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April 2015 Community Roundup

While we've been a bit quiet here lately head down finishing up 3.0, the great folks in our community haven't!

Here's a summary of some good things that have come across my radar this month.

Deployment Tracking in Raygun. Our friends at RayGun have implemented a deployment tracking feature so you know if your new release has fixed everything, or let you know if you've inadvertently made things worse. They have a great step by step guide to integrating Octopus Deploy and Raygun so your deployments are tagged for you. Great stuff! If you're using Raygun you definitely want to look at that, and if you're not using Raygun... go check it out, tell them we sent you!

Again from the unstoppable Jason Brown at Domain, more on automating AWS Infrastructure with Octopus Deploy and his Robot Army 2.5.

While we're on infrastructure management, check out this great post from the DevOpsGuys on Powershell DSC and Octopus.

We've had a few people talking more about SQL Deployments this month, firstly Redgate's Tugberk Ugurlu (who contributed the SQL Release scripts to our library) has written a step by step post about them. Or if you're using Visual Studio tooling in your environment, you might want to read Colin Svingen's post on Deploying Dacpacs.

We've had a few people ask on Twitter lately about deploying DotNetNuke sites with Octopus. We can all now thank Darrell Tunnell who has written up a fantastic guide to doing just that. Fantatsic stuff!

Lastly, I've not seen a blog post about this anywhere, but there is a Node script out there on NPM to create and deploy releases using the Octopus API. If Node's your thing you might want to check that out

Don't forget, if you've published a blog post, running a user group talk or a workshop or anything like that and would like us to let the world know, send us a Tweet or an email and we can give you a shout out!

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