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February Community Roundup

One of the really cool things about having a product like Octopus Deploy is when customers start to write their own blog posts about it. We're going to start putting together a list of those posts so that you can see what other people are doing around the world.

This is a roundup of what happened in February (a few days late I know).

IANA Assignment

Firstly though, we had a "wow, that's cool" moment recently when IANA officially recognized our tentacle communications port (10933).

In the community

We're not the only ones that have been busy lately. Some of our awesome customers have been writing blog posts about their success with Octopus Deploy.

We have to give a big shout out to Karoline Klever, who has written a series of posts about introducing Octopus Deploy to her organisation and all their customers. Sounds like a great journey! Also on the topic of culture change, Martyn Frank has blogged about his experiences with team culture with the introduction of Octopus and automation.

Our friend Ian Paulin has continued his postings on the changes in Octopus with a great summary of what's happening in 3.0.

Gregor Suttie also has started giving Octopus Deploy a Test Drive, we're looking forward to some more posts there.

Finally David Roberts has released a Google Chrome extension called OctoPygmy to customise the interface and do some filtering and grouping of environments and the dashboard. Looks very cool!

So that's the February roundup, look out for the next one in a few weeks!

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