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Interview: Deploying, the web gallery and infrastructure that powers the NuGet package manager, has become a cornerstone for .NET development. It's hard to imagine a time without NuGet, when using an open source library meant searching the web, downloading ZIP files and adding references manually. NuGet is also a foundation that Octopus Deploy depends on, since we use it as our application packaging format.

There's something very cool about a NuGet-powered deployment tool being used to deploy the services behind NuGet! Andrew Stanton-Nurse from Microsoft was kind enough to give me a tour of how the NuGet team use Octopus Deploy, which we recorded in this 22-minute video. runs on top of Windows Azure. They have three different Cloud Services, and they need development, test and production environments, for each, making for a total of 9 cloud service endpoints they they need to push to. Publishing Azure packages from Visual Studio works when you have one or two services, but once you are managing 9, it's not very much fun. Watch the video to learn how they are using Octopus Deploy to automate their Azure deployments!

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