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Release notes

These are the features and fixes you'll get by upgrading from 3.15.7 to 4.1.5.

Changes in Octopus 4.1.5

  • 4093 - Retries during SSH deployments will now re-attempt to establish the connection
  • 4094 - Rolling deployment window size can now be set using bound fields selector
  • 4096 - Healty Check step now shows the correct mandatory roles for execution plan
  • 4098 - Fixes for dashboard width and alignment issues
  • 4106 - Fixed an issue that caused deployments to disconnected SSH targets to run forever

Changes in Octopus 4.1.4

  • 3956 - Making variable groups and overflow actions clearer in the variable editor
  • 4022 - Do not collapse the lifecycle in Release page if there is pending interruption
  • 4058 - Machine events now include show/hide details
  • 4066 - Accessing phases containing Environments outside of logged in User's Team Scope not longer throws an exception
  • 4067 - Lifecycle automatic deployment logs can now be found in Configuration > Diagnostics > Auto Deploy Logs
  • 4068 - Lifecycle automatic deployments may now take up to 30 seconds to respond, instead of immediately
  • 4075 - Steps used in Automatic Release Creation can't be disabled anymore
  • 4077 - Show full channel name on releases list and deployment details pages
  • 4079 - Tenant Tag Sets and Tenants in Infrastructure Summary now show the correct deployment target counts
  • 4080 - Release filter doesn't truncate long release numbers any more
  • 4081 - Adding or removing a variable set from a project no longer removes script modules from the project
  • 4084 - Group by Channel in Project Overview screen no longer throws error
  • 4089 - Variables can now be inserted to bound text fields via the list picker
  • 4091 - Users can now see environments that are scoped at the team level
  • 4097 - Missing resource tooltip displays the correct resource id now
  • 4108 - Update to version 3.0.1 of the versioning library

Changes in Octopus 4.1.3

  • 3923 - HEAD http requests now return the correct status code instead of 500
  • 4019 - Release progression section now shows "Redeploy" and "Try Again" buttons against each environment
  • 4021 - Sort variable values predictably in the variable editor based on their scope, value and source
  • 4053 - /api/machines and /api/machines/all API endpoints now allows filtering by machine IDs by way of the querstring ids passed in as a comma-separated list of IDs or specified multiple times
  • 4056 - Fixed community step update process
  • 4057 - Only include IIS related information if we're running on Windows when using a custom installation directory and encounter an unauthorized access exception
  • 4062 - Updated versioning library
  • 4064 - Common Variables in v4 no longer shows Variable Sets with no templates
  • 4069 - The output of the show-configuration command now includes license details
  • 4071 - Provide a column specific error message if two projects with different names resolve to the same Slug during migration and failed on the unique constraint check
  • 4073 - Fixed security vulnerability in machine update process by checking that the user has access to all environments (CVE-2017-17665)

Changes in Octopus 4.1.2

  • 2448 - SSH Targets now support transferring data larger than 2GB
  • 4012 - Fixed a bug introduced in Octopus 3.17.8 that would cause the Octopus Server to crash if the SQL Server connection became unavailable for a period of time
  • 4025 - Better experience when changing variable type to certificate
  • 4039 - Fix for the DateRange component’s width calculations (causing wrapping of day-cells in Firefox)
  • 4043 - User password complexity enforcement in the API is now being applied correctly
  • 4045 - Environment names in v4 dashboard no longer overlap
  • 4050 - Guest user gets created/enabled correctly when the authentication provider is enabled/disabled via the API
  • 4051 - Resolved issue with incorrect password when downloading certificates
  • 4060 - New portal updated to not allow password change for service accounts or the Guest account

Changes in Octopus 4.1.1

  • 3892 - The timeout for subscription webhooks can now be configured
  • 3909 - Windows Service deployments now retry starting and stopping services
  • 4005 - Sorting environments will now be reflected immediately on previous screen when you perform save action
  • 4008 - Reducing excessive warnings in variable editor for empty value scenarios
  • 4014 - Any orphaned tenanted deployments will be cleaned up when you upgrade to this version of Octopus Server
  • 4028 - Fixed a bug where the cursor would jump to the end of an input while typing in the variable editor dialog
  • 4031 - The email priority can now be chosen for email steps and email subscriptions
  • 4036 - Fix for test permission exporting failing if the users teams had permissions restricted using empty groups
  • 4041 - Allow users to remove a variable set from a project within the variable set row
  • 4046 - Fixed a race condition that could cause the list of steps to exclude in a deployment to be empty
  • 4047 - Fix tenant chips are not showing correctly in deployment page preview section
  • 4048 - Fix regression where steps that should not be able to be excluded from a deployment could be excluded

Changes in Octopus 4.1.0

  • 3569 - Added event group MachineHealthChanged, replacing the event category of the same name
  • 3652 - Task log, package feed and artifacts folders are now shown in the show-configuration command and in the settings UI
  • 3846 - Task log, package feed and artifacts folders are stored as relative to the Home directory when they can be, to make moving the folder structure easier
  • 3943 - Add support for exporting certificates for Java app servers
  • 3944 - Add support for Maven repos as external feeds
  • 4023 - F# and ScriptCS support fixed in Azure script steps
  • 4030 - Fixed an API exception from occurring when a variable name was null
  • 4033 - Fix for audit screen’s default date range not including today
  • 4034 - Fix for maintenance mode banner’s transparency problems
  • 4035 - All SQL Server and Database management is now performed through a single component for consistency

Changes in Octopus 4.0.11

  • 3954 - Added the ability to resize columns in the variable editor
  • 4010 - Getting started no longer crashes Octopus if the first release is not on one of the first 5 created projects
  • 4015 - Introduce a delay between connection retries if the connection to the Tentacle is refused as the Tentacle might not be ready to accept connections just yet. Many thanks to @frese for the contribution!
  • 4016 - Updating project overview to include wildcard for finer-scoped EnvironmentView permissions
  • 4017 - Removed unnecessary word-breaking CSS that was causing the design to break in various scenarios
  • 4020 - Update the mouseover popup on scheduled tasks to display the precise scheduled time, and display the scheduled task time in the tasks table
  • 4024 - Added missing option for re-deploying already installed packages
  • 4026 - Fix for showing you an error when you have 2 certificates variables with same name and both are missing from the library

Changes in Octopus 4.0.10

  • 3972 - Made it easier to skip steps on the deployment page
  • 3993 - Project overview now shows the executing status for a redeploy
  • 3996 - Fixed various issues with time and date selection for scheduled deployments
  • 3998 - Fix for Tenant edit screen where error would prevent editing connections to Projects
  • 3999 - Reduced the verbosity of auto deploy logs
  • 4000 - Text search on the Users multiselect dropdown no longer crashes due to name being undefined
  • 4002 - Fix to restore the missing Add Channel, Add Trigger, Create Release actions for users who had sufficient but not admin permissions
  • 4003 - Adding null checks to fix multi-selects and the Add Certificate screen
  • 4004 - Fixed a bug where new roles would always be added in lower case

Changes in Octopus 4.0.9

  • 3984 - Fixed a bug where filtering by tenant tags in dashboards might give you no results if you were also grouping by a tenant tag
  • 3986 - Fixes for the audit screen to remember filters when paging
  • 3988 - Save button is now enabled by default for steps based on a custom template
  • 3991 - Fixes problem where Markdown lists where not rendered correctly
  • 3992 - Updating task detail cells so they don’t wrap long version numbers

Changes in Octopus 4.0.8

  • 2754 - Tenant configuration transform files are now run automatically by naming convention, just like environment configuration transform files
  • 3447 - Migrator skips machine events that relate to missing (deleted) machines
  • 3971 - Fix for dashboard configuration screen where a filter on a project which is no longer visible due to permissions would crash the screen
  • 3975 - Add the ability to set the default failure mode action on a project
  • 3979 - Fix for a crashing active deployment screen for users who could had a set of view only permissions, and could not action interruptions
  • 3981 - Fix users with permissions restricted to a project group not having those permissions on newly created projects
  • 3985 - Multiselect can display thousands of items now (e.g. Projects, Environments, Tenants)
  • 3987 - Active Directory integrated authentication cookie timeout has been increased from 20min to 20days

Changes in Octopus 4.0.7

  • 3509 - Improved error handling and message related to incorrect configuration of OpenID Connect Issuer values
  • 3955 - Made the user experience and messaging more consistent for associating tenants with deployment targets, accounts, certificates, steps, and channels
  • 3959 - Code editor in 4.0 now inserts variable at cursor position
  • 3969 - Making loading bars less intrusive and changing to a refresh indicator for task screen refresh intervals
  • 3970 - Checkbox can now be unchecked in Action Template Parameters
  • 3973 - Fixed a bug where you could not edit tenant tags on variable scopes in library variable sets

Changes in Octopus 4.0.6

  • 3939 - Fixed a performance problem with very large installations related to the on boarding features we shipped in Octopus 3.12, which would cause high memory use and higher load on the Octopus database
  • 3952 - Output variables are now correctly scoped to Cloud Regions when they are being used for Azure deployments
  • 3953 - The template for the machines/{id}/tasks endpoint now includes the take parameter
  • 3957 - Now we don't strip invalid characters when SSL thumbprint in IIS Step is bound to a variable
  • 3958 - Fixed a bug which stopped you from adding an HTTPS binding for the Octopus Server using a certificate in the WebHosting certificate store via the command-line or using the Octopus Server Manager UI
  • 3960 - Fix disabled steps are able to be added to excluded steps list during deployment which causing server cannot identify the step action
  • 3961 - Fix for UI error preventing the Add a Deployment Target screen from loading, when accessed on a slower connection
  • 3964 - Fix for displaying errors correctly, usually seen while trying to deploy and lacking permission or data for deployment process is flawed
  • 3965 - Fix on test permissions screen where quick successive user changes would result in an error
  • 3966 - Project releases list is now paging data correctly when filtered by channel

Changes in Octopus 4.0.5

  • 3871 - Packages on deployment targets can now be found in the package cache when delta compression is disabled
  • 3945 - Fix step templates having some values reset to their defaults when loaded
  • 3947 - We are now displaying all available channels in filter dropdowns and as chips

Changes in Octopus 4.0.4

  • 3928 - Viewing releases and creating deployments for Tenanted projects will now correctly factor in permissions
  • 3932 - For all new installations of Octopus Server, the ProjectViewer user role will be granted the ProcessView permission by default
  • 3935 - Fix not handling %2F in URLs
  • 3940 - Fixes disabled deploy release button, it was disabled incorrectly even when users had correct permissions
  • 3941 - Fixed show/hide empty groups button
  • 3942 - Value is now used instead of 1 when Display Value is not defined in Drop down parameter/variable
  • 3889 - Test permissions now includes teams based on external group membership

Changes in Octopus 4.0.3

  • 3727 - The Octopus Server and Tentacle certificates are now created more reliably across all of the supported Windows Servers using the SHA256RSA algorithm
  • 3897 - Added a check to Tentacle to only set the window title when the process is run interactively
  • 3927 - If a team references deleted user roles, these will now be highlighted and will need to be removed when making modifications to the team
  • 3934 - IIS binding migration script will now handle old and simpler bindings that may have been migrated as not-enabled

Changes in Octopus 4.0.2

  • 3907 - Improvements to guided failure and manual intervention experience
  • 3918 - Removed an error being recorded in auto deploy logs when machines do not match any project triggers
  • 3925 - Tenant, Team, Project, Role, amd Channel chips can now be removed if added to filters, deployments, subscription and notification configurations
  • 3926 - Certificate and Account step template parameters can be now used in steps

Changes in Octopus 4.0.1

  • 3920 - Deploy action no longer visible for users who lack the ability on project overview page
  • 3921 - Fix for audit filter buttons overlapping

Changes in Octopus 4.0.0

  • 2576 - Octopus UI shouldn't leak memory any more
  • 2606 - The variable editor has been overhauled
  • 2636 - The Wait for packages to be downloaded option only appears for steps ordered before a package step, and the checkbox now retains it's value
  • 2667 - Deploy release page now displays the version previously deployed for each selected environment and tenant
  • 2725 - Added an extra option to the run on option of a step to better differentiate steps that run on the server and those that run on the server on behalf of roles
  • 2729 - It is now easy to create deployments for all tenants which do not currently have the selected version deployed to the selected environment
  • 2739 - Collapsed the tenant tag filter section by default to declutter the UI
  • 2741 - Ctrl-F will now open the browser search function while editing a script
  • 2772 - We have improved the Project Overview when the Project uses multi-tenancy and multiple channels
  • 2773 - Saving and testing of azure accounts shows result more clearly
  • 2843 - The project overview version filter now allows filtering of releases created after the page was loaded
  • 2844 - Resolved issue where selecting both the tenant and a matching tenant-tag resulted in a mis-match
  • 2857 - We have added a gutter to the versions preview that explicitly shows what versions are included or excluded from Channel Version Rules designer
  • 2871 - Clarified what the Run default XML transforms checkbox does when setting up XML Configuration Transforms as part of your deployment process
  • 2973 - We fixed a problem where the introduction to Tenant Tag Sets wasn't displayed properly when hosting the Octopus Server in a virtual directory
  • 3010 - We have fixed a bug where the code editor would not allow you to scroll down to the very bottom in certain circumstances
  • 3012 - We fixed a bug with the Promote button so the options actually make sense for multi-tenanted projects
  • 3062 - We updated the Configuration > License page to show more information relevant to your current license, including usage counts so you know if you are reaching your license limits
  • 3103 - The environments on the Project Overview are now sorted by Lifecycle phase order, then by their order within each phase
  • 3107 - We fixed some noisy JavaScript errors which were appearing in the browser logs
  • 3115 - Updated project sidebar to make it clear when a project is disabled
  • 3170 - Tenant logos now size correctly in Internet Explorer
  • 3177 - The matching tenant count is now shown correctly when reopening the scope of a variable
  • 3217 - Deployment preview now shows which steps will run on a per-tenant basis
  • 3349 - The unsaved changes warning is no longer shown when a step with a run condition is viewed without being edited
  • 3358 - Breaking Change Auto deploy now always re-deploys the most recent successful deployment
  • 3368 - The project search and group filter now always appears on the dashboard
  • 3417 - Breaking Change We removed the Page.N entries from the Links list of collection responses from the REST API and replaced them with some alternatives
  • 3423 - Users can now create projects if they are only members of empty project groups
  • 3424 - Deprecated StepName property in Release.SelectedPackages has been deprecated (and will be removed in a future release) in favor of the new ActionName property
  • 3461 - Run on Failure steps now show on the task summary tab if it is executed
  • 3555 - The url in the address bar is now formatted correctly when the tenant tag filter is applied on the project overview page,
  • 3593 - We added a new Octopus Server command called ssl-certificate to bind an SSL/TLS certificate to an IP address/port
  • 3602 - Azure errors are now displayed at the top of the page when editing a Cloud Service step
  • 3611 - We changed the audit log so it shows the full date and time instead of a summary like 1 hour ago
  • 3619 - We fixed a bug in the Releases list where the Channel tags would fail to be displayed next to each release
  • 3647 - Breaking Change Removed unused properties from the BuiltInFeedStats API
  • 3648 - Clarified how the package retention settings work on the dialog
  • 3650 - Added an icon for Unhealthy Azure cloud services
  • 3655 - The target machines for a deployment are now shown per tenant and environment
  • 3658 - Removed ResourceCollection.IsStale
  • 3664 - On deployment creation, tenants that do not match the channel tenant tags can't be selected, and those channel tags are no longer pre-filled on the deployment
  • 3684 - We fixed a series of small bugs that would cause unexpected results when searching for Tenants
  • 3700 - We improved the user experience for editing sensitive variables for tenants
  • 3715 - We fixed several bugs with the Deployment preview and which deployment targets will be included in the deployment
  • 3716 - The machine edit page now makes it clearer that a machine will not be considered for a tenanted deployment if it is not allocated to any tenants
  • 3717 - Improved auto-deploy machine evaluation to prevent machines being missed due to timing issues
  • 3720 - Breaking Change Removed the /api/letsencryptconfiguration/disable API
  • 3747 - Breaking Change The get_octopusvariable bash function now returns an empty string if the variable does not exist
  • 3750 - The docker steps no longer disappear from the step list when the page is refreshed
  • 3753 - Fixed error that occurs when saving IIS related project steps that were created by earlier versions of Octopus
  • 3763 - The links to Accounts, Users and Proxies now show when you only have the relevant view permissions
  • 3772 - We overhauled the Deploy Release page to make it easier to use when deploying a release to multiple environments or multiple tenants
  • 3778 - The step names now appear correctly in Reorder Steps after removing the all steps from a parent step
  • 3783 - Multiple Exit full screen buttons are no longer shown when editing scripts
  • 3786 - Clarified how to exclude directories when purging a custom installation directory
  • 3794 - We fixed a bug which would incorrectly display the introduction to tenants in the Tenant list screen even if you already have tenants defined
  • 3795 - The variable editor no longer hides unscoped variables when a variable with the same name is scoped to the filter condition
  • 3803 - Breaking Change Authentication provider information is now treated as a resource and served through it's own API
  • 3810 - When cloning a project, you can now choose a different Lifecycle for the cloned project
  • 3825 - Improved Octopus ‘new release’ notifications for expired trial licenses
  • 3831 - Breaking Change Removed previously deprecated Octopus.Server.exe configure options --masterKey, --storageConnectionString and --webAuthenticationMode
  • 3832 - Breaking Change Octopus.Server.exe regenerate-certificate has been replaced with Octopus.Server.exe new-certificate
  • 3833 - Breaking Change The --thumbprint-only option has been removed from the Octopus.Server.exe show-thumbprint command since it is no longer needed
  • 3834 - Breaking Change The NancyCookie AuthCookieService.CreateAuthCookie() used by custom authentication providers has been replaced with NancyCookie[] AuthCookieService.CreateAuthCookies(). This will only impact customers who have written custom authentication providers
  • 3842 - Breaking Change Removed the SynchronizationStatus and IndexingStatus properties returned by the /api/serverstatus/nuget API
  • 3847 - Fixed a bug with the /api/releases/[ReleasesId]/deployments/preview/[EnvironmentId] API which resulted in steps that are scoped to tenants to be returned for un-tenanted deployments
  • 3861 - Breaking Change By default Octopus will only attempt to run a step on up to 10 deployment targets at the same time, instead of attempting to run on every matching deployment target simultaneously
  • 3883 - The package used by a Script Step can now be downloaded directly on the deployment target just like the package used by a Deploy Package Step
  • 3898 - Fixed a bug on the Project Overview screen which would result in an error if you filtered by tenants before filtering by a release
  • 3901 - Snapshotted variables referencing deleted resources will clearly state that the resource is missing from the scope, instead of just not showing it and causing errors downstream
  • 3916 - Root document in Octopus API returns now all links
  • 3917 - Made it easier to deploy a release to multiple environments or multiple tenants using the Octopus UI
  • 3938 - Breaking Change Octopus UI supports now only the latest versions of major web browsers: Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Changes in Octopus 3.17.14

  • 3912 - Major improvements to migrator memory and speed performance
  • 3915 - Fixed a XSS vulnerability with the Step Template Name (CVE-2017-16801)

Changes in Octopus 3.17.13

  • 2834 - Release Notes are now read from external NuGet feeds if the are returned
  • 3487 - NuGet packages with unsupported metadata elements in its .nuspec file no longer break package transfers
  • 3884 - Return browser security headers when viewing the communications port diagnostic page
  • 3886 - Packages used multiple times in the same project are no longer duplicated in package retention logs
  • 3905 - Server no longer blocks save of the Everyone team if the member list is out of sync with the user table
  • 3906 - Package acquisition will no longer run in parallel with manual intervention

Changes in Octopus 3.17.12

  • 3839 - Fixed swagger.json using ints instead of strings for enums
  • 3848 - Added operationId to swagger document for better code gen
  • 3895 - Script module files now gets cleaned up after being imported by the PowerShell bootstrap script
  • 3896 - Variable substitution works now with JSON files that have an array as the root object
  • 3899 - Resolved issue introduced in 3.17.11 where Release Assembled date was being set to the beginning of time when created via octo.exe

Changes in Octopus 3.17.11

  • 3682 - Resolved issue where Octopus Manager was not correctly binding 'Include Task Logs' option when migrating 2.6 backups
  • 3792 - Added CommonName certificate variable
  • 3800 - When creating a Release, if Assembled date supplied then use it
  • 3855 - Resolved issue when migrating ServerTask with single MachineId where array was expected
  • 3885 - Fix for Octopus.Server.exe admin command passing email to display name field when creating a user, resulting in blank email

Changes in Octopus 3.17.10

  • 2919 - The Audit log will now show no events instead of all events when filtering by a tenant tag that matches no tenants
  • 3830 - Fix for the issue where query string params are missing from all pages besides page 1
  • 3880 - Validated that the arguments for a task created via the API are at least in the right shape

Changes in Octopus 3.17.9

  • 3875 - The Octopus Server Manager now starts automatically after the installer completes, just like it used to before we introduced a bug in Octopus 3.17.6
  • 3876 - Tasks that were running or cancelling during a server upgrade are now no longer stuck in cancelling

Changes in Octopus 3.17.8

  • 3213 - Variables now allow escaped strings in conditionals in JSON
  • 3757 - Fixed an issue where the current Octopus Server node could not be found during the heartbeat
  • 3863 - OpenID Connect security groups no longer get cleared by the sync task when AD isn't also enabled
  • 3865 - User permissions cache is updated on OpenID Connect login, so groups changes take effect immediately
  • 3866 - Failing a heartbeat now persists demotion to follower
  • 3872 - Fixed a Mutex exception when deploying IIS steps on PowerShell 2.0
  • 3873 - Fixed an exception loading script modules containing certain characters

Changes in Octopus 3.17.7

  • 3864 - Prevent a potential security vulnerability (CVE-2017-15611) by further restricting User Invite action to those with TeamEdit and TeamCreate permissions
  • 3868 - When an offline drop target has defined the Encryption password all variables will now be encrypted into the sensitive variables (CVE-2017-15610)
  • 3869 - The special Guest account is now denied access to certificate private keys, even if that user has been granted the CertificateExportPrivateKey permission (CVE-2017-15610)

Changes in Octopus 3.17.6

  • 2575 - The API now returns a 400 instead of 500 response when an empty body is posted or putted
  • 2639 - Fixed UAC permission elevation in management tool
  • 2662 - Error message when importing a script module that contains a syntax error now points to the actual script module that caused the error
  • 3579 - Fixed issue where adding last node in HA cluster broke the management tool
  • 3808 - Fix Octopus upgrade failure caused by empty value in table Event RelatedDocumentIds column
  • 3812 - Resolved migrator issue where project was prevented from being migrated by deployment step with hidden empty package ID
  • 3814 - Clarified the duplicate variable message to emphasise a user variable is overwriting a step field
  • 3819 - Duplicate variable warning no longer returns a false positive when a variable is scoped to a role
  • 3850 - Fixed an issue that caused unavailable machines to be re-included in a deployment
  • 3851 - Prevented IIS semaphore releasing too many times during high contention deployments
  • 3852 - Added support for down-level login names (domain\user) when performing Tentacle upgrades with a specific account
  • 3853 - OpenID Connect authentication providers correctly update groups from roles on user login

Changes in Octopus 3.17.5

  • 3840 - Fixes Missing permission: VariableView error when viewing Library Variable Sets
  • 3844 - New API added for reporting the usages of an account across Machines, Deployment Processes and Releases

Changes in Octopus 3.17.4

  • 2572 - The node ping page api/octopusservernodes/ping now returns name, status and version information for the node
  • 2915 - Added a Octopus-Node HTTP header that shows which server served the request
  • 3497 - Added variables for Octopus.Task.QueueTime and Octopus.Task.QueueTimeExpiry
  • 3780 - Scheduled deployments now deploy to the machines available when the deployment is executed (instead of when the deployment is created)
  • 3781 - Fixed a memory issue with LogContext and sensitive variables
  • 3809 - Add retry logic to the send email step to reduce chance of failing a deployment due to sporadic connectivity issues with SMTP server
  • 3815 - Bundled tentacle 3.16.0 that includes --proxy option on Tentacle.exe register-with so a proxy server can be set when registering a tentacle on the command line
  • 3816 - Fixed an error when updating steps after changing a step template variable name
  • 3817 - Package acquisition better accommodates parallel steps
  • 3818 - Guided failure details now display which action and machine failed
  • 3824 - Added the variable Octopus.Action.Output.Manual.Approved to indicate if a manual intervention action was approved
  • 3826 - API returns the correct status codes again for loadbalancer ping (418 when draining) and resource creation (201)
  • 3838 - Fixed an issue collecting machine variables during multi tenant deployments

Changes in Octopus 3.17.2

  • 3560 - Empty string may now be provided to override the default value of optional prompted variables
  • 3796 - Server startup migrates users to the new Logins structure
  • 3811 - The API endpoint /api/tasks?running=False now returns the correct results

Changes in Octopus 3.17.1

  • 3591 - Fix for permission combination that allowed viewing of variables that user did not have access to
  • 3762 - Fixed Unable to parse sensitive-variables as valid JSON. error in Transfer package step on SSH targets due to decryption password was not being passed correctly
  • 3784 - Sensitive tenant variables that use variable expression can now be changed and set to a custom value
  • 3785 - The system task 'Fail orphaned tasks' has been renamed 'Clean orphaned tasks'

Changes in Octopus 3.17.0

  • 3506 - Service account users can be linked to an Active Directory account and will use that account's groups for team membership in Octopus
  • 3667 - External security group synchronization, with authentication providers like Active Directory, has been moved into a scheduled task to fix performance and stability problems
  • 3740 - On startup Octopus will delete obsolete files leftover from old Octopus Server installations
  • 3744 - Maintain certificate friendly-name
  • 3758 - Fixed a bug where the scheduled deployment icon and tooltip in the dashboard would not display
  • 3760 - Added variable OctopusSuppressDuplicateVariableWarning to allow logging duplicate variables warning as verbose
  • 3761 - show-configuration command now includes watchdog status
  • 3764 - Set initial project filter on tenant-project-variables page to alleviate performance issues with large variable count
  • 3766 - Remove 'beta' label from 'Mono not installed' option for SSH targets
  • 3767 - Support for java packages in the built-in package feed
  • 3768 - Deploy Java Archive deployment step
  • 3769 - Tomcat deployment steps
  • 3770 - WildFly/JBoss EAP deployment steps
  • 3771 - Resolved issue with incorrect certificate thumbprint being copied to clipboard
  • 3776 - Fixed a bug where the duplicate variable warning is logged when auto-deploying a release to a machine when redeploy on the trigger is enabled
  • 3777 - Swagger Documentation of live system
  • 3779 - Reduced the frequency of the 'Fail orphaned tasks' task

Changes in Octopus 3.16.7

  • 3759 - Fixed an issue causing too much verbose output in the task log

Changes in Octopus 3.16.6

  • 3734 - Fixed a problem preventing the Octopus Server from starting successfully which affected customers where their SQL Server Collation is case-sensitive (CS) even if the Database Collation is case-insensitive (CI)
  • 3736 - Adhere to PowerShell common preferences when writing verbose and warning output
  • 3749 - Log warning for duplicate variables between step template and project for steps that run on the server

Changes in Octopus 3.16.5

  • 3728 - Teams scoped to empty project groups have access to no projects now
  • 3742 - Fixed a SQL query that was passing too many parameters to SQL, hitting the limit
  • 3746 - API accepts now channel version rules that reference actions by Id or Name
  • 3752 - Fix for error Unexpected character encountered while parsing value when saving deployment process
  • 3754 - All steps types that have roles can both have and be child steps
  • 3756 - Added missing dll required for the watchdog command to the server package

Changes in Octopus 3.16.4

  • 3751 - Fixed an issue creating deployments for tenants that was introduced in 3.16.3

Changes in Octopus 3.16.3

  • 2578 - Fix binding to ARM template fields that have allowedValues
  • 3247 - Add supported OS versions to app manifest to ensure correct OS is reported in logs
  • 3512 - Validation on required bindings for IIS related deployment steps
  • 3523 - Deployments triggered by auto-deploy environment in lifecycle should be assigned the user that created the release
  • 3527 - Release retention policy now correctly considers all deployments to all tenants when deciding which releases are “still on the dashboard”
  • 3623 - Add a check to the Octopus server startup to ensure that the Octopus database is using a case-insensitive collation
  • 3638 - Data on extra step features will be cleared when feature is disabled
  • 3641 - The SQL Database schema upgrades are now performed within a single transaction, meaning all upgrades will either succeed, or roll-back as a whole returning the database to its last known good state
  • 3713 - Fix for unexpected deployment errors when steps or actions had the same name by now ignoring case when validating that steps and actions have unique names
  • 3719 - Clarified log message when Calamari is not installed on a target
  • 3725 - Add help text to environment selector on Run Step template page to make it clear no environment variables are available
  • 3733 - Resolved issue migrating ExtensionConfiguration
  • 3735 - Provide helpful error message if package file with length of 0 is pushed
  • 3737 - Allow azure script steps to have child steps

Changes in Octopus 3.16.2

  • 3546 - The server side cross check of downloaded packages versions now uses semantic version rules instead of a strict string comparison
  • 3626 - Octopus now ensures only a single database schema upgrade is running at any given time, making Octopus HA upgrades more robust
  • 3708 - Tentacle retention policy now applies to packages used in Run a Script steps
  • 3723 - The task page now provides better insights into why a task hasn't started yet

Changes in Octopus 3.16.1

  • 3697 - Fall back to SHA1 certificates on Windows 2008 32 bit if SHA256 is not supported
  • 3699 - Duplicate variable message is now logged as a warning to make it more discoverable for customers
  • 3701 - Polling tentacles now log errors in the main connection retry loop
  • 3722 - Include guest account enabled state in anonymous metrics reporting

Changes in Octopus 3.16.0

  • 3621 - Improved handling of key retrieval and caching in the OpenID Connect provider
  • 3624 - Tentacle installer download links on Create deployment target for Listening or Polling Tentacles now point to the correct URL
  • 3673 - Allow the use of Virtual Directories when configuring Let's Encrypt
  • 3676 - Ensure advanced settings are expanded by default on Let's Encrypt dialog when previous values exist
  • 3677 - Minor Breaking Change Updated ScriptCS to 17.1, which contains some minor breaking changes
  • 3688 - Changed the ServerTask table to refer to OctopusServerNode by Id instead of Name
  • 3691 - Fixed a potential memory leak when making heavy use of subscriptions under certain circumstances
  • 3692 - Redesigned SQL Indexes for ServerTask to improve performance of everything that queries tasks
  • 3694 - Ensure 'restart required' message is shown when disabling web sockets
  • 3696 - Allow using self-contained .NET Calamari for SSH Targets (this means no Mono dependency)
  • 3698 - Added support for Okta as an authentication provider
  • 3702 - Resolved issue that caused the WebUI to become unresponsive when deploying to 100+ tentacles
  • 3705 - Fixed Let's Encrypt support after a breaking change in the Let's Encrypt API

Changes in Octopus 3.15.8

  • 3522 - Add audit events when a package is deleted from the built-in repository and keep 1 weeks worth of package repository retention logs
  • 3630 - The --console switch is no longer required by scripts automating the Octopus or Tentacle command-line interface, but is still supported for starting either service interactively if so desired
  • 3665 - Fixed a bug that would sometimes result in a null reference exception when setting a password in a step
  • 3675 - Life Cycle listing in the Library will now be available to those with permission LifecycleView, it used to require LifecycleEdit
  • 3678 - Fixed a bug which was preventing the task list from being filtered by Server Node after upgrading to Octopus 3.15.x
  • 3680 - Corrected Azure account variables masking in log
  • 3681 - Add an audit event when the server retention policy deletes a release
  • 3686 - Ensure 'restart required' message is shown for all relevant configure commands
  • 3687 - Improve error message when Docker feed test cant connect successfully

Changes in Octopus 3.15.7

  • 3629 - You can now filter audit events for specific tenants
  • 3666 - Fixed a problem which could cause a SQL Connection leak when synchronizing Active Directory groups under certain circumstances
  • 3669 - Fixed a problem where certificate variables were not being scoped by tenant tags
  • 3671 - Default value of sensitive project variable templates is now preserved between updates
  • 3762 - Using our production certificate when signing the Tentacle files in TeamCity
  • 3674 - Fix for ids filtering in projects, tenants and library-variable-sets API