Integrated change management with end-to-end visibility across your CI/CD pipeline

Automatically stay compliant with your company's change management policies and tighten the feedback loop across your CI/CD pipeline from Jira issue to deployment.

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See when your Jira issues are deployed to production

Done means deployed to production. Our Octopus plugin for Jira Cloud enables teams to see the status of their releases and deployments directly from their Jira issues with deep links back to Octopus for further details.

  • See when features or updates are deployed to production.
  • Track important bug fixes from creation through to deployment.
  • Monitor project status in the tool that teams are most comfortable with.

This integration enables greater visibility and insight for your team, your company, and your customers.

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Octopus deployment status in Jira
See the Jira issues included in Octopus releases

See the Jira issues included in Octopus Releases

Software runs through a CI/CD pipeline on its way to production. Developers push code to repositories like GitHub, and build servers like Jenkins and Bamboo build it. Finally, Octopus deploys it. Traditionally, the links between each of these steps can get lost.

With the introduction of our build information and Jira issue tracking, it’s now possible to see build, commit, and issue details directly in Octopus. This allows teams to view the issues and build details that contributed to a release giving end-to-end traceability from issue to production. You can even click deep links for more information.

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Generate and share release notes from your Jira issues

Release notes help your team and customers understand what’s new in production. This is generally a manual process and can involve talking to numerous teams and digging through multiple tools.

Octopus has simplified this process by leveraging our build information and Jira issue tracking to determine what’s new in any environment. It can show you which issues and changes are new since your last deployment.

This makes it easy to share the status of a project with automatic Slack updates or emails to customers.

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Automatic release notes generated from your Jira issues and Octopus deployments

Straightforward change management with Jira Service Desk - Coming soon!

Companies commonly implement change management processes using IT Service Management (ITSM) to ensure they have stable and reliable IT services. Octopus integrates with Jira Service Desk to help teams stay compliant with full audit history. This approach brings numerous benefits, including:

  • Automation reduces the manual work and saves time spent jumping between multiple applications.
  • Better visibility and traceability into IT changes.
  • Faster and smoother deployments and operational changes.
  • Stay compliant with your company's policies, change management processes, and industry regulations.
  • Octopus and Jira Service Desk capture change management, approvals, build, release, and deployment details as well as a full audit history.
  • Eliminate the risk of accidentally deploying changes to production.

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Integrated change management with Jira Service Desk and Octopus deployments

Create change requests automatically for your releases

Octopus can automatically create service requests in Jira Service Desk during deployments. This functionality reduces the friction of following change management procedures by creating the service request with change details, including the application name, environment details, and more. This can streamline the approval process and make it far easier for teams to ship changes.

Never deploy to production without the right approvals

Many teams ship software in industries that have strong compliance and regulatory requirements, and it's critical in such environments to have accurate tracking, auditing, and approvals.

Our Jira Service Desk integration eliminates the hoops and associated red tape. Building on the ability to automatically create service desk tickets, Octopus can check service requests to ensure they have the appropriate approvals before proceeding with deployment. If there are outstanding approvals, Octopus will pause your deployment and automatically resume when they are complete.

Integrated change management flow showing code changes, change requests and deployments

Shout out to @OctopusDeploy for making their software so easy to work with. Just upgraded a 2 year out of date instance and migrated it to a new server and it worked with no effort beyond what their documentation said to do.

Twitter user Alex Dent Alex Dent

We've been overhauling our internal infrastructure and back-end systems over the past month, including a move back to full @OctopusDeploy deployments; rediscovering how nice it is to have a platform-agnostic orchestrator that can deploy practically anything, anywhere ❤

Twitter user Nicholas Blumhardt Nicholas Blumhardt

Tools like @OctopusDeploy can be great in enabling culture change, we've been able to scale and improve our configuration story since we started using it

Twitter user Niel Chalk Niel Chalk