Octopus Deploy 4.0 blog series kickoff

Rob Pearson

Octopus 4.0 coming soon

Octopus Deploy 4.0 has shipped! Read the blog post and download it today!

Octopus Deploy 4.0 is nearing completion! Everyone at Octopus HQ is super excited to ship this release. Currently, we’re in alpha testing (internally we call this a bug bash) and will soon have a polished release ready for our customers to get their hands on. Octopus 4.0 is our biggest release in over two years. It includes hundreds of changes and improvements including a new UI/UX. More than a fresh coat of paint, we re-wrote the Octopus web portal, moving from Angular 1.4 to React+Redux. We’ve also completely revamped our environments page, redesigned our variable editor and more!

We’re kicking off this short blog series to highlight some of the new features that we will be shipping with Octopus 4.0. Our aim is to provide some behind the scenes insight into our journey from concept to production.  

There's some great posts coming so be sure to check out our blog each week.  

Blog series posts:

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