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June Community Roundup

It's been a busy month for all of our friends out there in internetland! Here's a summary in case you've missed any of it.

First up was Steve Fenton's eBook "Exploring Octopus Deploy: Deployment Automation for .NET". You've missed his free offer now but it's a good read if you need a walk through of a a 2.6 installation and project set up. Nice work Steve!

Next up is Manimaran Chandrasekaran's blog series on all things Octopus Deploy. Start here with his Octopus 3.0 roundup and keep reading. Thanks for all those posts Mani! Some good stuff in there!

Of course our good friends at Domain haven't been idle. Jason Brown, the resident "Cloudy Ops Poet" has a couple of great Octopus Deploy related posts. One on doing Canary Deployments and another talking about using PoshServer for triggering scripts with webhooks from GitHub. Worth a read, I had no idea somebody had written a web server in PowerShell!

Just as I finished writing this, Jason also Tweeted this...

Friday deployments are no longer scary!

This post on using Gulp, TFS Build and Octopus by Chris Eelmaa was brought to our attention. It's worth a read if you're working with Gulp as part of your build process. I know of a few other people doing similar things, but Chris is the first person to blog about it!

Finally, if you're using Splunk in your organization, Brisbane local Matthew Erbs has written an add on to stream in your Octopus Deploy logs and get some metrics. Very cool Matt!.

Don't forget if you are writing a blog post, doing a user group talk or anything like that you can Tweet us @OctopusDeploy and we'll let the world know.

DDD Perth

We're going to be Silver sponsors of the DDD Perth conference. If you're in Perth you definitely want to be at that, I love the DDD conference format and always have a good time at them.

Until next time

Phew, that's a lot! Keep an eye out for 3.0 hitting the full release milestone next month, we'd love any feedback on the pre-release if you'd like to play and you've got a good bit of blog reading to catch up on!

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