February 24, 2014

Jimmy Bogard: Continuous deployment the Octopus way

Jimmy Bogard (of AutoMapper fame) gave a 1hr 25min talk at Skills Matter in London this month about Continuous deployment the Octopus way. You can watch the screencast on the Skills Matter website.

Deployments are hard, if you're using the wrong tool. Microsoft tooling works well for simple scenarios, but fall down when things move beyond simple. Enter Octopus Deploy, the deployment system you've always needed, but never knew you wanted. In this session, we'll look at how Octopus enables continuous delivery, what it offers over standard tooling, and how it can make your ops team love you again.

I really enjoyed watching this talk and I think Jimmy does a better job of explaining Octopus than I ever could. Well worth watching if you're new to Octopus.

Octopus Deploy makes it easy to automate the deployment of real-world applications.

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