Show Master Key

 Print the server's Master Encryption Key, so that it can be backed up

Lost Master Key

Get your Octopus Server working again after losing your Master Key

Rotating the Master Key

A guide to rotating the Master Key on all machines hosting the Octopus Server.

Rotate Master Key

Generate a new Master Key and re-encrypt all the sensitive data.

Set Master Key

Sets the new master key in the config after rotation.

How to get a database backup and encrypt your Master Key

Guides the user on producing a database backup binary file (.bak) and encrypt their Master Key to provide us with.

Recovering after losing your Octopus Server and Master Key

A guide to recovering if the machine hosting Octopus Server dies irrecoverably, and you don't have the Master Key.

Show configuration

 Outputs the server configuration

Show thumbprint

 Shows the thumbprint of the server instance

Show configuration

 Outputs the Tentacle configuration

Show thumbprint

Using the Tentacle.exe command line executable to show the thumbprint of the Tentacle's certificate.

Show configuration

The Octopus Server show configuration command is used to export Octopus Deploy's current configuration for use with configuration management tools such as Chef, Puppet or Desired State Configuration (DSC).

How to Create an API Key

How to create an API key to interact with Octopus without the need for a username and password.

Create an API Key

An example script that creates an API Key.

SSH key pair account

SSH key pair accounts allow you to securely authenticate with SSH targets.


Set the file paths that Octopus will use for storage


Configure settings related to this Octopus Server node

New certificate

Creates a new certificate that Octopus Server can use to authenticate itself with its Tentacles


Configure metrics logging

API examples

A set of examples using the Octopus REST API to accomplish tasks.


Calamari is the command-line tool invoked by Tentacle during a deployment. It knows how to extract and install NuGet packages, run the Deploy.ps1 etc. conventions, modify configuration files, and all the other things that happen during an deployment.

Octopus REST API

Octopus integrates with build servers, scripts, external applications and anything else with its REST API.

List instances

Lists all installed Octopus instances


 Import a license key

Blog posts

Hashing API keys to improve security

From Octopus 2.2 onwards we're going to be storing API keys using a one-way hash function

Scripting the creation of Octopus API keys

Learn how to script the creation of an API key for use with the Octopus REST API, and how to use browser developer tools to explore the Octopus API in action.

Using Azure Key Vault with Octopus

Introducing a new step template to allow secrets stored in Azure Key Vault to be used in deployments or runbooks.

Mixing Keys in Tomcat

Learn how to configure Tomcat to support both RSA and ECDSA certificates on a single HTTPS port.

The key assumption of modern work culture

Find out the key assumption that you must change for your organization to adopt modern culture.

RFC: Octopus Reactions - Integration toolkit

A proposal for a feature we're calling Reactions. A set of tools to enable event based integration with a wide range of third party products. We'd love you to have your say!

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