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KCDC and NDC 2013: Jeff French on TeamCity and Octopus Deploy

Jeff French

Jeff French will be delivering a great presentation on the subject of Continuous Delivery of Complex Applications with TeamCity and Octopus Deploy:

One of the main tenets of Agile development is to deliver business value to the production environment early and often. That's easy enough if you are delivering one small web app, but what if your application is composed of several web apps across multiple tiers with a large database and maybe even a few Windows services and scheduled tasks? Now you need a deployment system that is built to scale and allows you to automate all of these tasks to achieve consistency in your deployments. In this talk I will show you how to deploy a complex application to multiple environments with just the click of a button using TeamCity and Octopus Deploy.

The first presentation will be at the Kansas City Developers Conference on May 4.

The second will be at the Norwegian Developers Conference on June 12.

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