Efficiently deploy your ASP.NET apps and windows services

Automated deployments for .NET

Octopus is the most powerful way to deploy ASP.NET applications and Windows Services. Octopus was originally built by .NET developers, for .NET developers, so you're in great hands.

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NuGet & OctoPack

Before you can deploy an application using Octopus, you will need to bundle all of the executables, DLL's, configuration files, installation scripts, and anything else the application needs to run into a package. For .NET applications, Octopus uses NuGet packages, and makes creating them a snap using OctoPack.

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Bundle all required files into a single NuGet package


Octopus ships with built-in conventions for the most common IIS configuration tasks. Deploy your ASP.NET app to an IIS website or a virtual directory, configure the application pool, and even manage your X.509 certificates.

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Take advantage of a host  of built in conventions for common IIS deployment tasks

Windows Services

If you build .NET services that run in the background, our built-in convention for Windows Services makes it easy to install and configure them. When deploying a new version, we'll stop the service, point it to the new binary, then start it again.

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Deploy your background windows services

Configuration Files

If you have different settings for your app in test vs. production, Octopus will configure it for you without the need for custom scripts. Octopus automatically replaces app settings and connection strings based on conventions, and runs configuration transforms for you.

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Configure settings for each environment


Our conventions work great no matter what type of ASP.NET application you're building. ASP.NET Web Forms, MVC, Web API and WCF services Just Work™


We love the new cross-platform .NET Core. Octopus ships with conventions for deploying ASP.NET Core apps and dealing with JSON configuration files.

Supports IIS 7+

Octopus supports every version of IIS since IIS7 (Windows Server 2008), all the way up to Nano Server.

Unmanaged code too

The Windows Service and IIS steps even work for code that isn't .NET - deploy PHP applications to IIS, or run Windows Services written in C++.

Battle-tested deployments

Our IIS conventions have been executed millions of times by thousands of real-world companies.

PowerShell, F# & ScriptCS

Need something special? Write custom deployment logic in PowerShell, F# or C# via ScriptCS.