Manage multiple customer's deployments

Multi-tenant deployments made easy with Octopus AR

Deployments increase in complexity when you are developing for several customers, teams, regions or features/branches. Octopus allows you to manage deployments to a single customer or a group without duplication.

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Develop once, deploy to multiple customers

Tailored deployments for individual customers

Varying deployments by environment can become tedious especially as your customer base grows. Octopus allows you to tailor deployments for individual customers, each with their own infrastructure and configuration.

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Common multi-tenant deployments

Multi-tenant deployments can become a complex and manual task, and Octopus seeks to automate and streamline this process. The most common multi-tenant deployments in Octopus are for deploying applications to multiple individual customers or regions.

Customized deployments for individual customers

Many SaaS businesses offer their products as White Label Software, where they need to customize the offering for each customer's requirements, branding, and architecture.

See an example below:

NameBadge makes HR Software for large corporate customers. They provide the software as a SaaS offering to their customers, and host the web site and associated services for them. Due to the application architecture, for each customer, they deploy:

  • A different SQL database
  • A copy of an ASP.NET website
  • A copy of a Windows Service

Customized deployments for separate regions

Multinational organizations who develop software that's used in various geographic regions typically require variations in their programs to suit each location's different needs.

See an example below:

XZY Corp develops SaaS tax software that is used by a number of different countries. Each country it sells to has requirements for different features based on local tax law. Multitenancy helps to push out updates to the software while maintaining variations in the software for each market.


Multi-tenant toolset

Multi-tenant deployments in Octopus Deploy work with a wide variety of scenarios with tools that allow you to manage each customer individually.

Project overview

While working with multiple tenants can get complicated, our project overview provides a snapshot of the structure of the environments and tenants in an easy-to-digest summary of versions for each target. The overview also provides a quick snapshot as to the status of each tenant's deployments to help diagnose any pipeline issues you may have.

Project overview

Variable templates

Projects often have variables that are common across all tenants but require a unique value per tenant -for instance, website names, titles, headers, images, and technical details such as server names and database connection settings. The Variable Template feature lets you specify which variables are required to successfully deploy a project to a tenant, and then provide those variables per tenant.

Variable templates

Configurable deployment targets

Each of your tenants will have different infrastructure requirements (for example one tenant may have on-premises databases while another hosts them in the cloud). Octopus understands this and allows you to configure each tenant's deployment targets.

Configurable deployment targets

Roles & Security

Octopus allows you to secure a multi-tenant Octopus instance with configurable permission sets for members of your development team. Our multi-tenant solution can also provide your customers with access to review status and approve upgrades as well.

Roles & Security

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