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July Community Roundup

Wow, people were busy in July! So much good stuff has been published in the last few weeks.

Firstly Ian Paulin is back to blogging with two new posts Variables are your friend and Octo.exe – exporting/importing project pitfalls. We've probably made a lot of the second post redundant now with our migration tools (Sorry about that Ian) but if you're using 2.6 and need to move data around it's a good read.

For our Russian readers there's a post on Introducing Octopus Deploy. It's worth a look for everybody just for the image, and according to Google Translate looks like a good overview (inadvertent James Bond references aside).

Using Jenkins as your build server ? Brian Adriance and others have released a plugin to create and deploy releases as part of your build process. Thanks guys! Looks great.

Edward Ridge is writing a blog series on knowing exactly what you've released. There some code in there to include commits and notes into an Octopus Release, looks good!

Mani brings us another post this month, this time on using Redgate tools to automate database deployments with Octopus Deploy.

Are you using Octopygmy ? This is David Roberts's Chrome extension to help customize your Octopus Dashboard. He's just updated it for 3.0 so now's a good time to update!

Lastly, are you in or around the Cedar Rapids area on the 3rd of August ? If so, get along to the Cedar Rapids .NET user group. Matt Ash is doing a talk on Continuous Awesomeness with Team City + Octopus Deploy. I'm all for Continuous Awesomeness so thanks Matt!

That's all for now. Don't forget, if you're doing a talk somewhere or you've written a blog post, send an email or a tweet @OctopusDeploy and we'll help spread the word.

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