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October Community Roundup

October has been a huge month out in the community and my collection of great blog posts is bigger than ever. So here goes.

First up is the Chicago ALM User Group on November the 3rd. If you're in the area you can go listen to Ian Paullin talking about PowerShell and Octopus Deploy. Thanks Angela (aka OakParkGirl for hosting!)

Hot on the heels of last month's WinOps conference, and also on November the 3rd, WinOps London is hosting it's first meetup. The topic is Chaos Engineering at Just Eat. I know they have some great infrastructure automation going on there so it will be well worth checking out.

Speaking of the WinOps Conference, Mani and Matt from the DevOpsGuys have published their slides from the event, Deploying Apps to the Cloud with Octopus Deploy. Mani has also been busy this month on his own blog, with a post on deploying and configuring Click Once apps with Octopus, and another on developers and DBAs and building a deployment pipeline.

Another person out there who's been writing up a storm is Ken Ross. He's got two great Octopus Deploy related posts. One on using XPath for doing custom configuration settings (technically that was a September post, but I missed it last month and it's a great technique), and another on deploying SSIS projects.

Doing any CMS deployments ? We have a couple of good posts out there, one on deploying Kentico from Michael Kinkaid and another on Sitecore from Dave Leigh.

Anthony Shaw has written an integration pack to make Octopus Deploy work with StackStorm and a blog post about it. There's also an updated Chef Recipe from Brent Montague for installing a Tentacle on your servers.

Phillip Haydon has written a post on using Script CS to gzip a bunch of assets as part of an S3 deployment, very cool!

Also cool is Tomas Jansson's post on using FAKE, AppVeyor and Octopus Deploy to build and deploy to Azure.

Steve Fenton (you might remember him from his ebook a few months ago) has written a post comparing Octopus Deploy to the cost of contractors to write scripts to automate your deployment...... thanks Steve! (We probably couldn't get away with writing that, but I'll happily link to it!)

And lastly, the guys at Domain have a new post on their tech blog about using Pester to unit test their many many PowerShell scripts. The reason I mention them last is that Jason and Fabien from Domain have been great working with us on a whole bunch of things and I wanted to give Fabien's new Pluralsight course "Continuous Integration with psake and TeamCity" a bit of a plug. If you're new to CI and want to be able to produce Nuget packages for Octopus, go check that out (Domain are building many many packages a day so they have some idea what they're on about).

Don't forget to let us know if you've published a blog post via email or Twitter. We love to read about what you're doing and we're always happy to share it with the world!

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