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Totaljobs Group’s journey from VBScript hell to Continuous Deployment nirvana

Dave Marsland gave a presentation to the London .NET User Group on the 27th about their journey with Octopus Deploy and TeamCity. You can watch a video of the presentation on the Skills Matter website.

Having 1 release a week, which involved logging onto servers and manually deploying packages, we knew that there must be a better way. After investigation, and a fair bit of pain, a pipeline from local to live via TeamCity and OctopusDeploy was created to enable us to release at minimum twice a week. This presentation tells of how we suffered, and the things we learnt on the way to the promise land of click-button deployment in a multi-server AWS environment.

A slide from the presentation

Dave gives a pretty detailed tour of how they use TeamCity with Octopus, and the kinds of environments they deploy to. There's also a short demo of the automated deployment process. The Q&A session at the end is also quite good; Dave gets into how they "flip/flop" between environments when doing production deployments to AWS.

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