One process to deploy to thousands of tenants

Octopus is the only deployment automation tool with built-in tenanted deployment capabilities

Tenanted deployments dashboard in Octopus Deploy

Scale complex deployments to your customers or locations with ease

With Octopus, you can scale software delivery quickly, reliably, and securely:

  • Reduce duplication and risk: Define one deployment process and use it for as many customers or locations as you need
  • Release consistently across all environments: Manage tenanted deployments in ways that best suit your projects
  • Maintain security and compliance: Know where your releases are, regardless of your tenanted deployment strategy
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"With Octopus Deploy’s multi-tenancy feature, we can deploy to hundreds of customers in a single environment and have configurations specific to each client – all with different database connection strings, underlying APIs, and secrets used for encryption."

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Jorge Robledo

VP of Operations, KinderSystems

Success stories

Software teams at leading companies simplified tenanted deployments with Octopus

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Stack Overflow deploys to isolated infrastructure for each SaaS customer

Stack Overflow hosts Q&A sites for enterprises. Each enterprise gets its own infrastructure.

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Guestline saved 2,000 hours per deployment using Octopus's Tenants feature

Guestline reduced manual work, saved thousands of hours, and delivered a world-class customer and developer experience.

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Geta deploys to many customers with consistency and ease

Geta modernized its deployment strategy and uses tenanted deployments to manage complex deployments to many customers.

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