory when they can be, to make moving the folder structure easier
  • 3943 - Add support for exporting certificates for Java app servers
  • 3944 - Add support for Maven repos as external feeds
  • 4023 - F# and ScriptCS support fixed in Azure script steps
  • 4030 - Fixed an API exception from occurring when a variable name was null
  • 4033 - Fix for audit screen’s default date range not including today
  • 4034 - Fix for maintenance mode banner’s transparency problems
  • 4035 - All SQL Server and Database management is now performed through a single component for consistency