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Outage on - report and learnings

Public incident report and our learnings about the DNS disruption from January 25 – 26, 2023.

Unsupported versions of Windows and .NET

Understand why old versions of Windows can fail to make network requests.

Use TFS with Octopus? We want to hear from you!

We're planning some improvements to the way we integrate Octopus Deploy with TFS, and we'd love to get your feedback.

How to deploy from Minecraft with Octopus Deploy

Imagine a world where deployments were simple. You could push a button in your favorite video game and your latest release was deployed to production.

Kubernetes deployments made easy - Octopus Deploy 2018.9

Kubernetes deployments made easy! Octopus 2018.9 includes our first-class support for Kubernetes Deployments including infrastructure support for Kubenetes Clusters and rich deployment steps to simplify your deployment process.

Flexible Working - Jason's Story

Flexible work can be life changing

Deployment targets in Octopus 3.0 (RFC)

Listening and Polling Tentacles, SSH, Azure Websites, Azure Cloud Services, WebDeploy, offline drops and more.

Deploying to Octopus from Jenkins Using Pipelines

Learn how to craft a Jenkins Pipeline that builds a Java project and deploys it to Octopus.

A look at GitHub Codespaces private preview

An early look at GitHub Codespace.

How to Handle locked files and deployments

SysInternals Handle is a useful tool for finding why a file is locked

Working at Octopus - a story of silicon and steel

A history of the computers I have enjoyed as a result of the Octopus Deploy computer policy.

Octopus Deploy 4.0 - Deploy Release Page Redesign

The Deploy Release page has been redesigned as part of Octopus version 4.0

Octopus releases and Long Term Support (LTS)

We’re iterating on the way we deliver releases of Octopus Deploy

At the helm with Bob Walker

A series where we chat to people at Octopus about their role, what they’re working on to improve the product, and more. Hear from Bob Walker, our Technical Director of Customer Success.

Octopus 2022 Q2: Containerize and modernize your CI/CD pipeline

Octopus 2022 Q2 with support for cloud-native containers and serverless is now available. Plus automatic cloud target discovery and ServiceNow integration (early access).

Using Runbooks to run ad-hoc SQL scripts in your database deployment automation pipeline

This post shows you how to use Operations Runbooks to run ad-hoc SQL scripts in your database deployment automation pipeline.

Inside DevOps with Dan Horrocks-Burgess from DDA Software

A series where we share lessons learned from those on the frontlines of DevOps. This post features Dan Horrocks-Burgess of DDA Software.

Future of Deployment: Nano Server and .NET Core

Nano Server is an extremely small version of Windows Server. .NET Core is a small version of the .NET runtime. Together, I believe they are the future of how applications will run in production.

Why we chose Kubernetes, Linux, and .NET Core for Octopus Cloud

A reflection on the architectural options we considered for hosting Octopus Cloud v2.

From zero to Octopus hero - Discovering DevOps

Join Sarah as she continues to learn about Octopus Deploy, this time focusing on DevOps.

Common mistakes in DevOps metrics

Learn what to avoid as you create and evolve your DevOps measurement system.

DevOps versus SDLC

Find out if the software development life cycle still has a place in the DevOps era.

Octopus 2022 Q1: Config as Code for deployments

Octopus 2022 Q1: Config as Code for deployments is now available. Plus new integrations and an acquisition.

Bootstrap a .NET Core development environment for Linux

This post covers how to bootstrap a Linux-based development environment for day to day .NET Core development.

New in GitHub Actions for Octopus Deploy

We updated our GitHub Actions for Octopus Deploy with new features and to improve usability. Learn more.

Jira Service Management integration for Octopus Deploy: early access preview

The Octopus Deploy integration for Jira Service Management is now available as an early access preview.


Ad-hoc data change scripts

Recommendations on configuring a pipeline to handle ad-hoc data change scripts.

Troubleshooting build server integrations

General guide to troubleshoot integrations between build servers such as TeamCity or Azure DevOps with Octopus Deploy

Samples instance

View real-world deployment and runbook examples in our Octopus Cloud samples instance -

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